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  • Author: Jeff A. Benner
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
  • Tab Name: AHLB

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Download Jeff A. Benner - Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible 1.0

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Jeff A. Benner

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Tab Name:

Copyright Info: This module was Authored by Jeff A. Benner. The e-Sword version was created by Richard Varno. for more information on the modules please visit http://www.ancient-hebrew.org

All the Hebrew words of the Bible are connected to their roots and defined within their ancient cultural context and meaning.

All previous Biblical Hebrew lexicons have provided a modern western definition and perspective to Hebrew roots and words. This prevents the reader of the Bible from seeing the ancient authors original intent of the passages. This is the first Biblical Hebrew lexicon that defines each Hebrew word within its original Ancient Hebrew cultural meaning. One of the major differences between the Modern Western mind and the Ancient Hebrew's is that their mind related all words and their meanings to a concrete concept. For instance, the Hebrew word "chai" is normally translated as "life", a western abstract meaning, but the original Hebrew concrete meaning of this word is the "stomach". In the Ancient Hebrew mind, a full stomach is a sign of a full "life". The Hebrew language is a root system oriented language and the lexicon is divided into sections reflecting this root system. Each word of the Hebrew Bible is grouped within its roots and is defined according to its original ancient cultural meaning. Also included in each word entry is its alternative spellings, King James translations of the word and Strong's number. Indexes are included to assist with finding a word within the lexicon according to its spelling, definition, King James translation or Strong's number.

Book Features
  • An introduction to the Ancient Hebrew alphabet, language and thought.
  • The history of the Hebrew script from ancient to modern times.
  • Reconstruction of the original Hebrew alphabet and root system of roots and words.
  • Alphabetical ordering of Parent, Child and Adopted Roots with each root listing the Hebrew nouns and verbs derived from the root.
  • Ancient Hebrew, Modern Hebrew and English transliteration of roots and words.
  • The action, concrete and abstract meaning of each Hebrew root.
  • Ancient Hebrew Cultural definition of Hebrew roots and words.
  • Root origins of Hebrew words and their relationship to other roots and words.
  • Frequency each word is used in the Hebrew Bible.
  • Listing of foreign words found in the Hebrew Bible.
  • Index to English translations of Hebrew words, King James Translations of Hebrew words, Strong's numbers and alternate Hebrew spellings of Hebrew words.
Note: Please install the fonts attached

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

  • Uploaded Mac/e-sword 11 version.

For those who requested the fonts for Jeff Benner's AHLB, click here to download.

I also need the font/zip folder please help. pastorgreer@yahoo.com

Good afternoon everyone, I'm having the same font issue as described above and it only began happening this week. Until recently it was working properly. I have e-sword 13 on a PC. All of the required fonts are installed and verified in the windows>fonts folder (they also display properly in the folder). Additionally, aside from the AHLB dictionary, all other Hebrew bibles and dictionaries are displaying correctly in esword. The only change that I made this week was installing the Strongs Plus dictionary therefore I deleted it using the Options>Resource setting however AHLB still doesn't display correctly - so I'm not certain that this was the source of the problem. I have also decided to reinstall all of Jeff's resources in case of a corrupted file however that hasn't yielded any fruit either. Any ideas would be appreciated!

I am having the same problem as Aryehuda

Good evening,


This resource might help some. It hasn't resolved my issue but it could prove helpful to others... https://www.elevenfo...indows-11.2059/

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