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Whole Bible Bibliology (BibleDoctrine) Baptist Bible Interpretation Exegesis Hermeneutics
William Evans

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(Same as the e-Sword 9 file except images embedded instead of linked through the Internet.)

William Evans was born January 1, 1870 in Liverpool, England, to George Evans. He died in 1950, in California. On June 20, 1889, when he was 19, he immigrated to the United States, from Liverpool.

William Evans was a New York journalist with a very comfortable salary. He heard D.L. Moody preach in New York City on Luke 5. Moody challenged young people to give themselves to Christian service, and suddenly looked down at William Evans and pointedly said, “Young man, I mean you.” Afterwards Moody found Evans and told him that somehow God had told him that He was calling Evans to service. Evans mentioned his good salary, and Moody told him to pack up his trunk and go to Chicago, not worrying about the money.

William Evans became the first graduate of Moody Bible Institute in 1892, two years after it was dedicated.

Dr. Evans was an unusually accomplished man. He pastored several churches and wrote over 50 books. He memorized the entire King James Version of the Bible as well as the New Testament of the American Standard Version. Dr. Evans also authored over fifty books.

About Book of Books - What it is ; How to study
This book serves as a concise, but thorough, introduction to the Bible, it's inspiration, its study, rules for interpretation, defense of the Protestant 66 book canon, selection of manuscripts, and much more (see Contents below). Selected chapters also have "Review Questions" and exercises, giving it a "textbook" or "handbook" feel.

This upload includes the self-installing executable (exe) and the raw resource file (topx).



Chapter I—Introduction
The Bible an interesting, living, remarkable book—Requisites for the true understanding of it.

Chapter II.—The Names and Titles of the Bible
"Old and New Testaments"—"Scripture"—"The Scriptures"—"The Word of God."

Chapter III—The Inspiration of the Bible
Inspiration defined by Peter and Paul—Distinction between Inspiration, Revelation, Illumination, and Verbatim Reporting—Various theories of Inspiration—The claims of Scripture to Inspi­ration—Nature of Scriptural Inspiration.

Chapter IV—The Genuineness and Authenticity of the Bible
Definitions—Why questioned—Supposed inaccuracies of Scrip­ture—How proved ?—Printed Copies—Manuscripts—Quotations of the Fathers—Versions.

Chapter V.—The Canon of the Bible
Meaning of word—Why necessary—How formed—The "Homologoumena" and "Antilegomena"—Apocrypha.

Chapter VI.—The Languages of the Bible
Divine Providence—Product of man's mind—Value of original—Of the Old Testament—Of the New—Hellenistic Greek—Is a knowledge of the original languages necessary?

Chapter VII.—The Versions of the Bible
Definition—Greek version of the Old Testament—Different Versions—New Testament Versions—English Versions—Revised Version—American Revised Version.

Chapter VIII.—The General Structure and Divis­ions of the Bible
The Grouping of the Old Testament—The New Testament—Division into chapters and verses—Memory drill on the books of the Bible.


Chapter I.—Introduction
Bible demands study—Importance of method—Spirit in which the Bible should be studied—Dependence upon the Holy Spirit—Profitable and unprofitable methods—Meditation and examination.

Chapter II—The Interpretation of the Bible
Needed faculties—Duties—Rules of interpretation—Study of words—Points to be considered—Sources of interpretation—Text—Context—Sources outside of the text—Parallel texts

Chapter III.—The Systematic Study of the Bible
Truths of Scripture not systematically arranged—Rules to be observed in making a system of truth.

Chapter IV—The Study of the Bible as a Whole
How to get a familiar knowledge of the Bible—The need of knowing the Bible as a whole—Illustration of a general view—General suggestions—Scriptural facts.

Chapter V.—The Study of the Bible by Books
Testimony of eminent teachers—Method explained and illus­trated—Genesis—Ephesians—Hints for the study of the Epistles and Gospels.

Chapter VI.—The Study of the Bible by Chapters
The Moody Bible Institute method—Method illustrated—John 17th chapter.

Chapter VII.—The Study of the Bible by Topics
Mr. Moody's method of Bible study—Illustrative topical study on Meekness—Christ's teaching on Prayer—A concordance method.

Chapter VIII—The Study of the Bible by Words
Lord's Prayer as an Illustration—Importance of words—Illus­trative study.

Chapter IX—The Biographical Study of the Bible
The Bible a book of biography—Elijah—Illustrated study.

Chapter X.—The Study of the Bible by Periods
God's revelations in periods—Periods in Old Testament history—Periodic view of Old Testament.

Chapter XI.—The Study of the Bible by Parables and Miracles
Jesus taught by parables—Why?—Temporary character of such teaching—The Parables of the Saviour tabulated—Rules for con­sideration of the parables—Table of Miracles.

Chapter XII.—The Prophetic Study of the Bible
An important method of study—Dr. Hamlin's story—Prophecies relating to Christ—Illustrative study—Chronological study of the Prophets—A table of the Prophets.

What's New in Version 1.0 (See full changelog)

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