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Reference Books (topx) - Dabney, Robert Lewis - Systematic And Polemic Theology

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#1 Josh Bond

Josh Bond


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Posted 31 January 2012 - 01:48 AM

File Name: Dabney, Robert Lewis - Systematic And Polemic Theology

File Submitter: Josh Bond

File Submitted: 31 Jan 2012

File Category: Reference Books (topx)

Author: Robert Lewis Dabney
e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

About Systematic And Polemic Theology
"Systematic Theology", first published in 1871, is now in its ninth edition, which is proof the volume is not superfluous. Comparing Dabney's work with that of Charles Hodge, Dr. Morton H. Smith has written: 'Hodge gives an excellent, general statement of the Reformed Faith, yet Dabney adds something beyond the general treatment of most subjects. When his method of teaching is recalled, of sending his students to the standard texts on theology (including Hodge), and then adding his own observations on each doctrine in the class from which his 'Theology' was derived, it is to be expected that his work would have a certain freshness to it, and this is just what is found. He begot in his men something akin to his own vigor and strength, his love of truth and of God'.

This book also contains Dabney's Syllabus ahead of each chapter's lecture(s).

This modules requires several fonts for the display of Greek and Hebrew text. The self installing exe file will automatically install the fonts for you. If you download the zip file, you must copy the fonts to your Windows fonts folder, usually c:\windows\fonts\

01. Section One—Defending the Faith
02.-----Chapter 1: The Existence of God
03.-----Chapter 2: Evolution
04.-----Chapter 3: Divine Attributes of God
05.-----Chapter 4: Materialism
06.-----Chapter 5: Immortality of the Soul and Defects of Natural Religion
07.-----Chapter 6: Sources of Our Thinking
08.-----Chapter 7: Free Agency and the Will
09.-----Chapter 8: Responsibility and Province of Reason
10.-----Chapter 9: Arminian Theory of Redemption—Part 1
11.-----Chapter 10: Arminian Theory of Redemption—Part 2
12.-----Chapter 11: Faith
13. Section Two—Basic Doctrines of the Faith
14.-----Chapter 12: Revealed Theology: God and His Attributes
15.-----Chapter 13: The Trinity
16.-----Chapter 14: The Divinity of Christ
17.-----Chapter 15: The Divinity of the Holy Spirit and of the Son
18.-----Chapter 16: Personal Distinctions in the Trinity
19.-----Chapter 17: The Decrees of God
20.-----Chapter 18: Predestination
21.-----Chapter 19: Creation
22.-----Chapter 20: Angels
23.-----Chapter 21: Providence
24.-----Chapter 22: Effectual Calling
25.-----Chapter 23: Justification
26.-----Chapter 24: Repentance
27.-----Chapter 25: Sanctification and Good Works
28.-----Chapter 26: Perseverance of the Saints
29.-----Chapter 27: Assurance of Grace and Salvation
30. Section Three—The Condition of Man
31.-----Chapter 28: Man's Estate of Holiness and the Covenant of Works
32.-----Chapter 29: The Fall and Original Sin
33. Section Four—God's Law
34.-----Chapter 30: The Decalogue, or Ten Commandments
35.-----Chapter 31: The First Table of the Law—Commandments 1-4
36.-----Chapter 32: The Second Table of the Law—Commandments 5-10
37. Section Five—God's Relationship with His People
38.-----Chapter 33: The Covenant of Grace
39.-----Chapter 34: Mediator of the Covenant of Grace
41. Section Six—Christ, Man's Hope
42.-----Chapter 35: The Nature of Christ's Sacrifice
43.-----Chapter 36: Results of Christ's Sacrifice As To God's Glory and Other Worlds.
44.-----Chapter 37: Christ's Humiliation and Exultation
45.-----Chapter 38: Union to Christ
46. Section Seven—The Practice of the Church
47.-----Chapter 39: Prayer
48.-----Chapter 40: The Sacraments
49.-----Chapter 41: Baptism
50.-----Chapter 42: The Lord's Supper
51. Section Eight—Life After Death for Believers
52.-----Chapter 43: Death of Believers
53.-----Chapter 44: The Resurrection
54.-----Chapter 45: General Judgment and Eternal Life
55.-----Chapter 46: Nature and Duration of Hell Torments
56. Section Nine—The Church and the World Around It
57.-----Chapter 47: The Civil Magistrate
58.-----Chapter 48: Religious Liberty and Church and State
59. Appendix A: Geologic Theories and Chronology
60. Appendix B: Apostolic Succession and Sacramental Grace

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Posted 31 January 2012 - 03:02 PM

Thank you!

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