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Books Clarke - Christian Theology Droid MySword Version

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Posted 24 July 2011 - 11:02 AM

File Name: Clarke - Christian Theology Droid MySword Version
File Submitter: pfpeller
File Submitted: 24 Jul 2011
File Updated: 27 Jul 2011
File Category: Books
Author: Adam Clarke

This module was converted from theWord to MySword from the theWord module available at David Cox's web site twmodules.com

This book module will display in the journal section of MySword. You need the latest release of MySword (2.0 or greater) from the market installed for this resource to work.

By Adam Clarke 1835

This is a doctrines book from the 1820s by Methodist theologian Adam Clark. He deals with most common doctrinal topics found in doctrines books, but he has few verses in these chapters.


1. The Scriptures
2. God
3. Attributes of God
4. The Trinity
5. Man
6. Christ
7. Repentance
8. Faith
9. Justification
10. Regeneration
11. The Holy Spirit
12. Entire Sanctification
13. The Moral Law
14. Public Worship
15. Prayer
16. Praise
17. The Christian Church
18. Baptism
19. The Lord’s Supper
20. Husband and Wife
21. Parents and Children
22. Masters and Servants
23. Rulers and Subjects
24. Rich and Poor
25. Ministers and People
26. Good and Bad Angels
27. Temptations
28. Afflictions
29. Providence
30. Apostasy
31. Death
32. Judgement
33. Hell
34. Heaven
35. General Principles
36. Miscellaneous – Knowledge, Happiness, Communion of Saints, Fasting, Conscience, Dancing, Dress, Dreams, Ghosts, Tobacco, Wesley, Methodism, Shetland Isles, Sunday Schools, Schism, Lust of Power, Political Party-spirit, Friendship, Flattery, Self-interest, Going to Law, Suretyship, Usury, Slavery, Parable, Miracle, Millennium, Time

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