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  • Submitted: Oct 10 2013 06:56 AM
  • Last Updated: Dec 31 2021 04:31 PM
  • File Size: 63.85MB
  • Views: 50956
  • Downloads: 13,596
  • Author: William Barclay
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
  • Tab Name: DSB

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e-Sword 9+ Module Download:
Download William Barclay's Daily Study Bible 1.0

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New Testament Devotional
William Barclay

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Tab Name:

This NT commentary set is excellent and often recognized for it's devotional value — if you can get past his poor theology.

What do I mean?

His grasp of history is phenomenal. His discussion of the background of every NT passage is absolutely filled with interesting and applicable information. His use of Greek is also excellent, yet judicious. There is no need to know any Greek/Hebrew to understand his comments. Reading this commentary can help to unlock the literal, historical, grammatical meaning of the text.

However, his theology is - at best - inconsistent, and occasionally downright heretical. You can read this review of his theology if you’re interested.

BOTTOM LINE: this is an excellent historical-grammatical commentary; just skip his theological comments.

(Description credit: Doctor Dave)


1) Download the EXE version of the resource: barclay.exe

2) As the file downloads, click "Open" or "Run" in your browser to install the module automatically.

3) Restart e-Sword

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • Uploaded Mac/e-sword 11 version.

Well, I ran into a problem.

My system tells me this is not a safe program to load.

And on top of that, which one lets you use it anyways?


I've had problems with cmtx before, any suggestions welcome.

And the .exe didn't work either.

I read the review on Barclay's theology. Unfortunately the salvation of all was lumped in as awful theology. Too bad! I strongly believe in this theology!! I wish there was more on e-sword about universal reconciliation. I also love Barclay's work, it is very informative.  

You can read this review of his theology if you’re interested. 


Thank you for elaborating a bit on Barclay and for sharing the review.  Regarding the review, the author makes some serious critiques of Barclay's theology yet doesn't provide a single citation of his sources.  

How do I get the file open?

I thought this review if you will on Barclay was so good that I wanted others who had questions about his theology to be able to read it.  https://www.christia...iam-barclay-the


This commentary set has been my favorite for word study. Do you have for ipad esword?
Barclay Daily Study Bible Commentary module from BIBLESUPPORT.COM
There are two options of files which can be downloaded from BIBLESUPPORT.COM for the Barclay Daily Study Bible Commentary. Both contain the same commentary file. One has the .cmtx as the filetype. If you download this, then after the file has been downloaded, you must then, in addition, copy the downloaded file to the appropriate file directory where e-Sword files are located. If you have already loaded the e-Sword Module Installer from BIBLESUPPORT.COM, and have previously run that, then you will be able to left-click the Barclay Daily Study Bible.cmtx file and the Module Installer will help you to copy the file to the correct drive and ...\e-Sword folder.


The second option has the .exe as the filetype. If you download this, then after downloading it, select this exe file, and when it runs, it will provide a step by step option to enable you to specify the drive, and path to where the file, which is contained inside the .exe file, is to be copied, on your PC. 
The relevant disk drive, and path to the ...\e-Sword file folders are described on page 41-44, of the e-Sword User's Guide, (last updated to v.10.4 2014), which you can access by clicking the "F1" function key while e-Sword is running.
The path to the relevant disk drive is set up in e-Sword on "Options", "Resource Settings", and in any of the subsequent options, in the "Resources Location" and "User Files Location" text boxes, in which you will see the drive, and path to the relevant ...\e-Sword file folder.
After downloading, and moving the downloaded file to the relevant folder, then restart e-Sword.
You will then be able to view the downloaded, and installed, Barclay Daily Study Bible in the "Commentary" window inside the e-Sword app. Look for the entry with the DSB tag. You can maximize the Commentary window with the (Ctrl+F3) option in e-Sword.
Please read more about the Commentary window options, from page 93 onwards, in the e-Sword User's Guide.

Love Dr. Barclay's mind and his interpretive insight to scripture.

Do you know which edition / year you used as the source material?

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