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  • Author: Morris, Henry
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x

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Old Testament Pentateuch (Gen-Deu) Genesis

Morris, Henry

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x



Testimony and Introduction



1. The Book of Beginnings.
The Foundation of History
Who Wrote Genesis?
Principles of Interpretation
Anticipation of Eternity



2. The Creation of the World (Genesis 1:1-2)
Foundation of Foundations
The First Verse
The Date of Creation
The Gap Theory
The Second Verse

3. The Six Days of Creation (Genesis 1:3-2:3)
The Day-Age Theory
A Tent to Dwell In
Living Creatures
The Completed Creation

4. The Creation of Man (Genesis 2)
The Geography of Eden
The Moral Choice
Man and the Animals
Flesh of His Flesh

5. The Fall of Man (Genesis 3)
That Old Serpent
The First Human Sin
The Bondage of Decay
Paradise Lost

6. The Lost World (Genesis 4-5)
The Blood of Righteous Abel
The Way of Cain
The Line of the Promised Seed
The Amazing Case of Enoch

7. The Days of Noah (Genesis 6)
The Sons of God
Filled with Violence
Noah’s Ark
The Provision of God and the Obedience of Noah

8. The Great Flood (Genesis 7-8)
The Last Days of the Old World
Overflowed with Water
After the Deluge
The New World

9. The New World (Genesis 9)
The Establishment of Human Government
The Rainbow Covenant
The Sons of Noah
The Noahic Prophecy

10. God and the Nations (Genesis 10-11)
The Table of Nations
The Days of Peleg
The Tower of Babel
The Generations of Terah



11. The Call of Abraham (Genesis 12-13)
A New Nation
Abraham in Egypt
Lot’s Sad Choice
The World of Abraham

12. The Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 14-17)
The Northeastern Kings
The Word of the Lord
Ishmael and the Arabs
An Everlasting Covenant

13. Fire from Heaven (Genesis 18-20)
Angels Unaware
Lot in the Gates of Sodom
Remember Lot’s Wife
Sarah and the Philistines

14. The Child of Promise (Genesis 21-23)
The Birth of Isaac
Sacrifice of the Beloved
Sand and Stars
The Death of Sarah

15. Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis 24-26)
Search for a Bride
Sons of Abraham
The Birthright
Isaac Versus the Philistines

16. The Mystery of Jacob and Esau (Genesis 27-28)
How Could God Love Jacob?
The Blessing and the Tears
The Flight of Jacob
Stairway to Heaven

17. Jacob and Laban (Genesis 29-31)
Jacob’s Love Life
The Sons of Jacob
Spotted and Speckled
Heading for Home

18. Jacob in Canaan (Genesis 32-36)
Wrestling with God
Encounter with Esau
Dinah and the Canaanites
Return to Bethel
The Generations of Esau

19. The Testing of Joseph (Genesis 37-39)
The Coat of Many Colors
Rejected by His Brethren
Potiphar’s Wife

20. The Exaltation of Joseph (Genesis 40-41)
The Butler and the Baker
Pharaoh’s Dream
Second in the Kingdom
The Sons of Joseph

21. Joseph and His Brothers (Genesis 42-45)
Famine in the Land
Joseph and Benjamin
The Plea of Judah
They Will See Him

22. Israel in Egypt (Genesis 46-50)
The Children of Israel
Prosperity in Egypt
The Last Days of Jacob
Prophecies of the Twelve Tribes
A Coffin in Egypt


1. Annotated Bibliography: Recommended Books

2. Chronology of the Patriarchs in Genesis

3. Chronology of Important Events in Genesis

4. Quotations from or Allusions to Genesis in the N.T.

5. The Universality of the Deluge

6. "First Mentions" of Important Biblical Words in Genesis

7. The Table of Nations According to Genesis 10

8. The Post-Diluvian World

9. The Land of the Patriarchs

10. The Twelve Tribes of Israel

This is an excellent commentary on Genesis! Thank you Module Robot, you are the man! (or something)

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