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  • Last Updated: Sep 01 2012 11:00 AM
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  • Author: Don Krow & Andrew Wommack
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
  • Suggest New Tag:: discipleship, evangelism, evangelism, training, discipling, disciple, maturity

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e-Sword 9+ Module Download:
Download Krow, Don & Wommack, Andrew - The Complete Discipleship Evangelism 1.0

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Don Krow & Andrew Wommack

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Suggest New Tag::
discipleship, evangelism, evangelism, training, discipling, disciple, maturity

This file contains the course designed by Don Krow and Andrew Wommack together to Disciple Christians for the purpose of rooting them deeply in the WORD of GOD through relationship with GOD. This is very fantastic course and pastors can use it in their churches to train the new believers. Total courses is divided into 3 levels with 16 lessons in each level. Please find the total list of Lessons at the end.

Consider this—if you evangelized 1,000 people per year for fifteen years, you would end up with 15,000 new believers, assuming they were all genuine conversions. If you led 1 person to the Lord every six months and spent the next six months discipling that person so they could reproduce themselves, what do you think would happen? In one year, there would only be 2 disciples. However, after sixteen-and-a-half years, if each continued to reproduce themselves every six months, there would be no one left on earth to evangelize. Jesus’ method of discipleship would produce nearly 7 billion disciples in less than seventeen years. discipleship evangelism works!

- Andrew Wommack

DKM, also known as Discipleship Evangelism / Collection for the Saints Ministry is a discipling organization that provides free discipling tools and materials to equip people from all denominations and backgrounds. Our purpose is to lead people to the Word of God as their final authority in life and practice.

- Don Krow

You may also order the printed materials of this course from these 2 sites.



Level 1 Lessons

1 Eternal Life
2 Salvation by Grace
3 Righteousness by Grace
4 Relationship with God
5 The Nature of God
6 Repentance
7 Commitment
8   Water Baptism
9 Identity in Christ (Part 1)
10 Identity in Christ (Part 2)
11 What Happens When A Christian Sins
12 Integrity of God’s Word
13 God’s Not Guilty
14  The Power of a Spirit-Filled Life
15  How To Receive The Holy Spirit
16  The Benefits of Speaking In Tongues

Level 2 Lessons

1 Self Centeredness: The Source of All Grief
2 How to Meditate on God’s Word
3 Renewing the Mind
4 The Importance of Christ’s Church
5 Deliverance
6 Authority of the Believer
7 Healing is in the Atonement
8 Hindrances to Healing
9 Forgiving Others
10   Marriage (Part 1)
11   Marriage (Part 2)
12 God’s Kind of Love (Part 1)
13 God’s Kind of Love (Part 2)
14  Finances (Part 1)
15  Finances (Part 2)
16 What To Do When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered

Level 3 Lessons

1 The Divine Flow
2 Using The Gifts To Minister
3 Miracles Glorify God
4 The Power Of Godly Relationships
5 Persecution
6 The King and His Kingdom
7 The Object of Saving Faith
8 The Proper Use of God’s Law
9 Not Under Law, But Under Grace
10  No More Consciousness of Sin
11  I Am Loved, I Am Pretty
12  The Fruit of Salvation (part 1)
13  The Fruit of Salvation (part 2)
14  A Call To Discipleship
15  How To Use Your Testimony
16  Using Everyone’s Gifts To Disciple

I am able to view only 9 of the 48 lessons (level 2: lessons 4, 6, 8, 9, 11 and level 3: lessons 2, 3, 14, 15). I am using e-Sword 10.1. Is this by design or should all 48 lessons be viewable?
The module was designed to show all 48 lessons. after seeing your comment i downloaded the exe file from this post installed and checked it ini eSword 10.1. for me it is showing all 48 lessons 16 in each level.

can you try to redownload the files and check once again

I tried both the .exe and the .topx downloads and still see nothing. All my other .topx files display content. I opened the file in ToolTip and can see all the content. Obviously something odd going on with my machine. I'll work on it...

Thanks for the module though. I'd never read any of Don Krow's writing until now.
i Do not have any idea why it is not working. I suggest you post this problem in forums.
just to confirm this does work properly. i had to google how to use the .topx and what i found is this. copy the .topx file and then go into your documents folder and find the esword folder in there. paste the .topx file into that folder. If esword is already open, close it and then reopen it. After that hit the icon on the taskbar up top that looks like three little books on the end...Should be present in there now. Hope this helps anyone out. Thanks for this download...Definitely will be donating for this...thanks

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