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  • Author: William Kelly
  • MySword Version:: 1.X

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William Kelly

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The following articles were present
  • The Revelation of God
  • The Lord's Second Coming and Kingdom.
  • The Second Coming of Christ.
  • The Actions of the Holy Spirit in the Assembly.
  • The Administration of the Fullness of the Seasons.
  • Is the Anglican Establishment a Church of God?
  • The So-called Apostolical Fathers on the Lord's Second Coming.
  • A Draft Appeal
  • Thus saith the Lord.
  • The Apostle at Athens With appeals to Souls now.
  • Babylon and the Beast.
  • Blackheath re Ramsgate, A Letter.
  • The Body, the Church.
  • Born of Water and Spirit.
  • The Bride, the Lamb's Wife.
  • The Broken State of Christendom
  • The Call of the Bride
  • The "Strange Doctrine" on Propitiation.
  • Christ: not Christendom, nor Judaism.
  • The Judgment, not Reunion, of Christendom.
  • Christian Science: A Delusion of the Day.
  • The Church.
  • The Church, and the Churches.
  • The Church of the Scriptures.
  • The Church of God
  • Behold He Cometh with Clouds
  • The Coming and Day of the Lord viewed morally.
  • The Coming and the Day of the Lord.
  • The Comforter.
  • The Coming and the Day of the Lord.
  • The Coming of the Lord
  • Covenant or Testament — Which?
  • Brief Notice of G. Cox's Thirty-six Reasons Against the Immortality of the Soul.
  • The Creation
  • The Higher Criticism.
  • The Day of the Lord.
  • The Day Star.
  • Deliverance.
  • The New Development 1890
  • The Doctrine of Christ, and Bethesdaism.
  • Drummond's "Natural Law in the Spiritual World."
  • The Elders in Heaven.
  • Enduring Temptation and Entering into Temptation.
  • Exodus 1-3: 22
  • The Feasts in Deuteronomy 16.
  • Jesus Forsaken of God, and the consequences.
  • The Free Service of Christians:
  • The Fulness of Christ.
  • Our Future Glory, and Our Present Groaning in the Spirit.
  • A Letter to Mr. Geo. B. Gilpin, In Reply To His "Warning," etc.
  • The Gospel of the Glory of Christ.
  • The Gospel of God.
  • A Letter to an Inquiring Hindu.
  • The Heavenly Hope — John 14: 1-3
  • The Coming Hour of Temptation
  • Innovation.
  • "Is baptism a figure of what is, or what is about to be, possessed?"
  • On Isolation, or Independency.
  • Jewish and Christian Expectation of Christ Contrasted.
  • John Nelson Darby as I knew him.
  • Law and Grace
  • A Critique by W. Kelly of: "Lights in the World," and "The Gravity of the Moment." by F.E.R.
  • Thoughts on the Lord's Prayer.
  • The Lord's Supper
  • "We must all be manifested."
  • A Man of God
  • Remarks on Matthew 18.
  • On the Millennium Remarks on Dr. Wardlaw's Sermon on the Millennium
  • Christian Ministry
  • The Rev. A. Moody Stuart on "Brethren."
  • The Mystery and the Covenants.
  • The Mystery of Godliness.
  • Active Neology
  • The Blessedness and Scope of the New Creation.
  • No More Conscience of Sins.
  • Not Sinai but Zion With other coming glories heavenly and earthly.
  • The Lord's Prophecy on Olivet in Matthew 24-25
  • The Great Olivet Prophecy of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • One Body and One Spirit
  • Oneness and Union
  • Openness in Receiving and Freedom in Serving.
  • Why many saints were outside the Park Street of 1881.
  • "The Plymouth Brethren,"
  • The Pentateuch and its Critics.
  • Encyclical Letter of Pope Leo XIII.
  • "The powers that be"
  • Presbyterianism,
  • The Priesthood of Christ.
  • 'The prize of our high calling'
  • The Promise of the Father.
  • Propitiation
  • The Prospects of the World according to the Scriptures.
  • Purchase and Redemption.
  • Who Made Purification of Sins?
  • The Purpose of God for His Sons and Heirs.
  • Rationalism.
  • "Receive ye the Holy Ghost."
  • The Red Heifer
  • The Salvation of God as typified in the Red Sea and the Jordan
  • Christ for the Saint and Christ for the Sinner.
  • "Hold fast that which thou hast."
  • Remarks Connected with the Study of the Revelation.
  • The Righteousness of God: what is it?
  • Kings and Priests
  • The Sabbath and the Lord's Day.
  • Present Salvation
  • Salvation by Grace
  • The Schools of the Prophets
  • On Alleged Neutrality and Real Sectarianism.
  • The Separate State, and the Resurrection.
  • Behold My Servant
  • The Seventy Weeks
  • Sinai and Its Terrors.
  • Sanctification.
  • The Soul — neither mortal, nor to sleep.
  • Restraint Put on Speaking in the Assembly.
  • The Spirit of God
  • Stephen the Christian Proto-Martyr.
  • Christ Tempted and Sympathising
  • Christ the Life
  • Christ the Truth
  • The Hope of Christ compatible with prophecy.
  • Brethren and their Traducers:
  • "The Unity of the Spirit"
  • God's Principle of Unity.
  • Unity of the Church in Inspired History.
  • The Unity of the Spirit, and what it is to keep it.
  • Gathered unto His Name:
  • "I am the true vine."
  • The Vision: and the just shall live by faith.
  • Christ Washing the Feet of the Disciples.
  • By Whom "Sent"?
  • The Word of God
  • Christian Worship
  • Worship in the hour that now is.

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