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Download Miller, Samuel - Infant Baptism Scriptural and Reasonable

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Bibliology (BibleDoctrine) Presbyterian

Samuel Miller

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Paedobaptist, Baptism

The main argument over baptism boils down to the Church’s desire to conform to Christ’s standards as best as humanly possible.  Paedobaptists and Credobaptists firmly believe they are running closer to Christ’s standards, and in the best cases, but sadly not the most cases, their antagonism is a fair desire to see a pure church.

Unfortunately for those wishing to study the subject, both sides of the baptism differences seem to “infer” Biblical proof that is not always clear.  Both sides claim the support of the early fathers, and both sides have strong ties to historical background.  Even worse, there are those who chose to be antagonistic for the sake of antagonism, who only cause needless divisions amongst brothers.  As a result, it is to the student’s advantage to pursue a Scriptural, objective, and compassionate book on baptism.

However, choosing an “objective” book on baptism is impossible, and a “compassionate” book is rare.  Both sides employ convincing apologetical authors defending their views and attacking the opposite view.  As a result, attempting a study necessarily involves an uncomfortable sensation of being accused of scriptural corruption by the author of the opposing treatise.  It is a shame that the church is reduced to squabble over an important issue in a commonly childish fashion.

The baptism issue is important, as a Christian’s view of baptism will influence other areas of his theology.  Coming to a conclusion on the controversy is essential.

Publisher’s Note

Please realize that as the publisher of this module, I do not necessarily endorse the content, arguments, or perspectives of this module.  I have undertaken this module because of my desire to understand the issue of baptism; I am still a student of the issue desiring to see Christ’s church closely conforming to His commands.  Please do not view this module as representative of my opinions, but feel free to send me helpful articles on baptism!

Samuel Miller’s Infant Baptism Scriptural and Reasonable

Samuel Miller was not only a pastor, but a professor and president of Princeton University.  Miller grew up Presbyterian, and as an author in the Presbyterian Board of Publication he was well known in all denominations for his edifying books on many subjects.

Miller writes on baptism from the perspective of a student of history as well as theology.  Drawing from the works of the church fathers, he proves that church history has a strong support of paedobaptism.  Miller makes a firm case for paedobaptism as well as affusion, and like others in the baptism debate, he believes strongly in the authenticity of his view.

From the Advertisement:

“The substance of the following discourses was delivered, in two sermons, in the Church in Freehold, Monmouth county, New Jersey, on the 29th of September 1833. A desire for their publication having been expressed by some who heard them, I have thought proper to revise and enlarge the whole, and present it in the present form. The subject is one which has given rise to much warm discussion, and it would seem, at first view, to be a work of supererogation, if not of still more unfavorable character, to trouble the Christian community with another treatise upon it. But our Anti-Paedobaptist brethren appear to be resolved that it shall never cease to be agitated; and as, indeed, the constant stirring of this controversy seems to furnish no small share of the very aliment on which they depend for subsistence as a denomination, they cannot be expected to let it rest. The great importance of the subject, in my estimation; and the hope that this little volume may reach and benefit some, who are in danger of being drawn into the toils of error, and have no opportunity of perusing larger works, have induced me to undergo the labor of preparing it for the press.

“My object is, not to write for the learned, but to present the subject in that brief, plain, popular manner which is adapted to the case of those who read but little. I have, therefore, designedly avoided the introduction of much matter which properly belongs to the subject, and which is to be found in larger treatises; and have especially refrained from entering further into the field of philological discussion, than was absolutely necessary for the accomplishment of my plan.

“If I know my own heart, my purpose is, not to wound the feelings of a human being; not to stir up strife; but to provide a little manual, better adapted than any of this class that I have seen, for the use of those Presbyterians who are continually assaulted, and sometimes perplexed, by their Baptist neighbors. May the Divine benediction rest upon the humble offering!”

As a Presbyterian (and former Baptist) I am passionate that this view needs consideration.Thank you for providing this.

As a Presbyterian (and former Baptist) I am passionate that this view needs consideration.Thank you for providing this.

My pleasure. I am pleased to see someone enjoy my "hobby" of making available old books for the world's best Bible study tool. I post those that I am studying, so you receive in a way my current interests. You are correct that a view on baptism is critical to a Christian's theology. I posted both sides of the argument (William Shirreff's Lectures on Baptism) on purpose because I don't think either side has the perfectly scriptural answer, even though one side may have more Biblical proof than the other.

I hope this book blesses you just as Dr. Miller intended it to years ago.
i am continuing to study this subject

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