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Biblical Studies Education Sermons/Outlines Dispensationalism
O'Hair, John C.

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01-04, 1936 Issues


Articles by J. C. O’Hair Unless Otherwise Noted

“Happy Are Ye If Ye Do Them”
Is The One Body Of Romans The One Body Of Ephesians?
A General Outline Of The Bible In Ten Lessons, Lesson Number Five
Paul’s Own Story
Gleanings From The Book Of Acts, Lesson Five
Studies In Ephesians, Lesson Two, By Vincent Bennett
“Were The Last Days The First Days?”, By Chas. F. Baker
Following The Lord In Baptism
Stephen, By Pastor Henry Bultema
A Bunch Of Keys, By Pastor Henry Bultema
The Lord’s Supper, Continued From December
What Shall I Do?
We Wish All Our Readers A Very Happy New Year
God’s Workmanship—God’s Workmen
Peace On Earth—When?
Gleanings From The Book Of Acts, Lesson Six
Facts And Questions For Your Meditation And Answer
Studies In Ephesians, Lesson Number Three, By Pastor Vincent Bennett
Some Of The Benefits Of The Somatic Truth, By Harry Bultema
The Great Commission, Part One, By Chas. F. Baker
Notes From A Message
Dividing The Word And Dividing The Brethren
Circumcision And Baptism
“Condemned Already”
The Lord’s Supper, Continued From January
Short Messages, By Henry Bultema
Three Gospels
That We Should Not Be Condemned With The World
Glorying In The Lord
God’s Standard Of Perfection
Gleanings From The Book Of Acts, Lesson Seven
Far Off—But Brought Nigh
The Great Commission, Part Two, By Chas. F. Baker
Concerning The Deaths Of Two Simeons
Studies In Ephesians, Lesson Number Four, By Vincent Bennett
Several Bible Thoughts, By Pastor Henry Bultema
That Day-What Day?, A New Premillennialism
Is It Unscriptural To Give A Public Invitation To Sinners To Accept Christ?
That Ye May Know That Ye Have Eternal Life
Declared Righteous Without A Cause, By Grace
Our Easter Message
The Great Commission, Part Three, By Chas. F. Baker
May Our Thoughts And Meditations Be Acceptable, By Henry Bultema
Studies In Ephesians, Lesson Number Five, By Pastor Vincent Bennett
Bullingerism Or Ultradispensationalism
What God Foreknew And What He Foretold
The Lord’s Supper And The New Covenant
Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today And Forever
“Even As”, “So Likewise”
Gleanings From The Book Of Acts, Lesson Number Seven
Fulfilled—Finished—Perfected, “Teleo”—”Epi-Teleo”—”Pan-Teleo”
Made Partakers Of Christ

Note:  These studies were originally published monthly. I give thanks that almost two years of publications have been preserved for us to enjoy today - 1936 and 1937.


The source of this beautiful work is the Berean Bible Society at http://www.bereanbiblesociety.org . Permission to use this material in the making of e-Sword modules was graciously given in writing to me with the stipulation that Pastor John C. O’Hair be given the proper credit for his work. I’d also like to give thanks to Douglas Lee for his work in compiling this material.

(Formatted for e-Sword by Tom Rightmer using e-Sword ToolTip  NT v1.05)

AUTHOR NOTE:  John C. O'Hair Selected Works
Articles Compiled by Douglas Lee


John Cowan O'Hair was another driving force behind the establishment of the Grace Gospel in America. He pastored North Shore Church in Chicago, Illinois and helped start the Worldwide Grace Testimony in 1939 and the Grace Gospel Fellowship in 1944. Mr. O'Hair was also on the Board of Directors of the Milwaukee Bible Institute. He had a successful radio ministry in Chicago and wrote many books that have helped shape the Dispensational understanding of thousands through the years. Mr. O'Hair lived on earth from 1876-1958.
Mr. O'Hair was born on December 31, 1876 in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was the third of 12 children. He was raised as a Roman Catholic. He went through high school and business college in Little Rock. He trained as an accountant and went to work in a law firm when he was 19. He held several positions in business and industry before entering the ministry.

Mr. O'Hair received Christ as his Lord and Savior in 1899 and was ordained to the ministry in 1916. Pastor Charles Baker wrote this about Mr. O'Hair:

"He was probably used more than any other man of his generation in recovering for the Church the distinctive truths of the dispensation of the mystery which had been obscured by tradition and ritual. The church lost one of its clearest and most courageous expositors of the Gospel of the Grace of God when Pastor O'Hair died in 1958 at the age of eighty-one."

Pastor O'Hair was, without a doubt, the one person who, more than any other, was used of God to establish among believers what Paul, by inspiration calls, "the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery." He knew that he had the Scriptural solution to the current theological confusion and preached the Word with great power. His oral ministry (including radio) and his many books had a profound effect on thousands here and abroad. As a gospel preacher and soul winner he was without a peer just because he understood so clearly the truth of the unadulterated "gospel of the grace of God." The Church, all over the world, owes him much. John C. O’Hair served as the Pastor for the North Shore Church in Chicago from 1923 to 1956.

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