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Matthew Verschuur

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By Matthew Verschuur, copyright 2007.

“Thy word is very pure” (Psalm 119:140a). “The words of the LORD are pure words” (Psalm 12:6a). “Every word of God is pure” (Proverbs 30:5a).

From the time that the King James Bible appeared in 1611 all the way to the appearance of the Pure Cambridge Edition (circa 1900) and beyond, many traditional, reliable and commonly used King James Bibles have exhibited various impurities in their texts.

The King James Bible text can be broadly identified as a stream, meandering from 1611 to 1769. From 1769 the river can be likened to have gone forth in various heads - a delta - from which arose slight variations in that text, as perpetuated in the now dried up London Edition, the stagnant Oxford Edition and the flowing channel of the Cambridge Edition. Toward the year 2000, it was apparent that various new canals were being constructed, each choked up with dung and offscouring, such as could hardly be approached for their ill savour. The host of modernised editions and new versions using the name “King James” have multiplied into various unhealable marishes.

While it is apparent that modernisations of the King James Bible are clearly erroneous, unjustified and unacceptable, there has been a persistence with the old King James Bibles, sometimes in continuing to stand for the old impurities rather than coming to the pure water itself, as exhibited in the long continuing Pure Cambridge Edition, now being taken up and published by those concerned with exalting the pure text.

Many of the old King James Bibles are impure when they call Jesus “the son of David” rather than “the Son of David” such as at Matthew 15:22, 20:30, 21:9 or 22:42. The lower case “s” demotes Jesus from deity in these examples.

The Oxford Editions put lower case “s” on the word “spirit” when the Pure Cambridge Edition shows that it is clearly speaking of the Holy Ghost, as at Matthew 4:1 and Mark 1:12. This demotes the deity of the Holy Ghost in the impure editions.

Those editions which change the name of God at Isaiah 9:6 from “Counseller” to “Counsellor” are violating the jots and tittles of the Word of God, and persisting with this impurity is ungodly.

All the editions which have the wrong use of the apostrophe are not witnessing to God’s perfection in English. Early editions are deficient without the apostrophe, and only the Pure Cambridge Edition gets it exactly right as compared to others, such as, “priests’ custom” at 1 Samuel 2:13, “wits’ end” at Psalm 107:27, “theirs” at Jeremiah 44:28, “ours” at Matthew 12:7 and so on.

The spelling at 1 Corinthians 4:15 should be “instructors”, despite “instructer” being used at Genesis 4:22, as the Oxford English Dictionary shows that these two words have two differing uses and meanings.

Many editions are incorrect in having “farther” when it should be “further” at Matthew 26:39 and other places. Again, the Oxford English Dictionary clearly shows that farther is an absolute state, while further is progressive.

Numerous editions miss the word “and” from “and the Hivites” in Exodus 23:23, which clearly belongs, as is shown in other similar lists including the Hivites.
Some editions have wrongly put “you up” for “ye up” in Joshua 4:5. There are clear grammatical rules in the Bible which govern the use of “ye” and “you”.

Many editions have the erroneous word “cliffs” at Job 30:6, which presents a logical impossibility, that people should be able to dwell “in cliffs”, when the proper rendering is “clifts”, a different word with a different meaning.

The Pure Cambridge Edition is also correct regarding plurals, as 2 Chronicles 33:19 should be “sin”, and Psalm 148:8 should be “vapour”.

Various editions still contain the known typographical error “whom he had set” at Jeremiah 34:16, which should be “whom ye had set”.

Wrong presentations of Joshua 19:2 have persisted for a long time, which basically say that Sheba is a different place to Beer-sheba. The reading, “Beer-sheba, or Sheba” is universally acknowledged to be correct, and is found in the Pure Cambridge Edition. The sixth verse says that there are only thirteen cities, not fourteen if it were “Beer-sheba, and Sheba” or “Beer-sheba, Sheba”. Also, various references in Genesis indicate that Beer-sheba and Sheba are the same place.

There are many other impurities and various errors which may be found in many old or new King James Bibles, but a King James Bible without these imperfections would indeed be very good. There is one edition which contains no impurity and is accurate to the jot and tittle: it is the Pure Cambridge Edition.

Now, there are many Cambridge Editions, whether old or recent, which contain various impurities, whether old readings, or entirely modern ones, all of which must be rejected in favour of rigorous adherence to one particular Cambridge text.

It is not as if the Pure Cambridge Edition came down from Heaven on golden tablets or is enshrined in one particular book locked up in some museum, but is found in one agreed and consistent text that was issued by the millions in various Bibles from circa 1900 to the 1970s by Cambridge, and has been agreed to in the witness of the Collins Editions bearing the Royal Warrant as printed in the same period and beyond. This substantially agreeing text being so consistently presented, and so well represented, that it has been possible for Christians to honestly recognise it as the standard King James Bible.

The Elders of Victory Faith Centre, in their providentially appointed role as the Guardians of the Pure Cambridge Edition, have identified the exactly correct text of the Pure Cambridge Edition. The revelation of this is accepted by various sincere Christians around the world.

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Dose this include the Apocrypha ?

Interesting title, "King James Pure Cambridge Edition." I didn't know that there was an impure edition running around.

As far as I can tell, the KJV modules that are pre-included with E-Sword download are the same text as this PCE module , are they not?

First, the King James, the Geneva and the other English Bibles are English translations of the word of God into as originally written in the Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek languages. The Holy Spirit uses the English translations to convert and instruct the English speaking people.  All the peoples on the earth should have this same privilege in their language. (Not the KJB translated into another language)  


1 Cor 14:10  There are, it may be, so many kinds of languages in the world, and none of them is without significance.


The claim here is that the Pure Cambridge Edition is the only pure KJB.  No problem here as everyone has a right to their opinion.  However, then we are presented with these bible verses; 


“Thy word is very pure” (Psalm 119:140a). “The words of the LORD are pure words” (Psalm 12:6a). “Every word of God is pure” (Proverbs 30:5a). 


Without it being stated directly it is inferred by the logic here is that these verses claim the Pure Cambridge Edition to be the pure word of God.  Since these verses were written in Hebrew how can the translated English text be the pure word?


If the claims were confined to which one is the best King James version then there would only be issues between Cambridge and Oxford KJB believers. Alas this is not the case.

Unfortunately the claims here are without reference so they cannot be verified and can only be taken as opinion.


1 John 4:1 Dear ones, don’t believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.


Act 17:11 These were the noblest of birth among them of Thessalonica which received the word with all diligence of mind, and searched the scriptures daily whether those things were even so.


2 Tim 2:15  Study diligently to present thyself approved before God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed; handling rightly the word of truth.


How determine the truth


1) Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the truth.


2) Read the “The Translators to the Reader” preface written by the KJB translators found in earlier editions of the KJB. It is verbose and the old English takes some getting used to but there are modern English translated versions on the net.  The translators themselves admit their work should not be the final version as they improved on the earlier versions. It is a very good read as it also reveals other very interesting information of their work.


3) Find out how the KJB got the name “Authorized Version”. Who authorized it, or when was it authorized and there should be proof of this “Authorization”. Or should it be AV the Anglican Version?


4) Read Scrivener’s 1884, “The Authorized Edition of the English Bible”.  This is an exhaustive history of the KJB from 1611 to 1863 cataloging all the changes made to the main text, marginal notes and the updates to the Apocrypha (yes the Apocrypha). I have copies of the 1611 and 1629 KJB and have looked up some for myself and confirmed them. This book is freely available on Archive.org


5) If the Apocrypha was only included for historical purposes, why are there cross references to and from the Old Testament & New Testament and the Apocrypha?


6) Find out who Hugh Broughton was and what his contribution to Hebrew was. (1549-1612)


7) Don’t rely only on Wikipedia but use the references given to good effect.   


At the end of the day if you find their claims true then you have found something.


However, if not the truth, then you have avoided a wrong path.

Spirit filled Christians are equipped with the gift of Spirit of discernment when the read any impure version, so they cant be fooled anyway. Yitzak(HAHA)

Its the same text as the one which comes with esword

No matter  what the version, If you have not the Holy Spirit, you cannot understand it and will be a very religous man. Each person has a right to say what they feel about the bible they read. But it is the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us into all Truth and He is faithful. He will not let me read just anything. He is my life.

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