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Maps, Graphics, and Fonts, oh my!!

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Posted 24 May 2020 - 06:22 PM

Sorry for the title, I couldn't resist.


I hope this goes well for conveying my question.  I stumbled onto e-Sword some 10-15, or more, years ago.  Even then it was a fine piece of software for providing a tool for much deeper ability for amateur studies, let alone the version for modernity, which amplified the original concept even larger.  It wasn't until I retired where I have lots of time to do just that; study.  I was thinking of my two prized book collection of Lenski's Interpretation and Wenzel Harmony (both Lutheran surprising enough), and I don't think are here.  I have Czur-ed both but have not gone much further development.  I do have a portion of Lenski and Wenzel to text, but it is here where I have some questions; it is most likely user-error.


1) reading the pdf for ToolTip Tool NT directs to test developing modules before ever thinking of posting them. Understanding that "fonts" are not passed through within the modules from ToolTip to e-Sword, but are rendered in e-Sword, but, emphasizing the importance to "run" the "Greek Fix-up" (or Hebrew) under "Tools" so that there is no font language mix-up when using e-Sword.  Well, I ran into that issue and can't seem to decipher "how precisely" to use the "Fixup Tool".  I do understand the reason for the "fixup" which is to unify the "character set" so that e-Sword renders the Greek and Hebrew fonts correctly.  Yet, I still have issues even after a number of combinations of editing and using the "fixup."


2) this issue baffles me to no end.  Understanding how "Maps and Graphics" are edited for graphic display, I was tossing the idea of rendering a book for reading in "Graphical" display while conducting different facets of study.  The issue I come across is that it seems there is a limit to how many "images" that are in a MAPX module.  No matter how I edit the image info differentiated with the "Mark" when I come to the 23 image I get an error.  I eliminate the "23"rd slot and no error, put the "23"rd info back in and get an error, as per below.


File Create Error, 0=size

WI ACTION ERROR: cannot envoke "XGetData" on unattached object DBExec[12] ret<-'ds'  wi 'XGetData' 0

(there is a box type font in front of "wi" with a ^ underneath the "w" in "wi").


So, hope this helps for an answer.


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Posted 12 June 2020 - 05:56 PM



can you please post a small sample of your work that we may see the problem.


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