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  • Author: Ivan Panin
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
  • Tab Name: NumNT

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e-Sword 9+ Module Download:
Download Panin, Ivan - The Numeric New Testament 1.

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New Testament

Ivan Panin

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Tab Name:


By David Eells

What is so important about the Numeric New Testament? The perfect, divine inspiration of the original scriptures are scientifically obtainable through NUMERICS.Let me tell you a little about the awesome story. Ivan Panin was exiled from Russia because he was involved in a plot against the Czar and came to the United States. He became a Harvard Scholar, professor, and mathematician, who once tutored Albert Einstein. His training, devotion to Christ and the Scriptures wellequipped him for his future work. Here he found his life’s work in scientifically proving the divine inspiration of Scriptures. For fifty years, Dr. Panin devoted twelve to eighteen hours a day to this work.The basis for his revelation, which he called NUMERICS, was the ancient Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament scriptures. The Hebrews and Greeks used their letters also for their numbers. In other words, the whole Bible was actually written in numbers also.What Dr. Panin discovered was that when he used the numbers, the 66 books of the Bible showed a pattern of numbers and divisibility that no other writings had. He diligently researched other Hebrew and Greek writings and found no pattern. This included the apocryphal books added in the Catholic and early Protestant Bibles, including the original King James Version before its many revisions.I have read Dr. Panin’s works for many years, and I am totally impressed that God ordained him to bring us back to the original text.

What's New in Version 1. (See full changelog)

  • Uploaded Mac/e-sword 11 version.

Is this the same as the Numeric Englisg New Testament found available to download from E-sword?


Yes, this is the New Testament, translated by Ivan Panin, in English. This is in bblx format. When loaded into e-Sword, the tab in the Bible section in "NumNT".

Please, what is the meaning of the six pointed star *, but with six points before certain words (many nouns) of this amazing translation?

Please, what is the meaning of the six pointed star *, but with six points before certain words (many nouns) of this amazing translation?

This eSword module does not have footnotes the * is usually an indicater that there is a footnote all other footnote indicaters where removed it seems these where misssed


here  is a link to the google pdf of panins new testament showing all the footnotes






Panin, Ivan - The Numeric New Testament - where to find this in PDF format.
The Unleavened Bread Ministries list of books 
The Numeric English New Testament (Dr. Ivan Panin) in PDF https://www.ubm1.org...ks/pdf/NENT.pdf
The Numeric Greek New Testament 

Many, many thanks, DSaw and Olaf Bacon!


I find Ivan Panin fascinating!


How wonderful to have e-sword accesible.

Please, what is the meaning of the six pointed star *, but with six points before certain words (many nouns) of this amazing translation?

Hello Johanseb, please open the Bible Maximized option (Ctrl+F2) and the NENT Bible. This is the Numeric English New Testament by Ivan Panin. If it is not on your Microsoft PC, load it to e-Sword from the Download option inside e-Sword. Then re-start e-Sword. There is another variety, of this translation, loaded from BIBLESUPPORT.COM, which is identified as NumNT.

Then select the Scripture reference Mat 1:2 (or you can use Luk 3:23), by using the text box at the top left, Lookup Scripture Reference (Ctrl+L), and enter Mat 1:2 (or enter Luk 3:23). You will see that some of the names in NENT have the * (asterisk) positioned in front of the word. In NumNT the added character is identified with the : (colon) which gets positioned immediately after the previous word. Now, to find out why.


First select the NENT Bible. Then move your pointer to the tag "Bible", click to select that, and in the pop-up window, slide your pointer down to the word "Information", hover there, and when the item is highlighted. Left-click again. You will see the PREFACE from the 1914 edition, as published by Ivan Panin. The person who programmed the NumNT for e-Sword for BIBLESUPPORT.COM left out this Preface, and did not notice that the e-Sword User's Guide, in CHAPTER 3: THE BIBLES WINDOW IN DETAIL in the section "Displaying Information about a Bible Translation" has a good illustration, and also in CHAPTER 7: THE COMMENTARIES WINDOW in the section "Viewing Commentary Information" is another good illustration, with the example of what ought to be included in the "Information" window options. Too many programmers work on their own. Few are prepared to support them. They have not completed all the necessary information chapters, because they thought that the TEXT was the only important information in the Bible, and left out the footnotes, and the Preface, and the essential chapters by the "Translators to the Reader", and left out the introductions to each of the Books, and left out the introductions to each of the Chapters, and thought that a Translation, or a Study Bible, or a Commentary, was only applicable to the words in the verses. There is no such thing as an educated "clergy" and an ignorant "laity" in the church of God. That was an idea which they learned from pagan religions, As programmers, and laymen, they can outperform the "experts", if they share the information from the experts, from published books, with us as well. They must just tell us who copyrighted which information, so we can quote the sources correctly.


Start reading the PREFACE, please. There are numbers to identify the main sections in the Preface. Continue to read, and slow down and pay attention to Section 5, and then continue to read Section 6 carefully. Here Ivan Panin informs us that he noticed that the author (that is God, who had Matthew or Luke write these genealogies), sometimes wanted to specifically identify a particular name or word, and used the Greek word τον which is called the article. The writers of the Greek manuscripts modified the spelling, in Greek, of some of the names, for special reasons, also. These spellings are not always the same as in the spelling in the Greek Septuagint translation, or in the Masoretic Hebrew Old Testament which was written by Aaronic / Levitical scribes. When the concordance was made of Panin's work, the reason why the names differ between OT and Matthew and Luke suddenly became apparent. It was in the order of the names, and their values, in the concordance. How would God have known - when the Concordance was only made recently? You probably remember that the OT was finalized by Ezra and the Great Assembly. Ivan Panin did not find the numeric codes in the books which are in the Greek Apocrypha books, which the Roman Catholic Bible includes as Deutero-canonical books. The Authorised (King James) Version in 1611 put the Greek OT apocryphal books between the OT and the NT, because the history is important to know, but the content is not inspired throughout with God's numeric codes like the Hebrew and Greek mansuscripts are. Even the British Parliament knew that the apocryphal books are good to read, but are not inspired. 


Sometimes, in the same sentence, the Koine Greek did not add the article before a noun, and then at other times, even in the same sentence, the article is added before the same word. Because Ivan was fascinated at the numeric value of the letters, and their total value in the words in Greek, (and that happens in the Hebrew OT as well), he realized that here was added meaning, which is essential to understand. All previous translations, into all other languages, had deliberately kept this as hidden information. Ivan realized that this article in the grammar of the sentence is there for a special hidden meaning. English grammar is different to Greek. English school teachers, and English speaking university teachers, do not like these extra words added into the English translation, as they prefer to leave out these articles, just like Latin does. So, Ivan decided that he needed to find a symbol to identify this word in the text, so that we, the reader, would be aware that these words are specially identified. Our eye would be able to see more, and our mind would grasp hidden details, beyond that heard by those who hear the words read aloud in their ears. In some printings into English, like in the NumNT, the colon is used (:), and in the NENT version for e-Sword, the person who wrote the code, decided to use the asterisk (*). You see this in the genealogy in Matthew chapter 1, and also in the genealogy in Luke chapter 3. In Paul's Epistles, Paul differentiates between "law", and "the law". You will see this has been clearly translated in the English translation, in e-Sword, in the AFV translation, which you can download from  inside e-Sword itself. Most other translators have not seen this hidden information before.


So right from the beginning of the New Testament, there is hidden information which had NEVER previously been translated into English so that we would see it. It is similar to the words in the Cepher Bible (which you can download from inside E-Sword on the Download option), which shows us that right in the first sentence in Genesis there is a fantastic amount of information in the letters which appear, and also hidden meaning in the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which you realize when you notice that the letter is missing. In Hebrew the first letter in Genesis 1:1 is Beth, the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. But the first letter in the Hebrew aleph-bet (alphabet) is Aleph. Why could one not see the Aleph? Was God invisible, before someone created the universe, and Began Space, Matter,and Time? Only after we had space, and matter, could time begin, and then the story continues with the second letter of the Hebrew Alphabet (beth). So it is for us to discover who the Aleph is, the being who is outside and bigger than our universe, who is identified by the Greek letter Alpha, the first letter in the Greek alphabet, identified further in the last book of the Bible, in Revelation, by the name "Alpha". See Revelation 1:8. Just consider that if you have a stone cylinder with what appears to be empty spaces, and roll it out over soft wax or clay, and the wax and clay is hardened, then you see the image of the invisible original. Jesus Christ is the image, in visible flesh, of the invisible God. That now constitutes two separate beings. But, together, each are divine. And Jesus Christ is now immortal, also. He is the only "door way" between our physical world, and the invisible realm where God the Father dwells.


However, your query led me to discover another interesting item. When I look in the COMPARE option, I discovered a problem. To select books for the COMPARE option, we again need to click on the tag "Bible", and this time select ""Bible Compare Settings..." Here we have to specify the list of Bibles which we want to compare. Neither Rick Meyers in his training notes, nor the e-Sword User's Guide explains how to use the COMPARE option correctly. Perhaps the e-Sword has been modified since that edition of e-Sword Users Guide (version 10.4) was published. 


I decided to use the Compare with Greek NT TR, and KJV, and NENT, and NumNT.


The COMPARE VIEW DOES NOT INCLUDE English letters which have a macron over the letter, in the NumNT which you loaded from BIBLESUPPORT.COM. Notice the NumNT, in comparison to the Greek NT TR, and to the KJV and the NENT. When you look in the compare view of Luke 3:28, in NumNT there is a mis spelling. This is caused wherever there is a letter which is not a normal alphabet letter in the Latin alphabet. For example, e-Sword displays “Cof” instead of “Cōsam, of ”. Here the Greek letter with the long sound, represented by “o” with the line over the letter, (ō), has been elided by e-Sword, which removed characters and punctuation and the space after the word, from this extended text letter up the first Latin letter after the space, and concatenated the next word without the space immediately after the position where the letter with the macron had been. 


If using the extended Bible Search, from NumNT, the only occurrences of the * is in Luke 3:28. Could someone advise the programmer that he overlooked this option?

Now, why are some letters printed with the macron? The programmer of the NumNT version for BIBLESUPPORT.COM kept this information hidden, because he did not supply the PREFACE. So, return to use the Bible from NENT, and again continue to read from the e-Sword option: Bible, Information, and continue reading the Preface.  You will find the following in preface section 13. Proper names are transliterated from the Greek as nearly as possible, whenever this could be done without pedantry. But as in the Greek the sounds e and o have each two distinct letters, ε, η, ο, ω, the long vowel in such names is designated by ē, ō, but only at the first occurrence of the name. For examples see the first two pages of the New Testament.

When a name is already naturalized in the English tongue, it is given in its English equivalent. But at its first occurrence the Greek is given in a note. In this manner the reader is reminded that though “Abraham” correctly represents the Hebrew in the Old Testament, only “Abraam” correctly represents the Greek in the New. In like manner, the names Ἰακώβ and Ἰάκωβος are only the declinable and indeclinable forms of the one name Jacob. But the declinable form has become naturalized in the English James. It is only proper that the reader be not left in ignorance of the identity of “Jacob” and “James”.
Where, however, the name has not become naturalized in English, it is transliterated to the nearest English. Hence “Phares”, “Zara”, rather than Perez, Zerah, &c.
Masculines in ας, ης, &c., like Ζαχαρίας, Μανασσ̑ς, are best uniformly rendered Zachariah, Manasseh. As to Hebrew names beginning with Iota, regard must be had to the Hebrew letter it represents. If Yod, its equivalent is J; so that Ἰερεμίας is Jeremiah, but Ἰωβήδ is not Jobed, neither must it be Obed, but Iobed.
NOTE: When these Panin NT were provided, the footnotes were not loaded. The notes after Revelation were not loaded either. Perhaps you can borrow the book from the private library of the preacher in your assembly, and annotate your Bible personally. Thank you for your query. I learned important information from the letters of the translations of Ivan Panin's work, which were missing in the various options in e-Sword. We now have more knowledge than multiple clergy and theologians, who spent their many years studying at university and training seminaries. When we dig for hidden treasures, we discover items known only to the "insider" disciples, who return to Jesus, and ask, What did you mean by those words which you said in code, in a parable, to the crowds? Johanseb, thank you again for your question. I hope my answer will help someone to get further details updated in e-Sword modules provided from BIBLESUPPORT.COM
Sincerely, Olaf Bacon. Last update 2021-07-15

Because of a change of fonts, the COMPARE option does not process the letters with the macron (horizontal line above the letter) correctly, for example Luke 3:28. To correct this The NumNT.bblx file needs to be converted to a .bbli file. Use the converter provided by Rick Meyers at https;//www.e-sword.net/extras.html under the heading: APPLE CONVERTER.  

Rick Meyers writes, "Most likely you do *not* need to install this module conversion utility, but if you have been one of those adventuresome users who have created your own custom e-Sword modules and you want to use them in e-Sword on your Apple device then this utility should convert them. e-Sword PC to Apple Module Conversion Utility v4.0.0." Since e-Sword updated to using html for the content markup, (version 11, and applicable to later versions also) certain characters do not display correctly in the Compare view. The filename is "convert.exe". When run it will install
e-SwordPCtoAppleModuleConverter.exe in the C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword folder.  

Run this file, and it will create numnt.bbli Place the new numnt.bbli in the C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword folder. Reload e-Sword. This will now display NumNT correctly in the COMPARE option, which works for the Microsoft version of e-Sword. 

Couldn't be installed....

Couldn't be installed....

The files have been updated December 2021, to numnt.bbli in addition to the NumNT.BBLX These cause errors. If the filename is written with the file type having the four letters after the period with all-capital letters, then the Bible Support e-Sword Module Installer will not process the file .BBLX file. Use File explorer to browse to the folder, and change the filename from .BBLX to .bblx, then it will install with the Bible Support e-Sword Module Installer. 
Recommendation: If the .bblx file is also in the Resource Location folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword folder, then you will not see the .bbli file, through e-Sword, because both have the same TAB name.
Recommendation. If you are using e-Sword version 11+ and later, use File Explorer and delete the numnt.bblx and numNT.BBLX files. Download numnt.bbli which will then be displayed.
However, be aware that Rick Meyers has also provided a copy, of this Bible translation, as the Numeric English New Testament, with tab NENT (Numeric English New Testament). This includes Information from the Preface (1914) and the Preface (1935) in option "Bible", "Information".  You download this copy in the "Download", "Bibles", "English", "Free", option. You must have internet access to download these Bibles.
The numnt.bbli will also be suitable for e-Sword on the Apple devices, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

As provided Aug 12, 2013, and as updated Dec 22, 2021, there are now two download files, [1] numnt.bbli 2.29 MB and [2] NumNT.BBLX 2.76 MB. 
The first option [numnt.bbli] is applicable to e-Sword for the PC after version 11, 12, or 13. And is also applicable to e-Sword for Android, and to e-Sword X for the Apple Mac, and to E-Sword HD for the iPad, and to e-Sword LT for the iPhone.
The second option [numNT.BBLX] is applicable to e-Sword for the PC only. If you rename the downloaded file type to lowercase letters, [NumNT.bblx] this will be able to be processed by the Module Installer from Bible Support, version 0.6. Only load one version to the windows PC, because they both use the same tab name "NumNT". 
REQUEST: Please would a Bible Support administrator revise the second download filename by changing the filename to "NumNT.bblx". 
This option provides the Bible Tab "NumNT". 
In the Bible Information window, the submitter did not include the Preface of the English translation of the Greek NT, with the explanation which explains the use of the colons added in the text to indicate the definite article which appears in the Greek before certain words. This colon after the preceding word is seen, for example, in Matthew chapter 1, and in Luke chapter 3. You will see this Preface in the Numeric New Testament (NENT), in the Bible, Information, option. You can download this from e-Sword, in the Download option, in Downloads, Bibles, English, Free, as provided by Rick Meyers, the developer of e-Sword, dated 2020-12-22. The Preface will explain the special marks added by Ivan Panin to the New Testament. 

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