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Why is there a copyright on the Word of Yah (God)

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#1 Ha'Barrabas


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Posted 27 September 2020 - 05:39 AM

First, I Barrabas (Carlo Raath) would like to say "PRAISE THE NAME OF YAHUAH (YHUH) YAHUSHA HA'MASHIAH. The Name of God (Yah) is very important for everyone. May all who have His Qodesh Name pray together so that every chosen one may receive and except His Qodesh Name."

Okay, Why are there a copyright on a copied version of the Word of Yah (God)?
Who has place the right on themselves to save guard the right to protect a specific copy of the Word of God?

Is YAHUAH not able to protect His own?
Or, is the devil protecting himself and his works?

YAHUAH is Qodesh and True. His original give Scripture is real. We only need the Ruach Qodesh (Breath/Spirit of YAHUAH), for He will teach us everything YAHUSHA taught and much more. Or, do we want to be the source of deception by controlling that what Christians began to believe when they read through the copied scripture of the Word of YAHUAH?

#2 Olaf Bacon

Olaf Bacon

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Posted 30 October 2020 - 02:48 AM

Why are modern Bible translations copyrighted? I suggest you read the explanation provided by Bible Gateway, https://support.bibl...s-copyrighted- 


Also read their explanation: "How do I get permission to use or reprint Bible content from Bible Gateway?" provided by Bible Gateway, https://support.bibl...-Bible-Gateway-


Also see the article on "copyright" from the Trinitarian Bible Society, https://www.tbsbible...ms="copyright" 


Also see the article "Five Questions about the Authorised (King James) Version", by The Trinitarian Bible Society, which will further answer many of your questions about the Bible in the English language, at https://www.tbsbible...tionsAbouttheAV

#3 Dan Baxley

Dan Baxley

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Posted 06 November 2020 - 06:47 AM

It is my understanding that the KJV 1769 edition is in public domain, also the ASV, and from these two come a variety of other versions, so what is the gripe?  NIV?  NKJV?  Even the copyright versions agree in message with the KJV and the ASV.  The copyright is a protection, don't you see, from unscrupulous men misusing and mistreating the text beyond recognition.  The copyrighted words is a protection of intellectual works, to preserve the labors of talented translators.  I agree with you about the Name, but we must not forget the warning from our Lord YaHshua, delivered in various translations, copyrighted and not, where He says, that in the last days, many would come in His Name and deceived many.. Mat 24:5 -- that is a prophecy from our Savior that we should all be conscience of and not take lightly.  I see your frustration in how His Name is replaced or covered in the modern translations.  I see this delay in knowledge about Him as a blessing of a kind -- His name is protected from being misused so much -- look at how the false identity is used as a curse word and in other frivolous ways.  Perhaps the copyrighted versions are actually protecting His Holy Name from abuse -- and abuse our Lord and Savior YaHshua told us would come, but why help it to come, why be part of that particular prophetic word?  The truth will out, soon enough -- Rev 3:9.  Peace, Dan

#4 Katoog


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Posted 06 November 2020 - 07:59 AM

It is my understanding that the KJV 1769 edition is in public domain, also the ASV, and from these two come a variety of other versions,

In the UK is even the KJV 1611 still under Crown copyright but other countries ignoring it.
The rest of the post belongs to the "Bible Interpretations" forum. http://www.biblesupp...nterpretations/
Especially the post about the possibility that copyright is connected with "protecting His Holy Name from abuse".
While I did update today my public domain translation; the "Restored Holy Bible" because I want it free for all.

Edited by Katoog, 06 November 2020 - 08:02 AM.

Restored Holy Bible 11 and the Restored Textus Receptus


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