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  • Author: E.W. Bullinger
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E.W. Bullinger

MySword Version::

Description (from Amazon.com)
Bible translators have, through inattention to figures of speech, made serious translation blunders, clouding the real meaning of many important passages of God's Word. E. W. Bullinger's volume, first published in 1898, clarifies 217 distinct figures of speech used in the Bible. Walter C. Kaiser, dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, calls it "the best handbook on figures of speech. It should be on every exegete's shelf."

In systematic order, this classic gives the proper pronunciation of each figure of speech, its etymology or origin, and a number of Scripture passages where the figure of speech is used, giving full explanation of its use in each context. Figures of Speech Used in the Bible cites nearly eight thousand Bible passages and includes five appendices and seven indexes, making it even more valuable as a reference tool.

Reviews of Figures of Speech (From Amazon.com)
One of the most useful of Bible study tools, "Figures of Speech Used in the Bible" should be in personal library of anyone who is serious about Bible study. The writers of the Bible often used figures of speech that were common during their time. In fact we often use figures of speech in our everyday conversations without paying much attention to it but we do expect others to understand that we were speaking figuratively and not literally. For example, if we were to say someone is "big as a barn" we would not expect anyone to seriously think they were forty feet long, eighteen feet tall and twenty feet wide. By taking such figures of speech literally it is easy to be lead astray into false doctrines.

The other thing the book is particularly valuable for is literary analysis. The beauty of literature sometimes is its use of various literary devices. Introverted parallelism is an example of a literary device included in the book. This is where two or more items are listed in one order and then in the reverse order. For example Exodus 9:31 where it reads "And the flax and the barley was smitten: for the barley was in the ear, and the flax was bolled." First the order is flax and then barley and then the order changes to barley and then flax. Of course there are a lot of other literary devices such as acrostics, sentences that start or end with the same words, a chapter where each verse starts with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet, or Psalms 69 where there are 22 groups of eight verses where each of the eight verses in that group all start with the same letter.

Whether it is examining these details of the Bible as literature or preventing an exegetic mistake by not understanding a figure of speech, "Figures of Speech Used in the Bible" is highly recommended and should be owned by all Bible students.

Acknowledgments for this Module
I need to acknowledge: Brent Hildebrand for his wonderful Tooltip 3 and Josh Bond for his Word macros and programming skills that saved many hours.

About the e-Sword Version
The Greek and Hebrew is a duplicate of the original text except the Greek and Hebrew text is colored blue and enlarged slightly for easier reading. This module differs from the existing e-Sword modules that are incomplete. This is the full 1,000 page book, as written by Bullinger.

SUMMARY - Table of Contents:

PART ONE - Figures Involving Omission
I. Affecting words
II. Affecting the sense

PART TWO - Figures Involving Addition
I. Affecting words
II. Affecting the sense, by way of
1. Repetition
2. Amplification
3. Description
4. Conclusion
5. Interposition
6. Reasoning

PART THREE - Figures Involving Change
I. Affecting the meaning and usage of words
II. Affecting the order and arrangement of words
III. Affecting the application of words, as to
1. Sense
2. Persons
3. Subjectmatter
4. Time
5. Feeling
6. Reasoning

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