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Changes in GRVi 4.2 (corrected); Greek-English Interlinear NT (Interlinear; Variants + NA28 markers; Strong's no.; Parsing; English glossary [Mac/iPad/iPhone or PC v11] & [Android - MySword] 4.2 (corrected)

Version 4.2 (corrected)
  • Updated on: 26 AUG 2016
  • ONE e-Sword File [Mac/iPad/iPhone or PC v11] uploaded: greekntint+.bbli (corrected an error found in the official e-Sword module "Greek NT INT+")
  • First, thanks you Rick Meyers reformatting materials here to make it as an official module for wider public.
  • He also help correcting versification in Rev 12:18 - 13:1
  • The module I uploaded here is modified from that official file, adding one more correction.
  • 56 instances of English glossary for the Greek word "Πιλάτος" had been corrected from "close-pressed" to "Pilate"
  • This error was first noted by Katoog, a biblesupport.com user here.
  • Thanks Katoog for pointing out this mistake.
  • Blessings,
  • Eliran Wong
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