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  • Author: Barton, William E.
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Christology Jesus Studies

Barton, William E.

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

His Life
By William E. Barton

William E. Barton; Theodore G. Soares; Sydney Strong; Produced By Diane Monico And The Online Distributed Proofreading Team At Http://Www.Pgdp.Net.
Table Of Contents
Title Page
His Birth And Boyhood. The Divine Announcings
The Word Made Flesh.
The Promised Birth Of John The Baptist.
The Angel's Visit To Mary.
Mary's Visit To Her Cousin.
Mary's Song.
The Birth Of John The Baptist.
The Song Of Zacharias.
The Birth And Infancy Of Jesus
Joseph And Mary.
The Birth Of Jesus.
The Angels And The Shepherds.
The Circumcision.
The Presentation In The Temple.
The Visit Of The Wise Men.
The Flight Into Egypt.
The Life In Nazareth
The Return To Nazareth.
The Boyhood Visit To Jerusalem.
The Eighteen Silent Years.
The Beginnings Of His Ministry. Jesus And John The Baptist
The Voice In The Wilderness.
The Baptism Of Jesus.
The Temptation In The Wilderness.
John's Testimony To Jesus.
The Beginnings Of Faith
The First Disciples By The Jordan.
The First Miracle.
Jesus In Jerusaem
Cleansing His Father's House.
The Visit Of Nicodemus.
Preparatory Preaching
Jesus Baptizing And Preaching.
John's Tribute To Jesus.
At Jacob's Well.
Preaching To The Samaritans.
His Year Of Popularity. Jesus In Galilee
John The Baptist Imprisoned.
Reception Of Jesus By The Galilaeans.
Healing The Nobleman's Son.
The Recall Of The Fishermen.
A Day Of Good Deeds In Capernaum.
The First Leper Healed.
Beginnings Of Controversy
The Healing Of A Paralytic.
The Publican Disciple.
The Old And The New.
A Sabbath Healing In Jerusalem.
Plucking Grain On The Sabbath.
Many Called And Few Chosen
A Multitude Of Disciples.
Selection Of The Twelve.
The Teaching Of The Kingdom
The Citizens Of The Kingdom.
The Righteousness Of The Kingdom.
The Danger Of Hypocrisy.
Simple Trust In God.
Charitable Judgment.
A Tour In Galilee
The Worthy Centurion.
Raising The Widow's Son.
A Question From John The Baptist.
Jesus' Estimate Of John The Baptist.
The Death Of John The Baptist.
Forgiveness Of The Repentant Woman.
The Ministering Women.
Growing Popularity And Rising Opposition
The Concern Of Jesus' Friends.
Warning Of Eternal Sin.
The Demand For A Sign.
The Parables Of The Kingdom
The Sower.
The Tares.
The Growing Grain.
The Mustard Seed.
The Leaven.
The Understanding Of Parables.
The Hid Treasure.
The Pearl Of Great Price.
The Drag Net.
A Day Of Miracles By The Lake
Jesus Stills The Storm.
The Legion Of Demons.
The Dying Child And The Suffering Woman.
Healings By The Way.
Wider Evangelization Of Galilee
A Visit To His Home.
Preaching In The Villages.
The Twelve Sent Forth.
The Crisis In Capernaum
The Five Thousand Fed.
Jesus Walking On The Water.
The Disappointment Of The People.
Rejection Of The Tradition Of The Elders.
The Plot Of The Pharisees.
His Withdrawal With The Twelve. The Ministry Beyond Galilee
The Phoenician Retirement And The Gentile Cure.
Miracles And Multitudes Again.
The Four Thousand Fed.
The Pharisees And Saduccees Demand A Sign.
The Blind Man Healed.
Jesus The Messiah
Peter's Confession.
The Passion And Resurrection Foretold.
The Transfiguration.
The Epileptic Boy.
The Training Of The Twelve
The Passion And Resurrection Again Foretold.
The Greatest Disciple.
The Shekel For The Temple.
His Face Toward Jerusalem. The Final Departure From Galilee.
The Beginning Of The End.
The Grateful Samaritan Leper.
New Disciples.
In Jerusalem--The Attempt To Stone Him
Jesus At The Feast Of Tabernacles.
Jesus And The Accused Woman.
The Light Of The World.
The Freedom Of The Soul.
The Ministry In Perea
The Mission Of The Seventy.
The Return Of The Seventy.
The Meek And Lowly.
The Unrepentant Cities.
The Good Samaritan.
In Jerusalem--The Attempt To Arrest Him.
The Friends At Bethany.
A Miracle In Jerusalem.
The Good Shepherd.
Jesus At The Feast Of Dedication.
Renewed Ministry In Perea
Jesus And The Pharisees.
Warning Against Covetousness.
The Fall Of The Tower.
The Uses Of The Sabbath.
A Question Of Salvation.
A Message To Herod.
The Ox In The Pit.
The Chief Places At The Feast.
The Slighted Invitation.
Counting The Cost.
The Ninety And Nine.
The Lost Coin.
The Prodigal Son.
The Unjust Steward.
A Parable To The Lovers Of Money.
"INCREASE Our Faith."
Near Jerusalem--The Plot To Kill Him.
The Raising Of Lazarus.
The Decision Of The Council.
His Withdrawal To Ephraim
The Coming Of The Kingdom.
The Unjust Judge.
The Pharisee And The Publican.
Concerning Divorce.
Jesus And The Children.
The Rich Young Ruler.
The Parable Of The Vineyard.
The Last Journey To Jerusalem
The Shadow Of The Cross.
The Sons Of Thunder.
The Blind Man Of Jericho.
The Visit To Zacchaeus.
The Parable Of The Pounds.
Going Up To Jerusalem.
The Feast At Bethany.
His Last Week. Palm Sunday--The Day Of Triumph
The Triumphal Entry.
Monday--The Day Of Authority
The Cursing Of The Fig Tree.
The Cleansing Of The Temple.
Tuesday--The Day Of Controversy
The Lesson From The Withered Fig Tree.
The Challenge Of Christ's Authority.
Three Warning Parables.
The Two Sons.
The Wicked Husbandmen.
The Marriage Of The King's Son.
Three Hostile Questions Asked Of Jesus.
Tribute To Caesar.
The Question Of The Resurrection.
The Greatest Commandment.
The Unanswerable Question Of Jesus.
Discourse Of Jesus Against The Scribes And Pharisees.
The Widow's Two Mites.
The Gentiles Seek Jesus.
The Jews Reject Jesus.
Discourse Concerning The Future.
Three Lessons To The Disciples.
The Parable Of The Ten Virgins.
The Parable Of The Talents.
The Judgment Scene.
The Conspiracy Against Jesus.
Wednesday--The Day Of Retirement
Thursday--The Day Of Fellowship
Preparation For The Passover.
Strife Among The Disciples.
Jesus Washing The Disciples' Feet.
The Betrayer Pointed Out.
The Lord's Supper.
The Farewell Conversation.
The Intercessory Prayer.
Friday--The Day Of Suffering
The Agony In Gethsemane.
The Betrayal And Arrest.
The Trial Before The Jewish Authorities.
The Denial Of Peter.
The Remorse Of Judas.
The Trial Before Pilate.
Jesus Before Herod.
The Trial Before Pilate Resumed.
The Sorrowful Way.
The Crucifixion.
The Burial.
Saturday--The Day Of Silence And Sorrow
The Watch At The Tomb.
His Resurrection. Sunday--The Day Of Resurrection
The Earthquake.
The Empty Tomb.
The Appearance To Mary.
The Appearance To The Women.
Report Of The Watch.
The Appearance At Emmaus.
The Appearance To The Disciples.
After The Resurrection Day
The Appearance To The Disciples And To Thomas.
The Appearance To The Seven By The Sea.
The Appearance To The Eleven On The Mountain.
The Last Appearance And Ascension.

Module courtesy of: TWModules.com: David Cox, a great e-word/TheWord friend who is dedicated to converting materials into bible software formats.

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