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  • Author: Kelly William
  • MySword Version:: 1.X

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Kelly William

MySword Version::

A Series of Gospel Tracts by W.K. for distribution after preaching.

Table of Contents

First Series.

1 The gift of God

2 Who it is that saith to thee

3 Living water

4 A Well of water

5 Go call thy husband

6 Worship of the Father

7 The Father seeking

8 Worship in spirit and truth

9 I that speak unto thee am He

10 The Woman then left her waterpot

11 We have heard Him ourselves.

12 The Saviour of the world

Second Series.

1 Justified by faith

2 Peace with God

3 This grace wherein we stand

4 Hope of the glory of God

5 We glory in tribulations also

6 The love of God

7 Christ died for the ungodly

8 God's own love

9 Justified by His blood

10 Reconciled to God

11 We shall be saved

12 We also joy in God

Third Series.

1 God created

2 God said

3 Adam

4 The two Trees

5 Woman

6 The Tempter

7 Eve Tempted

8 The Fall of Man

9 Naked

10 Where art thou?

11 Convicted

12 The woman's Seed

Fourth Series.

1 The Jewish leper

2 The Gentile centurion and his servant

3 Peter's mother-in-law

4 The Paralytic healed

5 The Tempest, and unbelief rebuked

6 The Demoniac delivered

7 The Woman healed and sent away in peace

8 The Daughter of Jairus raised

9 The Healing of the blind in the house

10 The early Haul of fishes

11 The Water made wine

12 . Nobleman's son healed

Fifth Series.

1 The Sower

2 The Darnel of the field

3 The Mustard seed.

4 The Leaven

5 The Treasure hidden in the field

6 One Pearl of great price

7 The Dragnet

8 The merciless Bondman

9 The Labourers hired

10 The two Children

11 The guilty Husbandmen

12 The Marriage feast

Sixth Series.

1 The Fig-tree

2 The Household Servant

3 The Ten Virgins

4 The Talents

5 The Seed left to grow

6 The two Debtors

7 The Samaritan

8 The importunate Appeal

9 The Blasphemy of God's Power in Christ

10 The rich Fool

11 Waiting for the Lord

12 Working for the Lord

Seventh Series.

1 The Wicked Servant

2 . The Fruitless Fig-tree

3 What is God's kingdom like

4 The Uprising of the Housemaster

5 The Guests

6 The Host

7 The Great supper

8 The Lost Sheep

9 The Lost Drachma

10 The Lost son

11 The Prudent Steward

12 The Rich man and Lazarus

Eighth Series

1 Unprofitable Bondmen

2 The Persistent Widow

3 The Pharisee and the Tax-Gatherer

4 Christ returning to Reign

5 The Shepherd of the sheep

6 The Door

7 The Good Shepherd

8 Feet-washing

9 The vine

10 Christ the Bread of Life

11 Eating Christ's flesh, and drinking His blood

12 Christ the corn of Wheat

Ninth Series.

1 The Demoniac Mute

2 The Withered Hand healed

3 The Blind and Dumb

4 The Five Thousand fed

5 Jesus walking on the sea

6 The Canaanite woman

7 The Four Thousand Fed

8 The Transfiguration

9 The Lunatic Son

10 The Fish, and the Temple-tax

11 The Deaf and stammering man

12 The Blind Man of Bethsaida

Tenth Series.

1 The Widow's Son raised

2 The Unclean Demon cast out

3 The woman with a spirit of Infirmity

4 The Dropsical Man Cured

5 The Ten Lepers

6 The Lord at Bethesda

7 The Blind at Siloam

8 Lazarus Raised

9 Blind Bartimaeus

10 The Power and the Grace of the Name

11 Malchus healed

12 The Unbroken Net

Eleventh Series.

1 Two Masters

2 The Prudent builder

3 The ways, N. and W.

4 The Salt and the Light

5 The Beatitudes

6 Prayer for Disciples

7 Grace in Practice

8 Treasures?

9 Christ come to fulfil

10 The Father in secret

11 The Lamp of the Body

12 Be not anxious.

Twelfth Series.

1 The Kingdom of God

2 Judge not

3 Confidence

4 The Narrow Gate

5 Fruits

6 Bare Profession

7 Christ and the Law

8 Anger

9 Reconciliation

10 Impurity

11 Purity in Divorce

12 Swear not at all

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