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NEWS e-Sword updated the MODULE CONVERTER

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Posted 22 May 2022 - 11:29 AM

NEWS e-Sword updated the MODULE CONVERTER
The MODULE CONVERTER has been updated to version 4.2.0 on 2022-04-08. The file name changed to e-Sword PC Module Conversion Utility v4.2.0

This can be used to convert any of your user-made files on a Windows PC to a format suitable to use in e-Sword on your Apple or Android device. This utility should convert them. The HTML coded files also will run on the Windows PC.
You will find the file on https:// www.e-sword.net/extras.html LINK: https://www.e-sword.net/extras.html

The designer, Rick Meyers, advised me as follows: "The converter belongs in the e-Sword program directory which is also where the modules are typically located. The converted files are created in the same directory as from where their source is located." The converted file names will be in lowercase letters.
You would typically download this file, then arrange to copy it into This PC > drive (C:) > Program Files (x86\e-Sword folder; alternatively you could add it into a subfolder, suitably named. The file name is "e-SwordPCModuleConverter.exe"

It will be useful to occasionally re-read the history of how e-Sword evolved. From the website of the developer, Rick Meyers, https:// www.e-sword.net/index.html LINK: https://www.e-sword.net/index.html select the "ABOUT" tab to read the history. https:// www.e-sword.net/history.html LINK: https://www.e-sword.net/history.html

Further details pertaining to e-Sword applicable to the Microsoft Windows operating system is available on the website on the "DOWNLOAD" option, on a link provided after the option to install e-Sword to the latest version. This is on the webpage: https:// www.e-sword.net/changes.html LINK: https://www.e-sword.net/changes.html

E-Sword version 11.0 (July 2016) provided the option for the HTML modules to be processed by e-Sword on the Microsoft PC. From then onwards, all modules converted into HTML programming using the MODULE CONVERTER ( see https:// www.e-sword.net/extras.html LINK: https://www.e-sword.net/extras.html ), no longer need to use RTF coding. These have a filename.xyzi file type, with "i" as the fourth letter in the file type. For example, *.bbli, *.cmti, *.topi, *.refi. These can be used on the Apple or Android device, which run various proprietary operating systems. These read coding in HTML format. These do not read files coded in RTF with file types *.bblx, *.cmtx, *.topx, for example.

The e-Sword User's Guide is available for Microsoft Windows systems running e-Sword, while e-Sword is running, on the option "F1" function key, as mentioned in the e-Sword tab "Help" > "e-Sword User's Guide... F1" option inside e-Sword. The copy of the latest version is loaded when you download e-Sword, into C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword\e-sword_guide.pdf

The License to use e-Sword is loaded on your PC as C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword\License.pdf

The latest option from "Help" > "Tip Of The Day" runs from the file "e-Sword.tip". This is a text file, also in the C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword\ folder.

There are training files for the Windows PC on https:// www.e-sword.net/training.html LINK: https://www.e-sword.net/training.html

To see the "Features" for each type of e-Sword, you will find these on the relevant "FEATURES" tab. Start from https:// www.e-sword.net/links.html LINK: https://www.e-sword.net/links.html then select the relevant version of e-Sword, then follow the Tab options. Each version of e-Sword has its own variety of web pages for FEATURES, FAQ, and for CONTACT, with a download link from the appropriate HOME webpage.

If you have any queries please contact the developer, Rick Meyers, at rick@e-sword.net with all your details and further suggestions.
e-Sword for the PC (https://www.e-sword.net/)
e-Sword for Android (https://www.e-sword.net/android/)
e-Sword X for the Mac (https://www.e-sword.net/mac/)
e-Sword HD for the iPad (https://www.e-sword.net/ipad/)
e-Sword LT for the iPhone (https://www.e-sword.net/iphone/)
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