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  • Submitted: Jun 10 2018 04:53 PM
  • Last Updated: Jun 10 2018 04:56 PM
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  • Author: Greg Abrams
  • MySword Version:: 1.X

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Download UPDV Updated Bible Version (MySword) 2.17

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Greg Abrams

MySword Version::

This is the MySword format for use with Android devices.

Download the MySword formatted module named updv.bbl.mybible to your Android Device that you have e-Sword on.
Then open it so it installs into the MySword app.
Note: The MySword format of the UPDV Bible does not contain 1 Maccabees or Sirach due to techincal limitations.

For the PC and Apple Versions, click below for those file formats:

To provide a modern version that retains accuracy.
To update archaic words and grammar.
To use new materials, such as manuscripts, to improve accuracy.

Plurals Indicated:
Plus signs are used next to words such as you+ and your+ when they refer to a group of two or more. This is done to improve accuracy.

The Name of God:
The name "Yahweh" (a personal name for God) and "Yah" (a contracted form of Yahweh) are used instead of what is rendered in many versions as "LORD".

Bracketed Text:
Brackets [ ] are generally used to enclose words supplied in the translation that are not present in the original Bible text in order to make a passage more understandable.

Books of the Bible:
(Not Included in MySword Format) First Maccabees is included and reconstructed (click here for more information).
(Not Included in MySword Format) The Wisdom of Sirach is included (click here for more information).
The Book of Acts is no longer included (click here for more information).
The order of the books places the New Testament before the Old Testament; and the book of John before Matthew (click here for more information).
The Book of John ends at 19:35 (see page 607 in the Appendix).
The Book of Luke chapters one and two are not included (see page 607 in the Appendix).
The Book of Matthew and the ending of Luke were reconstructed (see pages 602 and 608 in the Appendix).

Gender has generally been translated literally. Words such as man, woman, son, daughter, he, she, him, and her are generally left in the same gender as they were in the original texts. There is no overall effort to remove such distinctions or to make this a gender inclusive translation.

Additional Information About This Translation:
The Speech in John 1:1
Book of Matthew
Complete Appendix

Copyright © 2003-2018 by Greg Abrams: www.updated.org.

What's New in Version 2.17 (See full changelog)

  • This version was released for publishing on May 31, 2018.
  • Title: "UPDV Updated Bible Version 2.17"
  • Changes made:
  • Incorporate changes from recently released critical text NA28.
  • Book of Sirach completed.
  • Literal translation of soul.
  • MP3 Audio Files Updated
  • Several other misc. updates.
  • Complete list of changes at: https://www.updated.org/download/previous/changes/changes_216-217.pdf

Matthew 22:29 But Jesus answered and said to them, "You are mistaken, not understanding the Scriptures nor the power of God."


Very Poor Arguments for Removing whole sections of Scripture

Hello,  I am very impressed with your post. I hope to receive more great posts.

Hello,  I am very impressed with your post. I hope to receive more great posts.

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