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  • Last Updated: Nov 30 2018 08:32 AM
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  • Author: Public Domain, Edits by Stephen Pidgeon and Bradford Huckins
  • e-Sword Version: 9.x - 10.x
  • Tab Name: The Eth CEPHER
  • Suggest New Tag:: the eth cepher, eth cepher, cepher bible, hebrew to english bible

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e-Sword 9+ Module Download:
Download Eth CEPHER ECV for e-Sword

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Whole Bible Scripture

Public Domain, Edits by Stephen Pidgeon and Bradford Huckins

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Tab Name:

Suggest New Tag::
the eth cepher, eth cepher, cepher bible, hebrew to english bible

Description: The Eth CEPHER is a comprehensive restoration of sacred scripture in the English language, which sets forth an English pronunciation of the Sacred Name, contains all Aleph-Tav modifiers, transliterates over 3100 names and places, and includes all the books of the traditional Canon, the DeuteroCanon (Apocrypha) and established ancient texts including Chanok (Enoch), Yovheliym (Jubilees), Yashar (Jasher) and Baruk Sheniy (2 Baruch). The text is based on the Hebrew Masoretic text for the 39 Canonical Old Testament books, the Septuagint for the DeuteroCanonical (Apocryphal) books, and established translations for Chanok, Yovheliym, Yashar, and Baruch Sheniy.

The Eth CEPHER for e-Sword is a 66 book version. Full description and and more at www.cepher.net.

This is now available for both Mac and PC users. After choosing to download, choose the Mac file if you're using mac and theethcepherwin10.zip for PC.

What's New in Version ECV for e-Sword (See full changelog)

  • Error with the book of Jeremiah corrected 8/11/18
  • Error at the end of Acts 28 leading into Acts 29 corrected.
  • e-Sword updates: repair to Heb 13:2
  • 1 John 3:8 - spacing error "manifested" repaired
  • 1 John 4:21 - spacing error "commandment" repaired
  • Proverbs 1:6 - spacing error "interpretation" repaired
  • Ephesians 2:11 - spacing error "remember" repaired
  • Zechariah 4 error resolved
  • John 9:22 spacing error corrected
  • Error in Jeremiah corrected
  • Format error in Ezekiel corrected

This module is for the for the serious student of Scripture.  The restoration of the name of the Father and the Son, and the names and places within the text bring to life the authenticity of the text.  Download this today.

why is this module missing 80% of the book of Jeremiah


I will go back and see what's going on with Jeremiah... thanks for the heads up.

Hi Doug, I found the error and corrected it on my end... the .bblx file was fine, so I recreated a new master and it fixed the issue. Thanks for letting me know!

Just to let the author of this module know, E-Sword does allow for inclusion of the some of the books of the Apocrypha the books are as follows:


1 Esdras

2 Esdras



1 Maccabees

2 Maccabees

3 Maccabees

4 Maccabees

Prayer of Manasseh




Not sure if you want to include them in your bblx module but it can be done 

Also is there any chance the companion lexicon will made available as dictionary module for E-Sword?

Thanks for the heads up TJ... good to know. I heard something to that effect recently. That is something

we may consider in the future.


At this time the Lexicon is only available through our mobile app on App Store, Amazon or Google play or

in hard copy, through our website.


I'm using the Brown, Driver, Briggs for e-Sword and am finding it to be a great companion for the eth CEPHER

for e-Sword.


Shalom :)



This is brilliant! What a wonderful study tool available to the set-apart community! BARUK ABBA YAHUAH!

The Eth Cepher is the very best updated Book of Scripture out today. I recommend the Eth Cepher to any and all Students of Scripture! 

Unable to find Eth Cepher after reopening the E Sword app. I followed the directions. Please help, Thanks.

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