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  • Author: L. Laurenson
  • MySword Version:: 1.X

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L. Laurenson

MySword Version::

Table of Contents.

Chapter 1. The Faith in Early Days,
The Druids — Persecutions of the Early Church by Nero, Domitian, Trajan, and Dioclesian — The Culdees in Scotland — Toleration of Constantius Chlorus in France — Accession of Constantine to the Purple — The Church and the World — State Religion — The Picts and Scots — Birth of Succath — Becomes a Missionary to Ireland — His Death — Labours of Ninian in Cumbria,

Chapter 2. Pioneer Missionaries.
Persecution by Pagan Rome — Julian the Apostate — His Attempt to rebuild Jerusalem — Roman Legions withdrawn from Britain — Persecutions by the Anglo-Saxons — Increase of Paganism in Britain — Kentigern preaches near Glasgow — Retires to Wales — Invited back by Ryderech — Columba Arrives in Iona — Preaches among the Northern Picts — Missionaries from Iona — Their Journeys, Hardships, and Teaching — Usurpation of Popery — The Monk Augustine Arrives in Kent — Interview with King Ethelbert — Persecution by Papal Rome — Rise of the Moslems — Their Conquests — Inroad into Europe — Defeated at Tours — Development of Popery,

Chapter 3. The First English Bible.
Birth of John Wycliffe — His Conversion — Edward III. and Urban V. — Wycliffe Preaches at Oxford — Papal Bull for His Arrest — Summoned before Courtney — Before the Bishops at Lambeth Palace — The "Poor Priests" — Early Bible Translators — the First English Bible — Wycliffe Expelled from Oxford — Retires to Lutterworth — His Death — Persecution of his followers — Heretics to be Burned — Martyrdom of Sawtre, Badby, and Thorpe — Martyrdom of Lord Cobham — The Bohemian Reformers — Martyrdom of Huss and Jerome,

Chapter 4. Scotland's Confessors and Martyrs.
Patrick Hamilton Preaches in Scotland — Power of the Priests — Beaton Invites Hamilton to St. Andrews — His Arrest, Condemnation, and Death — Arrival of Tyndale's New Testament — Futile Opposition of the Priests — George Wishart in Dundee — Times of Revival — Wishart's Care for the Sick and Dying — Attempt to Assassinate him — Preaches at Edinburgh, Inveresk, and Haddington — Arrested at Ormiston — Burned at St. Andrews — Murder of Beaton —Martyrdom of Walter Mill,

Chapter 5. John Knox and His Times.
Knox in the Castle of St. Andrews — Siege of the Castle by the Regent and the French — Knox sent to the Galleys — Miseries Endured by Galley Slaves — Knox and the Image of the Virgin — Liberation of Knox in 1549 — Visits Cranmer — Preaches in Berwick — Death of King Edward VI. — Accession of Mary Tudor — Dark Days for England — Mary of Guise Regent of Scotland — Favours the Protestant Party — Her Craft and Dissimulation — Knox cited to appear at Edinburgh — Finds no Accusers — Preaches to the People — The Archbishop's Warning — Civil War — Death of the Regent — Arrival of Queen Mary from France — The Mass Again — Knox's Doctrine — Interview with the Queen — Massacre of Vassy — Mirth of Mary — Rebuke of Knox — Catherine de Medici and Philip of Spain — Popish Plots — Trial and Acquittal of Knox — The Queen's Marriage — Murder of Rizzio — Carberry Hill — Imprisonment of the Queen — Murray Regent — Death of Murray — Massacre of Bartholomew — Illness of Knox — His Death — Tribute to his Character by the Regent Morton and by Pope Pius IX.,

Chapter 6. Tyndale's New Testament.
Persecution of the Lollards — Death of Claydon, Taylor, and White — Wars of the Roses — Birth of Tyndale — Training of Priests at Oxford — Erasmus' Greek Testament — Tyndale's Conversion — Thomas Bilney — Tyndale at Sudbury Hall — Disputes with the Priests — Preaches in the Villages — Decides to Translate the New Testament into English — Forced to leave Sudbury Hall — Tyndale in London — Humphrey Monmouth — John Fryth — Tyndale begins his Work — Luther's Books in England — Henry VIII. writes against Luther — The Pope confers on Henry "Defender of the Faith" — Henry Persecutes the Christians in Lincolnshire — Tyndale flees to the Continent — His New Testament printed at Worms — Introduced into England — Welcomed by the People — Burned by the Clergy — Martyrdom of Bilney and Fryth — Tyndale seized and Imprisoned — His Trial, Condemnation, and Martyrdom,

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