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Parables Catholic

Philip Coghlan

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The Parables of Jesus
By Philip Coghlan, C.P.

Coghlan examines the parables listed below in the Table of Contents.

From the Introduction:
In the New Testament, the term "parable" (Greek parabole, a placing beside or opposite, comparison) is used in different senses. Sometimes it stands for type or symbol (e.g, Heb_9:9); but it is most extensively used to denote a real or fictitious history related more or less in detail, and intended as the vehicle of some moral or religious truth. Sometimes, instead of a history, a similitude in the form of a simple natural phenomenon (e.g, the budding of the fig-tree, Mat_24:32); or some image from everyday life (e.g, the man allotting to his servants their various duties before he sets out for another country, Mar_13:34) serves the same purpose and receives the name of parable.

We have seen that parables in the ordinary New Testament signification of the term already existed several centuries before Christ. These, however, are few in comparison with the parables derived from rabbinic sources which are still extant, and which furnish much help toward the understanding of Our Lord’s parables. Some of them are the work of His contemporaries; others belong to later periods.



Parables Recorded in Three Gospels:
I. The Lighted Lamp
II. New Cloth On Old Garment
III. New Wine in Old Wineskins
IV. The Sower
V. The Grain of Mustard-Seed
VI. The Wicked Husbandmen
VII. Parable of the Fig-Tree

Parables Recorded in Two Gospels:
I. Building of House On Rock or Sand
II. The Leaven
III. The Lost Sheep
IV. The Talents the Pounds

Parables Recorded in One Gospel Only:
I. The Darnel Sown Among the Wheat
II. The Hidden Treasure and the Pearl of Great Price
III. The Dragnet
IV. The Unmerciful Servant
V. The Labourers in the Vineyard
VI. The Two Sons
VII. The Marriage of the King's Son
VIII. The Ten Virgins
IX. The Seed Growing of Itself
X. The Two Debtors
XI. The Good Samaritan
XII. The Importunate Friend
XIII. The Foolish Rich Man
XIV. The Barren Fig-Tree
XV. The Great Supper
XVI. Building of Tower King Going to War
XVII. The Lost Piece of Money
XVIII. The Prodigal Son
XIX. The Unjust Steward
XX. The Rich Man and Lazarus
XXI. The Unjust Judge
XXII. The Pharisee and the Publican

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