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  • Author: Charles Spurgeon
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e-Sword 9+ Module Download:
Download Spurgeon, C. H. - Words of Cheer, Warning, Wisdom for Daily Life (3 volumes)

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Baptist Devotional Living a Christian Life

Charles Spurgeon

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

This download includes all three of Spurgeon's Words of ... For Daily Life books.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892) converted to Christianity at the age of fifteen. By the age of twenty-two, he was the most popular preacher in England, and remained so for the latter half of the 1800s. He frequently spoke to crowds over 10,000 in the days before electronic amplification. Known as the "Prince of Preachers," he delivered nearly thirty-six hundred sermons throughout his life. A prolific writer as well, many of Spurgeon's works remain in print to this day.

Words of Wisdom For Daily Life

In Words of Wisdom for Daily Life, the "Prince of Preachers", Charles Haddon Spurgeon, writes short pithy chapters that apply to our daily lives and advise readers on how we can apply the Scriptures to everyday circumstances.

Words of Cheer For Daily Life

Although the "Prince of Preachers" Charles Haddon Spurgeon lived before the advent of modern psychology and counseling, he had deep insights into mental and spiritual elements of humankind. He experienced many of the trials of life that others encounter, both mentally and physically.

Words of Warning For Daily Life

Fifteen short chapters which give advice in practical and spiritual matters. Includes topics such as Coming to Christ, Warnings to Certain Sinners, The Castle of Self, Halting Between Two Opinions, and more.

Word of Cheer for Daily Life
Table of Contents
01. Sons Of Jacob
02. Faith Versus Fear.
03. Liberty From The Fear Of Death.
04. Suffering And Consolation.
05. The Saints Are Kings.
06. The Holy Spirit A Comforter.
07. The Bruised Reed And Smoking Flax.
08. Against The World.
09. The Divine Refuge.
10. The Use Of Chastisement.
11. Ministers And Success.
12. Seasons Of Darkness.
13. Lacking Joy And Peace.
14. Mr. Ready-to-halt And His Companions.
15. Joy In Life's Hard Times.
16. Cure For Heartache.
17. A Word To The Troubled
18. Things Working Together For Good.
19. Consolation.
20. Difficulties In Front Enemies Behind.
21. A Harp's Sweet Notes.

Word of Warning for Daily Life
Table of Contents
01. The Great World-Prison And The Liberator.
02. The Only Salvation.
03. Those Who Take Not Warning.
04. How To Get Saving Faith.
05. Running For A Purpose.
06. The Course Of The Wicked.
07. Coming To Christ.
08. The Gospel Feast.
09. Warnings To Certain Sinners.
10. Christ The Son Of Man
11. The Great Remedy.
12. The Kiss Of Reconciliation.
13. Though One Rose From The Dead
14. The Castle Of Self.
15. On Halting Between Two Opinions.

Word of Wisdom for Daily Life
Table of Contents
01. What Is Pride?
02. Good Works And Broken Keys.
03. The Double -- Minded Man.
04. A Drama In Five Acts.
05. The Banquet Of Evil.
06. The Banquet Of Evil.
07. Going Through The Fire.
08. The Evils Of Sloth.
09. At The Siege Of Copenhagen.
10. Sleep A Gift Of God.
11. An Inn-Keeper's Prayer.
12. Capital Punishment.
13. Rowland Hill And Lady Erskine.
14. God Speaking To All.
15. The Suspected Inn.
16. Some Popular Errors.
17. Profit And Loss
18. The Avalanche And The Locusts.
19. How The World Gives.
20. Have Courage.
21. Talents Great And Small.
22. The Light Of Evening.
23. Beds That Are Too Short.
24. Mistaken Zeal.
25. Selfish Ease.
26. Be Sober.
27. Through Floods And Flames.
28. To Show Your Colors.
29. Keep Your Own Garden.
30. A Talk About Death

Thanks AGAIN Josh - good solid Christian books are a delight to read and gain understanding from. These modules look great. Blessings. lg

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