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e-Sword 10 Module Download:
Download Kleiser, Grenville - The Worlds Greatest Sermons (10 vols) 1.0

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Sermons/Outlines Homiletics Sermon Helps Living a Christian Life
Grenville Kleiser

e-Sword Version:

Grenville Kleiser compiled The World's Greatest Sermons (10 volumes), which is like a Preacher's Hall of Fame. The sermons range from 4th century to the 20th century, from Italy, Germany, Holland, France, Great Britain and the United States. A preacher from virtually ever denomination was chosen.

115 of the best preachers to ever live are represented in this work, spanning close to 2,500 pages and 4 megabytes of text (when uncompressed). Some of the preachers include
  • Alexander Maclaren
  • John Wesley
  • John Calvin
  • Charles Spurgeon
  • James Stalker
  • F.W. Farrar
  • John Broadus
  • William Robertson Nicoll
  • Martin Luther
  • Thomas De Witt Talmage
  • George Whitfield
  • Jonathan Edwards
  • and many more (see below)
Included with each sermon is a short biography of the preacher, which is perfect for identifying the time period and author background. Sermons were chosen on the basis of literary, rhetorical, practical, and spiritual worthiness.

e-Sword Edition
The print edition is organized by the preacher's birth year. The e-Sword edition is first arranged canonically (Genesis - Revelation, and also by Apostle's Creed), but the organizational structure retains the preacher's name. In my opinion, this provides easier reference, although I do recognize this module could have been assembled in a variety of ways. Some sermons don't have an overriding Scripture passage or are based on the Apostle's Creed, which made organizing this module more of a challenge.

----Basil of Cæsarea
--------The Creation of the World
----George Angier Gordon
--------Man in the Image of God
----Robert South
--------The Image of God in Man
----Edward Everett Hale
--------The Colonization of the Desert
----Frederick William Farrar
--------Work in the Groaning Creation
----Charles John Vaughan
--------God Calling to Man
----Thomas De Witt Talmage
--------A Bloody Monster
1 Kings
----Alexander Mckenzie
--------The Royal Bounty
2 Kings
----Ernest Roland Wilberforce
--------The Mother Church
----William Boyd Carpenter
--------The Age of Progress
----William Watkinson
--------The Transfigured Sackcloth
----Theodore Ledyard Cuyler
--------The Value of Life
----Charles Haddon Spurgeon
--------Songs in the Night
----George Adam Smith
--------Assurance in God
----William John Knox Little
--------Thirst Satisfied
----Joseph Seiss
--------The Wonderful Testimonies
----John Hall
--------Liberty Only in Truth
----Alexander Campbell
--------The Missionary Cause
----Newell Dwight Hillis
--------God the Unwearied Guide
----Joseph Parker
--------A Word to the Weary
----Leonard Woolsey Bacon
--------God Indwelling
----George Whitefield
--------The Method of Grace
----Timothy Dwight
--------The Sovereignty of God
----Thomas Guthrie
--------The New Heart
----Frederick Denison Maurice
--------The Valley of Dry Bones
----Howard Crosby
--------The Prepared Worm
----John Knox
--------The First Temptation of Christ
----Lyman Beecher
--------The Government of God Desirable
----William Connor Magee
--------The Miraculous Stilling of the Storm
----Henry Van Dyke
--------The Meaning of Manhood
----Arthur Penrhyn Stanley
--------In Memoriam—thomas Carlyle
----Jonathan Edwards
--------Spiritual Light
----William Ellery Channing
--------The Character of Christ
----James Mozley
--------The Reversal of Human Judgment
----Saint Augustine
--------The Recovery of Sight by the Blind
----Richard Baxter
--------Making Light of Christ and Salvation
----Thomas Arnold
--------Alive in God
----Robert Stuart Macarthur
--------Christ—the Question of the Centuries
----Dwight L. Moody
--------What Think Ye of Christ?
----John Wyclif
--------Christ’s Real Body Not in the Eucharist
----William M. Taylor
--------Christ Before Pilate—Pilate Before Christ
----John Watson
----Alexander Maclaren
--------The Pattern of Service
----Richard Storrs
--------The Permanent Motive in Missionary Work
----Jean Baptiste Massillon
--------The Small Number of the Elect
----Francis Wayland
--------A Day in the Life of Jesus of Nazareth
----George Lorimer
--------The Fall of Satan
----John Howe
--------The Redeemer’s Tears Over Lost Souls
----Theodore Parker
--------The Transient and Permanent in Christianity
----Louis Bourdaloue
--------The Passion of Christ
----Girolamo Savonarola
--------The Ascension of Christ
----Charles Wagner
--------I Am a Voice
----Edwin Hubbell Chapin
--------Nicodemus: The Seeker After Religion
----Henry Liddon
--------Influences of the Holy Spirit
----Edward Irving
--------Preparation for Consulting the Oracles of God
----Robert Hall
--------Marks of Love to God
----John Newman
--------God’s Will the End of Life
----Henry Potter
--------Memorial Discourse on Phillips Brooks
----John Spalding
--------Education and the Future of Religion
----George Campbell Morgan
--------The Perfect Ideal of Life
----Philip Melanchthon
--------The Safety of the Virtuous
----Lyman Abbott
--------The Divinity in Humanity
----Francis Landey Patton
--------Glorification Through Death
----James Martineau
--------Parting Words
----Hugh Latimer
--------On Christian Love
----Frederick William Robertson
--------The Loneliness of Christ
----Hugh Blair
--------The Hour and the Event of All Time
----Norman Macleod
--------The True Christian Ministry
----Horace Bushnell
--------Unconscious Influence
----Henry Scott Holland
--------The Story of a Disciple’s Faith
----William James Dawson
--------Christ Among the Common Things of Life
----Washington Gladden
--------The Prince of Life
----David James Burrell
--------How to Become a Christian
----Jacques Saurin
--------Paul Before Felix and Drusilla
----Charles Henry Parkhurst
--------Constructive Faith
----John Tillotson
--------The Reasonableness of a Resurrection
----Thomas Hooker
--------The Activity of Faith; or, Abraham’s Imitators
----John A. Broadus
--------Let Us Have Peace with God
----Alexander Whyte
----Christmas Evans
--------The Fall and Recovery of Man
----John Wesley
--------God’s Love to Fallen Man
----Friedrich Ernst Daniel Schleiermacher
--------Christ’s Resurrection an Image of Our New Life
----Charles Fowler
--------The Spirit of Christ
----Frederick William Farrar
--------Work in the Groaning Creation
----John Caird
--------Religion in Common Life
----John Henry Jowett
--------Apostolic Optimism
1 Corinthians
----Edwards Amasa Park
--------The Prominence of the Atonement
----Alexander Vinet
--------The Mysteries of Christianity
----John Bunyan
--------The Heavenly Footman
----James Stalker
----Henry Drummond
--------The Greatest Thing in the World
----Frank Wakely Gunsaulus
--------The Bible vs. Infidelity
----Charles Edward Jefferson
--------The Reconciliation
----Henry Ward Beecher
----Matthew Simpson
--------The Resurrection of Our Lord
2 Corinthians
----Henry Edward Manning
--------The Triumph of the Church
----Jeremy Taylor
--------Christ’s Advent to Judgment
----William Morley Punshon
--------Zeal in the Cause of Christ
----Martin Luther
--------The Method and Fruits of Justification
----S. Parkes Cadman
--------A New Day for Missions
1 Thessalonians
--------Excessive Grief at the Death of Friends
----FranÇis de Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon
--------The Saints Converse with God
----John Mitchell Mason
--------Messiah’s Throne
----William Robertson Nicoll
--------Gethsemane, the Rose Garden of God
----Charles Kingsley
--------The Shaking of the Heavens and the Earth
----John Calvin
--------Enduring Persecution for Christ
2 Peter
----John Summerfield
--------The Heavenly Inheritance
1 John
----Thomas Chalmers
--------The Expulsive Power of a New Affection
----Phillips Brooks
--------The Pride of Life
----Christopher Newman Hall
--------Christian Victory
----Boswell Dwight Hitchcock
--------Eternal Atonement
----Frederick William Farrar
--------Work in the Groaning Creation
Apostles’ Creed
----John Clifford
--------The Forgiveness of Sins
No Scripture
----Jacques Benigne Bossuet
--------The Funeral Sermon On the Death of the Grande CondÉ
----Robert William Dale
--------The Argument from Experience

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