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Download Bullinger, E.W.-Foundations of Dispensational Truth

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E.W. Bullinger

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

The Foundations of

Dispensational Truth


CHRISTIANS have all been so long tied to the tether of tradition that difficulties are met with in connection with the dividing of the Word of Truth at Act_28:1-31. The following papers may help to solve such difficulties, enabling the believer to rightly answer such as question the hope that is in him.
There is one great foundation principle in the science of LOGIC which will meet all the difficulties, if we are careful to observe it. It is this:-

We cannot reason from the particular to the general.

That is to say, we cannot expect to find the general principles, which we may regard "the truth," by arguing from certain particular parts of the truth. On the contrary, we must reason from the general to the particular, if we would reason accurately.
The difficulties experienced by some of our readers are due to the fact that they arise from a consideration of only parts of the truth. To find the answer to them, it is vain to continue the discussion of them as separate difficult points: we mean difficulties connected with the earlier Pauline Epistles written before Act_28:1-31.; such as ordinances, the one body of 1Co_12:1-31., or the spiritual gifts of 1Co_14:13-14., etc.
It is absolutely necessary that we should first make sure of the great general duty of "rightly dividing the word of truth" (2Ti_2:15). If that be a Divine precept, it is on the same level as all other of God's commandments; and then it is our duty to yield as strict an obedience with respect to it, as to any other precept, if we wish to find the truth.
Being once on sure ground as to this, then comes the next great duty:—we have to apply this important and dominant principle to Act_28:1-31. and the Pauline Epistles.
This being so, we propose, in this volume, to examine the very FOUNDATIONS of Dispensational Truth; and endeavour to place them so truly, and fix them so firmly, that once we are well grounded in them, we may build upon them with such certainty that our difficulties will be removed, and our readers will find themselves in a position to answer all their own questions as they may afterwards arise.
What we ask for now, therefore, is patience. Let us hold all questions as to this or that particular difficulty in abeyance until we are grounded in the great general principle. We are not “directors of the conscience," but "ministers of the Word," and our desire is, so to minister it as to leave individual readers to direct their own consciences by the Word.

The Papers will be on

1 "By the prophets."
2 "By His Son."
3 "By them that heard Him."
4 By "the Spirit of truth."
5 By "Paul the prisoner of Jesus Christ."
6 Practical conclusions.

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3 Greek words in blue (transliterated by Bullinger)

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