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e-Sword Tab Renamer 1.5 in More Categories -> e-Sword Utilities

Raymond, I applaud your efforts! ...

Guzik, David - Commentary on the whole Bible (Substantial Update) in Commentaries

I must admit; I'm gobsmacked. You did it in a...

Emphatic Diaglott New Testament (unorthodox - older jw) (edw or diaglott) (1942).bblx.exe in Bibles

Actually, the Diaglott was published by Benjamin Wilson. He was...

LXX+. - Septuagint LXX Greek Old Testament keyed to Strong Numbers with parsing info.bblx.exe in Bibles

This module is lacking the Strong's G/H prefixes. Therefore it...

Restored Names King James Version - RNKJV.exe in Bibles

You may wish to change the name of this module to: Restored Names King James Version - RNKJV.exe