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Modern Literal Version (2020 Update - OT & NT) 01.22.2020b in Bibles

why  is this in a weird file format nobody ever heard of It works with the e-Sword Bible program.

Abilene Christian College Bible Lectureships 1.0 in Reference Library -> Reference Books (topx)

The ones from 1963-1992 are still under copyright, and ACU has not given permission. 

Revised Version (RV) in Bibles

This is already available as an official e-Sword resource.

New Heart English Bible, 2016 Update in Bibles

what kind of changes?

Complete Greek Bible with NT variants and OT alternate texts 1.2 in Bibles -> Ancient Bible Text

Thanks.  This looks like it will be a useful module!

Haldane, James - An Exposition of Hebrews in Commentaries

Great! I'm glad you find it useful!

The Gospel of John Notes Critical and Explanatory in Commentaries

This isn't an e-Sword file, but just a pdf.  It needs...

American Standard Version of the Holy Bible (1901) in Bibles

The ASV is already an official file for download within e-Sword.

Welton, Jonathan - Raptureless in Reference Library -> Reference Books (topx)

What is his website?  Where did this come from?

The Awful Scroll Translation - Bible 1.0 in Bibles

Bradley, thanks for finding this module. I actually use it all...

Thayer's Unabridged Greek - English Lexicon of the New Testament 0.3 in Dictionaries

Isn't there already a Thayer's (official) module?  What is the difference between this one and that one?  Thanks.

The Popular Commentary - Paul Kretzmann (4 Volumes) in Commentaries

Happy to help.

The Bible of the Expositor and the Evangelist (39 vols) + (individual books) in Commentaries

Thanks Josh and all those others who made this available.

Hidden Treasures in the Bible Book 1 PDF & RTF in More Categories -> Raw Module Material

This would be more useful if it was an actual e-Sword...

Proper Name Bible King James Vs 1.1 1.1 in Bibles

Could you per chance re-insert the names into the text and...