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  • Author: H. Leo Boles, C.E.W. Dorris, J.W. McGarvey, J.W. Shepherd, David Lipscomb, Robert Milligan, Foy E. Wallace, Guy N. Woods, John T. Hinds. R.C. Bell and R.L. Whiteside
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  • Tab Name: Gospel Advocate

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Download Gospel Advocate New Testament Commentaries (14 Volumes+)

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Scripture New Testament Gospels Pauls Letters General Letters Church of Christ Biblical Studies Word Study Matthew Mark Luke John Acts Romans Corinthians Galatians Ephesians Philippians Colossians Thessalonians Timothy Titus Philemon Hebrews James Peter 1 2 3 John Jude Revelation

H. Leo Boles, C.E.W. Dorris, J.W. McGarvey, J.W. Shepherd, David Lipscomb, Robert Milligan, Foy E. Wallace, Guy N. Woods, John T. Hinds. R.C. Bell and R.L. Whiteside

e-Sword Version:
Requires 10.1+

Tab Name:
Gospel Advocate

The original 14-Volumes of this commentary set are available
from Various sites on the Internet. In this e-Sword module the
Commentaries by David Lipscomb are to located in the
Chapter Notes and Verse Notes of the Volumes written by
Lipscomb. The same can be said for the Volumes written by
H. Leo Boles, C.E.W. Dorris, Guy N. Woods, Robert Milligan
and John T. Hinds. Much of Lipscomb's work is due in part
to the editorial efforts of J.W. Shepherd, who completed
some of Lipscomb's work after Lipscomb died on Nov. 11,
1917. Also to be included in this work are the commentaries
of Matthew, Mark and Acts as authored by J.W. McGarvey
(even though his works were not originally published by the
Gospel Advocate Company. They do much to complement
the works of the other authors).

PDF Versions of Individual Volumes
Volumes in this set are available from these sites:
(1) restorationlibrary.org,
(2) icotb.org.
(3) djmarko53.wixsite.com/churchbooks.

Note: The Gospel Advocate Company is a Christian
Publishing Company established in 1855 in Nashville.
Except for the Civil War, they have been in business
continually since 1855. When I attended David Lipscomb
College (University) this was my favorite store to visit.

Update: 4/26/19 7:25a (CST)-Begun adding the
Commentary on Romans by R.L. Whiteside.
To be
located at the end of the Book Notes for Romans.

Update: 4/25/19 10:40p (CST)-Completed adding the
Commentary on Philippians by R.C. Bell. This is
located at the end of the Book Notes for Philippians

Update: 4/25/19 2:40p (CST)-Completed adding the
Commentary on Ephesians by R.C. Bell. This is
located at the end of the Book Notes for Ephesians

Update: 4/24/19 8:25p (CST)-Completed adding the
Commentary on Galatians by R.C. Bell. This is
located at the end of the Book Notes for Galatians.

Update: 4/24/19 4:40p (CST)-Completed adding the
Commentary on Romans by R.C. Bell. This is located
in the Verse Notes and Chapter Notes by Lipscomb. Bell's
Commentary on the first 11-12 Chapters are in the Verse
Notes with remaining Commentary found in the Chapter
Notes for Romans.

Update: 4/22/19 5:55a (CST)- Notes for Romans by
Foy E. Wallace Completed. These are located at the
end of the Chapter Notes for the Book of Romans.

Important Information About This Module
This module is in .cmti (HD) format and will run on both
the PC and the Mac/iPad. You must have the latest
version of e-Sword to view properly on your PC system.
This set of Fourteen(14) Volumes is now Complete. However,
I will be adding to this module more material from preachers
in the Restoration Movement to "supplement" these Volumes.
Most additions will be to the Verse Notes, but some will be
to the Chapter Notes. Almost all material will be from a period
from the Civil War up to the time of World War 2.

Here is a complete list of these Volumes:

Works in Green originally by the Gospel Advocate Co.
  • Matthew -- H. Leo Boles©1952.(completed)
  • Mark -- C.E.W. Dorris©1973.(completed)
  • Luke--H. Leo Boles©1974.(completed)
  • John--David Lipscomb©1971.(completed)
    This replaces the volume by Guy N. Woods, which
    may be added later to supplement this volume.
  • Acts--David Lipscomb©1973.(completed)
    Includes The Acts Commentary by H. Leo Boles, (completed)
    includes Commentary on Acts by J.W. McGarvey
  • Romans--David Lipscomb ©1943. (completed)
    Includes Notes on Romans by Foy Wallace (completed)
    Includes Commentary on Romans by R.C. Bell (completed)
    Includes Commentary on Romans by R.L. Whiteside (completed)
  • 1st Corinth--David Lipscomb©1972. (completed)
  • 2nd Corinth/Galatians -- David Lipscomb©1976. (completed)
    Includes R.C. Bell's Commentary on Galatians (Book Notes)
  • Ephesians/Philippians/Colossians--David Lipscomb©1974.(completed)
    Includes R.C. Bell's Commentary on Ephesians (Book Notes) (completed)

    Includes R.C. Bell's Commentary on Philippians (Book Notes) (completed)
  • Thessalonians/Timothy/Titus/Philemon--David Lipscomb©1942.(completed)
  • Hebrews--Robert Milligan©1973.(completed)
  • James--Guy N. Woods©1987.(completed)
  • Peter/John/Jude--Guy N. Woods©1956.(completed)
  • Revelation--John T. Hinds©1956. (completed)
​Note: My appreciation to Bradley Cobb for the fine
work he did on the Lipscomb Commentaries above.
All I did was reformat the text and enlarge the font
size. My thanks to him for making Lipscomb's work

Current Contributors to this Module:
  • David Lipscomb (1831-1917)
  • J.W. McGarvey (1829-1911)
  • Guy N. Woods (1908-1993)
  • John T. Hinds (1866-1938)
  • H. Leo Boles (1874-1946)
  • R.C. Bell (1877-1964)
  • Foy E. Wallace (1896-1979)
  • Robert Milligan (1814-1875)
  • J.W. Shepherd (1861-1948)
  • C.E.W. Dorris (1871-1964)
  • R.L. Whiteside (1869-1951)
Future Plans and Possible Additions:
Rename to "Enhanced Gospel Advocate Commentaries"

1. Add Brief Notes on Romans, Galatians, and Ephesians
....by Foy E. Wallace: Located at end of Chapter Notes for
....each of these books.
2. Add Full Commentary on Revelation by Foy E. Wallace
3. Add B.W. Johnson's Commentary "Vision of the
....Ages" on Revelation
4. Add other Commentaries by B.W. Johnson, the author
....of the People's New Testament Notes
5. Add Commentary on Revelation by Walter Scott
6. Add Matthew and Mark by J.W. McGarvey
7. Add Romans by Moses Lard
8. Add Various other Commentaries by other Restoration
....Movement Preachers (not published by Gospel Advocate)
9. Add Book of John by Guy N. Woods

3/30/19--I plan to complete the book of Mark Volume by the middle

of next week,  Then, there will only be two(2) books left to complete

in this set of Commentaries--Luke and James.

Well, will soon be done with the book of Luke. When complete, the only volume left will be James. I have already added Guy N. Woods Introduction to the Book Notes for James.

May need to take a look at Mark 5:2.  I don't recall the man with the unclean spirit being possessed with lemons.  However, if he were, could we then reference Jesus' miracle in this passage as "lemon-aid"?  :-)

Well Mary, if he could turn water into wine.  I'm sure making lemonade wouldn't present a problem for Christ.
Thanks for the message.  Appreciate the comment.  Ha-Ha......

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