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  • Author: Joseph Lemuel Martin
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Download Martin, Joseph - Voice of Seven Thunders or Lectures on the Apocalypse (1870) 1.0

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Eschatalogy (Endtimes) Church History Biblical Studies Bible Interpretation Exegesis Revelation

Joseph Lemuel Martin

e-Sword Version:

The Voice of Seven Thunders


Lectures on the Apocalypse

J.L. Martin was a gospel preacher in the mid-late 1800s.  His speaking style was not eloquent, but when he delivered the gospel, he spoke with force.

In his introduction to this book, brother Martin said "We have, in the Bible, as we said before, a history of the time before Moses wrote, and we have, in the last Book of the New Testament, the history of all the time from the date of John's exile, when he saw the Vision in the Isle of Patmos, down until the Lord shall come to judge the world"

This book is a series of lectures delivered by Mr. Martin, encompassing the entire book of Revelation.  Perhaps the best part is how brother Martin makes application to his hearers and readers throughout his lectures.  It makes Revelation meaningful to everyone.


1: Introduction  
2: The Letters to the Seven Churches  
3: The Four Beasts  
4: More About the Four Beats and the Authority of Christ  
5: The Millennial Age (chapters 4-5)  
6: Opening of the Seals  
7: Winding Up the Sixth Seal, Opening of the Seventh Seal  
8: The Fifth Trumpet (Continued) and the Sounding of the Sixth Trumpet  
9: Sublime Incidents Under the Sounding of the Sixth Trumpet  
10: Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet  
11: The Beast with Seven Heads and Ten Horns – Another Beast with Two Horns  
12: The Lamb Standing upon Mount Zion, the Angel with the Everlasting Gospel, the Fall of Babylon  
13: The Pouring Out of the Seven Vessels of Wrath – The Battle of Armageddon  
14: Judgment of the Mother of Harlots – Fall of Babylon Proclaimed  
15: The Supper of the Great God – The Binding of Satan for 1,000 Years  
16: The First Resurrection – The Millennium – Satan Loosed a Little Season  
17: Conditions of Salvation - Recapitulation  
18: Recapitulation  

About the e-Sword version

The book was reformatted, proofread, and corrected (spelling and typos).  Also, archaic language (thee, thou, and the -eth words) were updated to modern usage.  If anything was missed in this proofreading, please let me know so I can update the module.  A .pdf version of the book is available here.

This is the most accurate commentary on Revelation (that I have seen; to date). I can agree with most of it. It is evidence that the church has known how to interpret the Lord's revelation all along. In the biographical introduction is an account of a man who accuses Martin of not being orthodox (Trinitarian). The old brother's response concerning the relationship of God the Father, Jesus the only begotten Son, and their Holy Spirit is evidence that the church understood. They had indeed rejected the doctrines of men.
I offered the above several years ago. I have wondered if my reference to the doctrine of the Trinity has been understood. I reference that the Trinitarian view was originally ordered by the emperor Constantine at Nicea. The Word gives us the true relationship of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Both the Arminian and Trinitarian doctrines are of men.
Bradley, Is there some way we could get a mySword version?
This collection of lectures on the Apocalypse (Revelation) is Now incorporated in my module "New Testament Restoration Commentary" Along with "Vision of the Ages" by B.W. Johnson and the Commentary On Revelation by Foy E. Wallace. Also included is complete verse by verse Commentary on Revelation by E.M. Zerr, as well as Hoffman's commentary on Revelation. These comments by Martin certainly come across as great Commentary when compared to Johnson's and/or Wallace's work... djmarko53
That's Coffman's not Hoffman's....

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