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  • Author: Fawcett, John
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Jesus Studies Baptist

Fawcett, John

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

John Fawcett (6 January 1739 – 25 July 1817) was a British-born Baptist theologian, pastor and hymn writer.

Christ Precious to Those Who Believe
The preciousness of Jesus Christ, to those who believe — practically considered and improved.
by John Fawcett  (1740-1817)
"It is my earnest wish that this little book may be of service to enkindle and promote devout affection to Christ, in those who may peruse it."
"Yes, He is very precious to you who believe!" 1Pe_2:7
This is a 5 chapter work by Fawcett (a Baptist pastor) in which he examines 1Pe_2:7, stating that Christ is precious to every believer. Not that there are anomalies in the numbering of the sections, and I do not know if this work is complete or not.

Chapter I. Introductory Remarks
Chapter II. The CHARACTER of the people, to whom Christ is precious

Chapter III. The EVIDENCE believers give, that Christ is precious to them
    Section 1. They trust their everlasting concerns in his hands
    Section 2. They delight to think of him, to hear of him, and to speak of him
    Section 3. They are grateful for the benefits they receive from him
    Section 4. They prefer him to every other object, and give him the chief place in their affections
    Section 5. They sincerely desire his presence, and long to enjoy intimate communion with him
    Section 6. They are concerned that others may know and love him
    Section 7. They are grieved when he is dishonored
    Section 8. They are ready to deny themselves for him
    Section 9. They are distressed by their lack of conformity to his blessed image and holy will
    Section 10. They adhere to him in all conditions
    Section 11. They are concerned to make his glory the chief end of their actions
    Section 12. They long to be with him

Chapter IV. In what WAYS Jesus Christ is precious to those who believe
    Section 1. His History is precious to them
    Section 2. His Person is precious to them
    Section 3. His Names are precious to them
    Section 4. His Offices and Characters are precious to them
    Section 5. His Blood and Righteousness are precious to them

    Section 6. His Love is precious to them
    Section 7. His Throne is precious to them
    Section 8. His Doctrine is precious to them
    Section 9. His Promises are precious to them
    Section 10. His Commands are precious to them
    Section 11. His Ways are precious to them
    Section 12. His People are precious to them
    Section 13. His Interests are precious to them
    Section 14. His Day and his House are precious to them
    Section 15. His Benefits are precious to them
    Section 16. His Chastisements are precious to them
    Section 17. His Example is precious to them

Chapter 5. Practical improvement of the subject

Module courtesy of: TWModules.com: David Cox, a great e-sword / TheWord friend who is dedicated to converting materials into bible software formats.

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