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  • Author: Webster (1833) and Manuel Vanhee
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
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Download Restored Holy Bible(7.0) RHB7e-Sword

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Public Domain Whole Bible Scripture Literal Biblical Studies Textual Criticism Old Testament New Testament Parables Eschatalogy (Endtimes) OT Wisdom (Poetry) Language / Interpretation
Webster (1833) and Manuel Vanhee

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

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Apple, Poetic,

RESTORED HOLY BIBLE Version 7.0 Poetic Layout 3.7
Abbreviation: RHB(7.0)
e-Sword versions of the Restored Holy Bible(7.0)
2012-2017 Public domain: Webster (1833) and Manuel Vanhee

[ ] [interpretation or footnote]
In bold are hints for Bible study and the first words of alphabetic verses.
In Green for Book-info, context-titles and cross-references.
In Grey as the italics in the KJV.
In Teal etymology: for example "name Eve, because she was the mother of all living. "
In Red colour are from the NT source when the MT has changed the text.
In Blue are from other sources or from other verses.
In underline (in Psalms) Aleph and Taw in first and last word.

The Restored Holy Bible is my attempt to restore the preserved Bible text in English and to deal with irregularities.

It is also optimised for preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God over the World and it is the most harmonised English Bible ever.
I restored the alphabetic order of the 12 acrostic works ( Psa 25 Psa 34 Psa 37 Psa 111 Psa 112 Psa 119 Psa 145 Pro 31 Lam 1 Lam 2 Lam 3 Lam 4).
This is a Gift for the Church of God and free for all.
Before I started this translation did I for one year research in translation errors, sources and the commentary of their defenders.
I compared every English and Dutch translation that I found on Internet.
And I was annoyed because the text was changed to support doctrines instead of doctrines based on the Holy Text.
No matter what Thou think is there only one Ultimate Truth.
If Thou accept that the Original Bible source is without error then must Thou also accept that every manuscript of the New Testament that has Isaiah in verse Mar 1:2 is corrupt.
(It is a quote of the prophet Malachi and therefore an error).
Based on those verses ( Mar 1:2 Mat 10:10 Mat 17:20 Luk 2:22 Luk 7:35 Mar 6:22) was the 1894 Scrivener Textus Receptus (without the Comma Johanneum) the only text without errors.
The New Testament is based on the Restored Textus Receptus beta.
For the Old Testament is the problem even harder because none of the available text canons is without error. (See the copyist error in 2Sa 21:19).
The other near identical verse has preserved the Text.
Basically is the MT text the closed variant of the Original Text.
In order to restore the Original Text must I combine the info found in other sources and correct every copyist error in the MT.
For example: The lost letter "Nun" verse in Psa 145:13 is preserved thanks the Syriac, LXX, Vulgate and DSS, but lost in every MT manuscript.
I used the DSS version for the Nun.
"Thou, Thee, and Thy" are the second person singular;
"ye, you, your, and yours" are the second person plural.
The "Hell" words are Sheol(Hades), Gehenna and Tartarus.
The NT quotes are from an older source than the MT and LXX. I fused the NT citations into the MT text in order to restore the Original Text.
GOD and LORD (with capitals) in the NT are only based on quote info from the Old Testament. (The God names are different in the Greek text).
I am aware of the symbolic keywords and used KJC and Strong for more keyword priority in the translation.

The Restored Holy Bible is a heavy edited update of the Webster Bible, I updated language, reduced the spell variants of names, corrected plural errors,
I used KJC and Strong in combination with the Statenvertaling and other literal translations.
For the sake of harmonisation. I was very critical in correction of the irregularities. I restored the old measures, money and the count system;
(see the keywords thousand and myriad. Num 31:43 Jon 4:11 Dan 7:10).
Revelation has no cross-references for this reason: Rev 22:18-19 but Thou can type Rev in the search bar.
The word Amen (H543 G281) means "truly, agree or ending" it was NOT translated in any of the sources.
This word is in the begin of a verse is a warning of Jesus and on the end an agreement or ending of a prayer (24/27 of the NT Books ends with the word Amen).
The shofar (H7782) is another blow instrument then the trumpet (H2689 H8619).
But they are related with the Holy Days and the return of Christ as King of the World in the Messianic Age (the Kingdom of God).
For the Final Version need I support from the new John the Baptist who shall restore the Church of God and unite the Saints.
From the moment that there is a Peace Covenant in Jerusalem with the European "prince" restarts the last year-week of Daniel.
It means that the Saints have then three and a half years to preach the Gospel over the World and to flee to the Place of Safety. Mat 24:7-20 Rev 12:13-17 Dan 11:40-43 .

Restored Order of Bible-Books: the "39 books" of the OT were divided in 22 Scrolls as the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. 22+ the 27 NT Books =49 or (7x7).

What's New in Version RHB7e-Sword (See full changelog)

  • Improved grammar and names with hyphen
  • italics and Tense Voice Mood
  • through/by/in
  • Elect/elects
  • oak or terebinth
  • H6030 hear/heard-> reply/replied

H1168 is always translated as Baal or Baalim and the usual HEBREW word for lord is Andon or Andonai H113

Correction: typo Adon or Adonai

actually, if you examine the word "lord" carefully, you'll see that this word in itself also means "baal".  i mean, if ya wanna nit pic, then then let's nit pic and get down to the root of the matter.  tracing the origins of the generic word "god" also leads to some interesting eye opening facts.  in order to obscure the Name of the Almighty, many unsavory replacement theologies have ensued.  funny, that from genesis to revelation the Bible says time after time to uphold HIS NAME!,  to RESTORE HIS NAME, etc. etc.  yet man under the influence of either self or satan(is there really any difference?) has continued to use ambiguous "markers" for the real and true NAME of the ALMIGHTY.   Yod Hay Waw Hay is His name, Yahweh, if you prefer, or YHWH, or EL.  and His Son's name is Yahushua. Yeshua,  but jesus?  how? since there were absolutely NO letter "J"s in ANY language until the 1400s A.D.!!   not saying our Authorized Version Bible cannot be trusted.  but remember, of all the manuscripts the catholic church had to choose from, they chose the ones most easily manipulatable to keep the truth of them being the Anti-Christ from the masses.  as is becoming quite clear with the 2000yr old essene gospel of Matthew coming to light!   up until 400 a.d. the Bible had been translated in over 500 different languages!   after 500a.d. there was only ONE language the Bible was "allowed" to in, and that was the old archaic version of Latin, that only the catholic heirarchy was allowed to learn, read, and teach from.  and the people were purposely left ignorant of learning, at least to read, ANY language, especially the "language" of the "priests"!!  after 1260yrs of papal tyranny and absolute RULE over the then known world,  light began to shine from YHWH into the hearts and minds of those who loved HIM and the Reformation broke through the darkness of rome!   btw, study and learn aramaic also for aside from hebrew aramaic was the second language of the time and Bibles in aramaic survived the roman Bible burnings of the early church years.  those Bibles made their way into the east out of the clutches of the roman catholic church "revisionists" and forgerers.

You know I don't understand these arguments.  No letter J? So?  There was no letter A,B,C D E,F, G H ..W, Y, ..Z either when the first bible texts were written.  Those are English medieval letters repurposed from a Roman Alphabet that didn't exist when "YHWY" was first written down.  If your stick is that you want the "true name" of God then you can only use proto Caananite to write it.  Using English letters makes it a translation, obviously.  So if you are going to translate the original name into "YHWH" you might as well translate the meaning also.  "LORD" is pretty much what it means.  Certainly the NT writers thought so, since they used the Greek equivalent term.  Its fine to prefer original spellings and such, but silly to argue that modern spellings are some kind of text abomination, when the whole thing is a translation.

I agree to previous comment, I would add, that the reason why they wrote "Lord" and "God" was just because they didnt actualy know what the name meant, and they had to use a word that everyone would understand, and since this is all about spitirual matter. You have to know that God is the only God and there is no other one.

The only thing I doubt is about the fact that most scholars seems to (in my opinion) try to discredit the bible by sayng that theyr alphabet was taken from other poeple. There is no logic way to know from which alphabet comes what. At least not for sure, you can guess, or trust more or less certain account, but there is no way to know where something like a language came from. I really dont like when poeple invent odd names for Jesus or God, just like wearing a latest fashion. If we believe God saves, God saved poeple who called God just God with the tree names the Son the Father the Holly Spirit. etc. But if it was distorted, yeah, because it was supossed to be, Ye-sus(like in yes). But the meaning is not about sounds, but what you feel inside, so whats the matter about the sound of a letter, if everyone knows what you mean when you talk about it? 

I would like to say also, that in my opinion the hebrew language is not much reliable for the study of word origins and actual etimologyes or stuff like that (that is needed to understand actual origin of words) because the language has been too much distorted in the was was writtern and which letters originaly used words. For example, in my opinion, the V/U/W wasnt the actual letter in the name of God, but it was "B". I suspect that the reason it was distorted was to hid the word "Father" from it. Jesus called God, my father several times. and researching from that name in other languages, I learned that in certain parts of Africa they call the name of God something like JAh Abbe which means God the father. And also in the amharic languaje, the name of God, is Igziabeher. Which means, God the father of the poeple, or God the father of the nation, or the father of the church.(most times its translations is just simplified) And in the amharic bible, thats the name in the Genesis. The word Bal (pronound the A like in Car) in Amharic, means 'husband'.Their word for lord is "Geta" (like in Get)  The word for God, is just "Amlak" which is the generic term. The word "Ab" is just used only for God. and the word for father, used for people, is "Abat". In case you wonder, amharic language is a semit language, and it has been through few modernizations in the last centuries.

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