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  • MySword Version:: 1.X

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Download https://marvel.bible - Hebrew OT & Greek OT & Greek NT (Combined, Strong Numbers, Interlinear) 1.1

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Suggest New Tag::
Hebrew, Greek, Interlinear, Variants, Septuagint, NA28

MySword Version::

We have a better interlinear with Hebrew & Greek bible combined at https://Marvel.Bible

<h1>Hebrew & Greek Bibles (Combined, Strong Numbers, Interlinear)</h1>
<p>O.T. - WLC interlinear // analytical LXX</p>
<p>N.T. - modified GRV; with NA28 markers; lemma words linked to popular dictionaries</p>

<h1>Old Testament</h1>
<p>I am sure many people are excited that Hebrew and Greek Old Testament are put together as parallel texts in this module. [Please note that Hebrew Bible here is properly shown from right to left direction.]</p>
<p>Hebrew Bible is the same text as WLC interlinear, available at biblesupport.com. Two modifications are made here. First, I changed the HTML entities to unicode characters. Second, I put all interlinear information in a popup window instead to save space in small device and enhance the flow of reading. [Advanced users can modify the verse rule to adjust the appearance as they like.]</p>
<p>LXX in this module is the Analytical LXX module, provided by MySword team.</p>
<h1>New Testament</h1>
<p>N.T. HERE is an enhanced version GRV. It is created by modifying the GRV (version 2.1) provided by MySword team.</p>
<p>Below are the list of enhancements or modifications:</p>
<li>Variant markers of NA28 (marked by ν) are added. Major differences are in Jas 1:20; 2:3, 4, 15; 4:10; 1Pe 1:6, 16 (x2); 2:5, 25; 4:16; 5:1, 9, 10; 2Pe 2:6, 11, 15, 18, 20; 3:6, 10, 16 (x2), 18; 1Jn 1:7; 3:7; 5:10, 18; 2Jn 1:5, 12; 3Jn 1:4; Jud 1:5, 18 (x2)</li>
<li>duplicated Strong's numbers for the same word were deleted.</li>
<li>duplicated lemma for the same word were deleted.</li>
<li>all lemma words are linked to popular dictionaries.</li>
<li>all words are formatted <b>consistently</b> in order, like [wt]βιβλος[WG976][WTN-NSF l="βίβλος"]. This makes the verse rule applied consistently to all words.</li>
<li>Variants are further separated into two groups, V1 & V2</li>
<li>Verse rule is modified that two different groups of variants are in different color. [Advanced users may modify verse rule in order to display what they like.]</li>
<p>Markers for Variants:</p>
<li><strong>ν = ΝΑ28 [=UBS5]</strong></li>
<li><strong>α = Alexandrian [= UBS3/UBS4/NA26/NA27]</strong></li>
<li><strong>τ = Stephens 1550 Textus Receptus.</strong></li>
<li><strong>σ = Scrivener 1894 Textus Receptus</strong></li>
<li><strong>β = Byzantine Majority</strong></li>

<p>Remarks: Dictionaries for lookup lemma words have to be installed separately. I had uploaded Mounce New Testament Lexicon / Dictionary. You can found MLSJ from MySword download. May be I upload the LSJ (Unabridged) later.</p>
<p>However, do NOT ask me for copyrighted materials, like BDAG.</p>

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • - Add links to MLSJ dictionary to lemma words in N.T. [This is available from MySword download.]
  • - LJSU is the LSJ (Unabridged), which converted from the free TheWord module. [may be I upload this file later. I had already upload the Mounce New Testament Lexicon / Dictionary in biblesupport.com for those who are interested.]
  • - I put two files of the same text here for download, one with Hebrew bible in black font, another one with Hebrew bible in hyperlink color. [Advanced users can easily change it in verse rules.]


- If you set "Strong link on text", you have to click the word for Strong numbers lookup.

- The Hebrew Bible text is set in black color for some reasons, you may change the color if you use black background.  You can change it in verse rule.

- If you are interested in using "Mounce Dictionary" with it, you may download at http://www.biblesupp...con-dictionary/

Opened the new testament section will show "style=text-decoration:none'>[*] ", the serious influence reading, please give a solution, thank you   (http://pan.baidu.com/s/1gdVUgBh

I am not sure why that happened to your device, the modules are nice in my tablet and phone.  Meanwhile, please find the fix here: http://www.biblesupp...ng-na28-marker/  <<< This loads quicker, nicer look, no more "[*]".  Regarding combining with Hebrew, I will update the files for this download here when I have time.

- The Hebrew Bible text is set in black color for some reasons, you may change the color if you use black background.  You can change it in verse rule. good info.

how do you install it?I followed the instructions and installed the file into  esword and it did nothing.

I installed  the file into esword and used the file exlorer to move it and  after i did that what do ido

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