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Download Candlish, Robert S - The First Epistle of John Expounded in a Series of Lectures (Commentary & Book formats)

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1 2 3 John
Candlish, Robert S.

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About The First Epistle of John Expounded in a Series of Lectures
Candlish organizes this exposition around three central words: light, righteousness and love, corresponding to the maxims, "God is light;" "God is righteous;" and "God is love."

This is a verse by verse commentary, and be sure to check the Book Comments for introductory material.

e-Sword Version
This is the complete version. The version circulating elsewhere is missing entire sections, footnotes, and the Greek words! This version is also completely tooltipped, even for implicit references.

This text is provided in two module formats: as a Commentary module or Topic module.

About Robert S. Candlish
Born in Edinburgh, Candlish received an M.A. from Glasgow University and attended Divinity Hall (1823–1826). Licensed in 1828, he became assistant minister at St. Andrew’s Church, Glasgow, and later at Bonhill, Dunbartonshire. In 1834 he became minister of the prestigious St. George’s Church, Edinburgh. In 1839 he joined the evangelicals in the Church of Scotland, led by Thomas Chalmers, whom he supported on the patronage issue. Eventually Candlish took part in the formation of the Free Church of Scotland (1843).

A man of great ability, Candlish maintained a position of leadership despite a rather abrupt manner. When Chalmers died in 1847 Candlish could have succeeded him as professor of divinity at New College, but he preferred to stay in St. George’s Church. In 1861 he gave the Cunningham Lectures, in which he attacked F. D. Maurice’s view of the fatherhood of God, thereby stirring up a controversy. The following year he became principal of New College. Candlish helped to organize the Free Church school system (later absorbed by the national system), was one of the founders of the Evangelical Alliance (1845), and wrote prolifically in the field of theology and its application. Among his better–known works are The Atonement: Its Reality, Completeness and Extent (1861); The Fatherhood of God (1865); and The First Epistle of John Expounded in a Series of Lectures (1866).

Preliminary Chapters—General Aim of the Book
-----I. The Doctrine and Fellowship of the Apostles
-----II. The Joy of the Lord, and Its Fullness
Part First. The First Condition of the Divine Fellowship—Light (1 John 1:5-2:17)
-----III. The Ground or Reason of this First Condition; Light Being at Once the Nature and th...
-----IV. The Condition Fulfilled in the Believing Confession of a Guileless Spirit
-----V. Sinless Aim of the Guileless Spirit—Provision for Its Continued Sense of Sin
-----VI. Nature and Ground of Christ’s Advocacy as Meeting the Need of the Guileless Spirit
-----VII. The Guileless Spirit Realising Through Obedience the Knowledge of God as the Means ...
-----VIII. The Christlike Walk of One with Guileless Spirit Abiding in God
-----IX. The Commandment at Once Old and New to One Walking with Guileless Spirit in the Ligh...
-----X. Brotherly Love a Test and Means of Being and Abiding, with Guileless Spirit, in the L...
-----XI. The Guileless Spirit Abiding in the Light in Its Threefold Aspect of Childhood, Fath...
-----XII. The Guileless Spirit Loving not the World, Which Is Darkness, But God, Who Is Light
-----XIII. The Guileless Spirit, Amid the Dark World’s Flow, Established in the Light of Godl...
-----XIV. The Guileless Spirit, Amid Antichristian Defections, Established By a Messianic Unc...
-----XV. The Guileless Spirit, Amid Antichristian Denial of the Son, Acknowledging the Son so...
-----XVI. The Guileless Spirit Abiding in the Son and in the Father, so as to Receive the Pro...
-----XVII. The Guileless Spirit, Through the Abiding Messianic Unction and Illumination of th...
Part Second. Intermediate Condition of the Divine Fellowship—Righteousness (1 John 2:28-4:6)
-----XVIII. Ground or Reason of this Condition in the Righteous Nature of God—The New Birth u...
-----XIX. The Divine Birth—The Family Likeness
-----XX. The Divine Hope Perfecting the Sinless Family Likeness
-----XXI. The Secret of Sinlessness—Abiding in the Sinless One as Manifested to Take Away Our...
-----XXII. The Secret of Sinlessness—Our Abiding in Christ—The Seed of God Abiding in Us—Our ...
-----XXIII. The Secret of Sinlessness—The Contrasted “Doings”—Doing Righteousness and Doing S...
-----XXIV. Connection of Doing Righteousness with Brotherly Love as Proving a Divine Birth, i...
-----XXV. Brotherly Love the Fruit and Test of Passing from Death unto Life—The World’s Hatre...
-----XXVI. Righteousness or Truth in Brotherly Love—Essential to the Answer of a Good Conscie...
-----XXVII. Righteousness Essential to Our Pleasing God and to His Hearing Us
-----XXVIII. Our Righteousness Attested by Obedience, as Implying Our Abiding in God, and His...
-----XXIX. Our Righteousness Exercised in Trying the Spirits; The Test, Confessing that Jesus...
-----XXX. The Spirit of Christ in Us Greater than the Spirit of Antichrist in the World
Part Third. Ultimate Condition of the Divine Fellowship—Love
-----XXXI. Love Is of God—God Is Love
-----XXXII. Love Going Forth Towards what Is Seen
-----XXXIII. Love the Means of Mutual Indwelling; God in Us and We in God
-----XXXIV. The Boldness of Perfected Love
-----XXXV. The Objects of Our Love—The Children of God and God Himself
Part Fourth. The Divine Fellowship of Light, Righteousness, and Love, Overcoming the World an...
-----XXXVI. Love to God Keeping His Commandments and not Finding them Grievous
-----XXXVII. Filial Faith Overcoming the World
-----XXXVIII. The Three Witnesses and Their Agreement
-----XXXIX. The Witness or Testimony of God to and in Believers
-----XL. The Substance of the Testimony—Eternal Life God’s Gift in His Son
-----XLI. Eternal Life Connected with Confidence in Prayer
-----XLII. Prayer for a Brother’s Sin, but not for a Sin unto Death
-----XLIII. The Believer as Born of God Keeping Himself so as not to Sin
-----XLIV. Our Being of God—The World Lying in the Wicked One
-----XLV. Knowing the True One and Being in Him
-----XLVI. Jesus the True God and Eternal Life Against All Idols

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