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Download Bruce, F.F. - The New Testament Documents Are the Reliable.top.exe

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  • This modules requires e-Sword 8. If you don't already use e-Sword 8, use e-Sword 10.x

e-Sword Version:
e-Sword 8.x and below

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After attempting to download this module my computer says that this file is dangerous and would not let me put it on my computer.

DownloadBruce, F.F. - The New Testament Documents Are they Reliable.top.exe
NOTE: This entry is for the e-Sword version 8 Modules, in topx format. December 2008 version 8 was released, Since April 2009 e-Sword version 9 was released; Since November 2011 version 10 was released, Since July 2016 version 11 was released, August 2020 version 12.2.0 was released. Are you sure you are running e-Sword version 8?
The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? is a book by F. F. Bruce, first published 1943 under the title "Are the New Testament Documents Reliable?" Sixth edition 1981. Copyright 1943, 1946, 1950, 1953, 1960, 1981, The Inter-Varsity Fellowship.


For copy in topx format, use the link at http://www.biblesupp...ce-f-f-library/



In Windows 10 after the October 2020, 20H2 update, which applies between October 2020 and March 2021. The DOWNLOADED FILE is identified in the notification area, at the bottom of the downloading screen window. The PC will prompt "What do you want to do with <filename>?"  Options are "Open", "Save as", "..." the ellipsis gives further options, "Save", "Cancel", and right-justified, "Show all". 
If the user does not respond, then nothing will be downloaded.
DURING DOWNLOAD progress is indicated in the system notification area, at the footer of the screen window. Options are "Pause", "Show in folder", "copy downloading link", "Open when done", and right justified, "Show all".  If you select "show all" then Downloads of All files is seen, with filters available to limit the files shown. On the Microsoft Edge browser, a visual graph of progress is displayed in the Microsoft Edge browser downloads folder. Shows a visual graph of progress of the Downloads. The filename of the target file is shown, as modified by an added number enclosed in round brackets, if the filename already existed in the folder. The full path to the source address of the file; the progress bar; the speed of download; downloaded amount; size of full download; estimated time remaining in minutes left. Options are "Pause", "Cancel". When downloading has completed, the options change to "Show in folder". 
In the settings of your browser, find the path to the folder where files are downloaded. You will need to respond to prompts, to authorize that the file is to be saved; then authorize that the file is to be kept on the PC. Use the browser settings in the download option to view the contents of the download folder, to see if the file is there, and if the file has fully completed the downloading procedure. 
AFTER DOWNLOAD - Check that the file has completed downloading, and is not still in progress, or paused. The downloaded file will now display the name you selected to identify the downloaded file.
Options are "Open", "Always open files of this type", "Show in folder", "Copy download link", "Report this file as unsafe", "Delete file", and, "Cancel".
THE FILETYPE EXTENSION OF DOWNLOADED e-Sword FILES - Look at the filetype (the letters after the period), to determine format of the file. If the filetype is ".exe", then this is self-installing, probably with requests for input during progress of the installation into required destination disk-drive and path and directory-folder. Options are "run" or "open.
If the filetype is another e-Sword option, such as .bbli .bblx .brpi .brpx .cmti .cmtx .dcti .dctx .devi .devx .hari .harx .jnli .jnlx .lexi .lexx .lsti .lstx .mapi .mapx .memi .memx. noti .notx .refi .refx .topi .topx then these filetypes need to be associated with a default application. You will need to copy these files to the relevant disk-drive, path, and directory-folder. Refer to e-Sword User's Guide for details.
Respond to further screen option prompts. If the security on the PC says that download was blocked because it could harm your device. Options are: "Delete", "..." Click on the ellipsis, to see further options, which are: "Keep", "Report this file as safe", and "Learn More". The files from BIBLESUPPORT.COM are safe for you to download to your PC. Select the option to "Keep". Then the "Keep" option may call up a pop-up, "This app might harm your device. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen reported that this app is not commonly downloaded; you should only open files you trust." The PC will tell you where it found the file; for example, File origin: Hard drive on this computer. READ THE SCREEN PROMPTS CAREFULLY. Options: Show more, (so click to see more); Keep anyway, Report this app as safe, Learn more. The user must make a selection; select "Keep anyway". Then the file which is downloaded is viewable in the downloads folder.
The progress of the download is now visible on a horizontal graph, with two option "Pause" and "Cancel". 
Clicking on the file, again results in the response, "Windows protected your PC. Microsoft Defender prevented an unrecognised app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk. More info. [button: "Don't run".] Here your PC is providing additional security to you, to make sure you are awake, and to make sure that you are actually reading the screen prompts and that you will respond to the prompts. Notice the Button options [Run anyway], [Don't run]. You can responded, "run anyway". This then will be able to run. 


To access the e-Sword User's Guide, notice the "Help" tab in e-Sword. Click on the "File" tab, and select "Contents". Notice there is a quick keyboard link, indicated by pressing the "F1" function key. The latest version available is provided when you download the latest version of e-Sword loaded from https://e-sword.net  Read page 1, 2, 41-44 regarding topics files.







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