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Bibles - The Awful Scroll Translation - Bible

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Posted 07 January 2012 - 02:52 AM

File Name: The Awful Scroll Translation - Bible

File Submitter: BaptizedBeliever

File Submitted: 07 Jan 2012

File Category: Bibles

Author: Emery Szasz
e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

The Awful Scroll - Straight Old Testament and New Testament is a unique translation which seeks to express the words and phrases as literally as possible, expressing Hebrew and Greek idioms exactly as they appear. The verb tenses in Hebrew, especially, are used differently than in normal English; so when sometimes past tense is translated in English in most versions, in Hebrew (and in this translation) it may be present tense. Also, this translation gives the translations of most OT names in place of the names themselves. For example: Jehovah and Abraham are both in the following passage from Genesis:

18:18 (")Father-of-populousness is to be a great and overshadowing nation, and in him, the nations of the solid grounds are to be approved!
18:19 (")I am to have known him, that he was to give charge to his sons, and his house after him, that they are to have observed, the manner of Sustains To Become, to do righteousness and justice, that Sustains To Become is to bring on Father-of-populousness, that having been declared."

At this point, Genesis through Song of Solomon is completed in the OT, as well as the entire NT.

From the author's website:

translation by:
Emery Szasz
Email: sz1_emery@yahoo.com
(with an underscore: sz1_emery@yahoo.com)


This "Awful Scroll, Straight Old & New Testaments" translation was made by me, Emery Szasz, a brother in the Lord, for the purpose of having a version available that is sincerely and accurately literal. The King James version is reasonably well translated, but it is both old in language (Needing to be translated itself!), and some verses are wanting to be translated better. I purpose in my Old & New Testaments version to keep the original figure of speeches. Also to maintain, as much as feasible, the verb tenses & moods. Greek and Hebrew was the language used, to write the most of the two Testaments, to which I reason them to be God's chosen and prepared languages, of that time, to best express the Old & New Covenants to the world of people. Therefore, I would not that anything is to be lost in the translations. I indeed also intended to know what actually was stated by God, through His writers, and not what anyone presupposes it to mean in the not literal versions. A sincere literal version is to be brought closer to the Word of God, as to what was actually said. Not to be taking a stance, but working on what the Word says and to put His ways to our lives. No one is exempt from searching the Word to receive that Unconcealed. We need to filter out any preconceived views and come up to know His Word, so that we can accustom to all of His likeness.

The Greek language has no big words, so words are made by combining words together to form other words. I distinguish these words by putting a hyphen between them "-" as in "bringing-out-of-suppression". Sometimes, (however few,) it becomes too difficult to make a translation, therefore I place before the word a tilde "~", indicating the word was not translated exactly literal, but I hope to have these more literally translated in future.

Also in this translation there are distinctions made to the word 'you': so that the singular 'you' remains to be 'you', but if what accompanies it is the word 'are' - it is changed to 'is', 'were' to 'was', and 'have' to 'has'; and now the plural word 'you' becomes 'yous' (yooz). The word 'yourself' or 'yourselves' needs not to be clarified, but the plural of the words 'your' and 'yours' becomes "you all's".


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#2 Henry Afamefuna Ilona

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Posted 07 January 2012 - 06:00 AM

Greetings In The Most Wonderful Precious Name Of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach (Jesus The Messiah).
I would love to comment on something concerning the Awful Scroll Translation Bible, yes the translator has done a great deal of work labour, but we must all understand and know that the King James Bible Version has withstood the test of all time when compared to other bible translations, it woulld be a waste of time to begin making comparison of other bible translations as to KJV. I have read those translations and found them scholarly wanting, and erroneous in some aspects, there are many verses found in the KJV not found in those other translations.

Edited by Evangelist Ilona Henry Afa, 07 January 2012 - 06:03 AM.

But the LORD is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him. (Habakkuk 2:20)

Jehovah has his temple, the place where he is to be worshipped; but there, there is no image. Oracles, however, are given forth; and every word of them is truth, and is fulfilled in its season. And this temple and its worship are holy; no abomination can be practiced there, and everything in it leads to holiness of heart and life. Let all be dumb. Let none of them dare to open their mouths in the presence of Jehovah. He alone is Sovereign. He alone is the arbiter of life and death. Let all hear his commands with the deepest respect, obey them with the promptest diligence, and worship him with the most profound reverence. When an Asiatic sovereign goes to the mosque on any of the eastern festivals, such as the Bairham, the deepest silence reigns among all his retinue, viziers, foreign ambassadors, etc. They all bow respectfully before him; but no word is spoken, no sound uttered. It is to this species of reverence that the prophet alludes, and with this, he concludes the prophetic part of this book. What God has threatened or promised, that he will fulfill. Let every soul bow before him, and submit to his authority.




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