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Linguistics / Philology Exegesis Bible Interpretation
Bowen, Barbara M.

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About Strange Scriptures That Perplex The West
You've seen the "pictures" of Jesus--the ones where he's blonde haired and blue eyed--despite being from an area of the world where we know people have dark, curly hair and are very dark complected. Artists are like the rest of us. They interpret based on our culture, just as we interpret when we read. Whether we call it "interpretation" or not, we form mental pictures based from our life. For example, we might envision a "church" Paul references as a modern sanctuary, but churches then looked very, very different.

Because the Bible describes a culture very different from that of Western countries today, it's content can be puzzling to modern readers. In many cases, however, the ways in which Near Eastern merchants and farmers carry on their daily work have hardly changed over the intervening centuries since the inspired authors wrote.

The aim of this interesting volume is to clarify familiar scriptural phrases and texts by explaining some unusual Eastern customs, thereby shedding new light on the unchanging truth of God s word. Here are fascinating insights into a number of areas of life in biblical lands yesterday and today clothing and jewels, feasts, home life, women, peasants, fields, tombs, tents, trades, and much more.

BARBARA M. BOWEN (1874-1957) was curator of the biblical museum at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. She traveled extensively in the middle east to gain a better understanding of the cultures of those who wrote the Bible.

Randall MacInnes - Christianbook.com
All Christians should read this book! Because our culture is so different than the Near East, we often misunderstand the meaning of some scriptures. A good example is when the woman washed Jesus feet with her tears. She wasnt crying, she was pouring tears from her tear bottle. This book explains the meaning of the tear bottle and what the meaning of this woman's action was. This book helps to open your eyes to a much deeper understanding of scriptures. A MUST read!!!

Dan Zhang - Goodreads
Definitely a must-read for anyone who reads the Bible! Many unfamiliar language usages are explained and demystified here. Sometimes the author doesn't fully answer the question, but on the whole this is a fun trip through the many culture differences between the eastern and western mind.

I first read this book as a young adult 20 years ago. This book has been one of the most influential book in helping me understand the Bible.
Many of the customs that we think of as taking place "back in the Bible days" are still practiced. (The most recent example in the irate journalist throwing his shoe at former President George W. Bush is just one example). When I first heard the news, I immediately understood the impact of this action and its ancient meaning, thanks to understanding gained from this book.

This is not a scholarly tone but written by someone who lived among the people and not apart from them. After reading this book you will realize that the woman speaking to Jesus at the well was not a *****.

By Monica Sartin
There are so many wonderful 'Hidden' treasures in the Bible that are often misunderstood by our Western interpretations. Opening up our minds to Eastern customs that were prevelant during the time of scriptural writings open up understanding to new depths. The woman who cried at the feet of Jesus - this scripture is much deeper and profound once the cultural component is included in the interpretation. Every serious studier of scripture and even those that just want scripture opened up to a new dimension need this little book!

Table of Contents

0.1. Title Page
0.2. Dedication
0.3. Foreword
0.4. Prepared by BibleSupport.com
0.5. Introductory Pictures and Verses
001. Chapter 1: Perplexing Scriptures
002.-----Luke 10:4 - "Salute No Man by the Way"
003.-----Luke 10:4-7 - "Go Not From House to House"
004.-----Matthew 8:21; Luke 9:59 - "Suffer Me First to Bury My Father"
005.-----Isaiah 52:10 - "The Lord Hath Made Bare His Arm"
006.-----Deuteronomy 33:12 - "He Shall Dwell Between His Shoulders"
007.-----Psalms 103:5 - "Thy Youth Renewed Like the Eagle's"
008.-----Deuteronomy 32:11 - "The Eagle Stirreth Up Her Nest"
009.-----2 Samuel 6:14 - "And David Danced Before the Lord"
010.-----Luke 7:38 - "Bathed His Feet With Tears"
011.-----2 Kings 3:11 - "Water on the Hands of Elijah"
012.-----Mark 11:12-14; Mark 11:20-23 - Cursing the Fig Tree
013.-----Ruth 3:7-14 - Lying at the Feet
014.-----Ruth 3:15 - "Bring the Veil Which Thou Hast Upon Thee"
015.-----Proverbs 30:33 - "The Wringing of Milk Bringeth Forth Butter"
016.-----Numbers 11:31-32 - Quails
017.-----Isaiah 40:11 - Bosom
018.-----Psalms 104:15 - Anointing
019.-----Genesis 18:27 - Ashes
020.-----Matthew 23:27 - Whited Sepulchres
021.-----Romans 12:20 - Coals of Fire
022.-----Psalms and Habakkuk - "Selah"
023.-----Numbers 18:19 - A Covenant of Salt
024. Chapter 2: Women
025.-----Proverbs 31:10 - "Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman?"
026.-----Proverbs 27:15-16 - A Contentious Woman
027.-----Proverbs 27:16 - The Ointment of the Right Hand
028.-----Math. 24:41 - Two Women at the Mill
029.-----Isaiah 49:16 - "Graven on the Palms of My Hands"
030.-----Ezekiel 16:4 - Thou Wast Not Swaddled at All
031.-----1 Samuel 1:24 - Weaning of a Child
032.-----Luke 15:8 - Lost Coin
033.-----2 Kings 9:30 - "And She Painted Her Face"
034. Chapter 3: Garments
035.-----John 19:23 - Seamless Coat
036.-----Exodus 22:26-27 - Garment Not to Be Taken in Pledge
037.-----Revelation 6:12 - Sackcloth
038.-----Matthew 23:5 - "They Enlarge the Borders of Their Garments"
039.-----Genesis 37:3 - Coat of Many Colours
040.-----1 Corinthians 13:12 - "Now We See Through a Glass Darkly"
041.-----Ecclesiastes 7:1 - "A Good Name is Better Than Precious Ointment"
043.-----1 Samuel 26:7 - Saul Lay Sleeping
044. Chapter 4: Clothing and Jewels
045.-----Proverbs 31:22 - "Her Clothing Is Silk and Purple"
046.-----Genesis 24:65 - "She Took a Veil and Covered Herself"
047.-----1 Samuel 2:1 - "Mine Horn Is Exalted in the Lord"
048.-----Exodus 12:11 - "With Their Loins Girded"
049.-----Isaiah 8 r16-24 - "Round Tires Like the Moon"
050.-----Genesis 41:42 - A Gold Chain About Joseph's Neck
051.-----Isaiah 3:21 - "I Put a Jewel on Thy Nose"
052.-----Genesis 38:18 - "Thy Signet, and Thy Bracelets, and Thy Staff"
053.-----Ornaments of the Feet and Legs
054.-----Matthew 9:6 - Beds and Bedchambers
055.-----Luke 11:7 - "My Children Are With Me in Bed"
056.-----Genesis 47:31 - "Israel Bowed Himself Upon the Bed's Head"
057.-----Isaiah 1:8 - "A Cottage in a Vineyard, a Lodge in a Garden of
058.-----1 Kings 15:4 - "A Lamp in Jerusalem"
059.-----Isaiah 44:3 - "I Will Pour Water on Him That is Thirsty"
060.-----Isaiah 30:14 - Broken Sherd
061.-----Isaiah 3:21 - Rings
062.-----Haggai 2:23 - "I Will Make Thee As a Signet"
063. Chapter 5: Peasant Men
064.-----Genesis 23:11-16 - "Take It for Nothing"
065.-----Proverbs 6:6-11 - "Go to the Ant, Thou Sluggard"
066.-----Matthew 23:5 - "They Make Broad Their Phylacteries"
067.-----Mark 2:27 - "The Sabbath Was Made for Man"
068.-----Ezekiel 9:2 - "A Writer's Inkhorn by His Side"
069.-----John 8:6 - "He Wrote on the Ground"
070.-----Revelation 2:17 - A White Stone
071.-----2 Kings 2:23 - Little Children
072.-----Psalms 123:2 - "Hands of the Masters"
073.-----Acts 26:14 - "Kicking Against the Pricks"
074.-----Psalms 38:4 - "Iniquities Like a Heavy Burden"
075.-----Psalms 60:8; Psalms 108:9 - "I Cast Out My Shoe"
076.-----Mark 8:24 - "As Trees Walking"
077.-----Ephesians 1:13-14 - Redemption of the Purchased Possession
078.-----Psalms 23:4 - "They Comfort Me"
079.-----Isaiah 42:3 - "A Bruised Reed"
080.-----Judges 5:10 - White Asses
081. Chapter 6: Home Life
082.-----Luke 14:10 - "Sit Down in the Lowest Seat"
083.-----Jeremiah 9:2 - "Oh That I Had a Lodging Place"
084.-----Isaiah 22:22 - "The Key Will I Lay Upon His Shoulder"
085.-----Matthew 24:17 - The House Top
086.-----Mark 2:4 - They Uncovered the Roof
087.-----Proverbs 18:10 - A Strong Tower
088.-----Psalms 119:105 - "Thy Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet"
089.-----Genesis 31:34 - "Rachel Took the Images"
091.-----Mark 2:22 - Bottles
092.-----1 Kings 17:12; Matthew 25:4 - Cruse of Oil
093. Chapter 7: Feasts
094.-----Genesis 18:1-8 - "Use Hospitality One to Another"
095.-----Matthew 26:23 - Dipping the Sop
096.-----Luke 14:17 - Calling to a Feast
097.-----John 13:23 - Table or Scamba
098.-----Matthew 7:9 - "If His Son Asked Bread, Will He Give Him a Stone?"
099.-----Mark 14:13; Luke 22:10 - "Go Ye Into the City, and There Shall Meet You a Man With a Pitc..."
100.-----Isaiah 52:15 - "So Shall He Sprinkle Many Nations"
101.-----Arab Hospitality
102.-----Judges 7:13-14 - Eaters of Barley Bread
103.-----Numbers 11:5 - "And They Sighed for the Cucumbers"
104.-----Genesis 25:29-34 - "His Birthright for a Mess of Pottage"
105. Chapter 8: Fields
106.-----Matthew 6:30 - "The Grass of the Field"
107.-----Matthew 13:25 - "While Men Slept, the Enemy Sowed Tares"
108.-----John 6:35 - Bread in Bible Lands
109.-----2 Samuel 17:28 - Parched Pulse
110.-----Ruth 2:5 - Ruth Gleaning
111.-----Deuteronomy 27:17 - "Thou Shalt Not Remove Thy Neighbor's Landmark"
112.-----Psalms 92:14 - "They Shall Still Bring Forth Fruit in Old Age; They Shall Be Fat and Flour..."
113.-----Psalms 51:7 - Hyssop - Zufa
114.-----Psalms 91:3 - The Snare of the Fowler
115.-----1 Kings 19:19 - Elisha Plowing With Twelve Yoke of Oxen
116.-----Deuteronomy 25:13 - Weights and Scales
117.-----Job 34:7 - "He Drinketh Up Scorning Like Water"
118.-----Haggai 1:6 - A Bag With Holes
119. Chapter 9: Tombs and Tents
120.-----Judges 4:18 - "She Covered Him With a Mantle"
121.-----Matthew 19:24 - The Needle's Eye
122.-----Mark 5:2-16; Luke 8:26-36 - Maniacs in the Tomb
123.-----Matthew 12:40 - Christ Three Days and Three Nights in the Heart of the Earth?
124.-----Matthew 27:37; Mark 15:26; Luke 23:38; John 19:19 - Superscriptions on the Cross
125.-----Impure Bible Stories
126.-----2 Samuel 11 - David's Sin
127. Chapter 10: Gates and Trades
128.-----2 Kings 7:1 - In the Gate of Samaria
129.-----1 Samuel 4:18 - The Seat of Justice
130.-----Genesis 4:22 - "An Artificer in Brass and Iron"
131.-----Judges 18:18 - "And They Fetched the Carved Image"
132.-----2 Samuel 5:11 - "And Hiram Sent Masons"
133.-----Isaiah 41:7 - "The Carpenter Encouraged the Goldsmith"
134.-----Genesis 21:14 - "Took Bread and a Bottle of Water"
135.-----Jeremiah 18:3-4 - "Go Down to the Potter's House"
136.-----Romans 9:23 - Vessel of Mercy
137.-----Romans 9:22 - Vessel of Wrath
138.-----Isaiah 66:20 - A Clean Vessel
139.-----Ephesians 1:4 - A Chosen Vessel
140.-----Isaiah 52:11 - Holy Vessel

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I've read several of the selections Josh - what an interesting book! Thanks Josh, I find books of this nature real blessings. The Lord bless you brother. lg

Hi.  I see that the Mac/e-sword 11 version is supposed to have been uploaded in `v1.0`, but I don't see it.
I do see a `bouvires_jeanne_m_-_a_short_method_of_prayer_and_spiritual_torrents.refi` there.  Am I correct in assuming the wrong file was accidentally uploaded?

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