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William Kelly

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Having already sought to weigh the history of Abraham, I desire to consider what Scripture gives us to learn of Isaac. It is true that much less is said of him than of Abraham on the one hand or of Jacob on the other; even less than of Joseph among the many sons of Jacob. Yet there is not a little, in the spiritual account of him who came between the two chief fathers, distinguished by his own equable, retired, and peaceful way, and indicative of great principles in God's Word and ways, not in the Old Testament only but also in the New.

Isaac was the pattern of sonship, the child of promise, and as Abraham was its depository, elect, called out, blessed, and to be a blessing universally for the earth at the end, though himself looking higher by faith. Sovereign grace wrought as to both father and son. "For the promise that he should be heir of the world was not to Abraham or to his seed through law, but through the righteousness of faith." Thus only could it be, as it was, according to grace; that the promise might be sure to all the seed, not to that only which is of the law, but to that also which is of Abraham's faith, who is father of us all, before the God whom he believed, who quickens the dead and calls the things which are not as though they were.

Table of Contents

His Antecedents — Genesis 12-20
The Son and Heir Born — Genesis 21: 1-7
Isaac Abiding; Hagar and Ishmael Dismissed — Genesis 21: 8-21
Jehovah, God Everlasting — Genesis 21: 22-34
Isaac Dead and Risen in Figure — Genesis 22: 1-14
Isaac: The Numerous Seed, and the One Seed — Genesis 22: 15-24
Sarah Dead and Buried — Genesis 23
The Bride Called for Isaac — Genesis 24: 1-60
The Meeting and the Marriage — Genesis 24: 61-67
Isaac the Heir — Genesis 25: 1-6
Abraham Dead, and Isaac Blessed — Genesis 25: 7-11
The Generations of Ishmael — Genesis 25: 12-18
The Generations of Isaac — Genesis 25: 19-26
The Sons, Esau and Jacob — Genesis 25: 27-34
Jehovah Appears to Isaac — Genesis 26: 1-5
Isaac in Gerar — Genesis 26: 6-11
Isaac Blessed of Jehovah — Genesis 26: 12-16
Isaac Up to Rehoboth — Genesis 26: 17-22
Isaac at Beersheba — Genesis 26: 23-35
Isaac Old and Seeing Dimly — Genesis 27: 1-5
Rebekah's Advice — Genesis 27: 6-17
The Common Sin and Shame — Genesis 27: 18-29
Isaac Blessing Esau — Genesis 27: 30-40
The Family Distracted — Genesis 27: 41-46
Isaac's Charge to Jacob — Genesis 28: 1-5
Isaac's Death — Genesis 35: 27-29

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