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Jonathan harness

MySword Version::

I hope that you will be able to use this as a study tool in your everyday study of the scriptures. This is the combined Gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John, color coded numbers to help you see the scriptures in a new light as they are put together by events in chronological order as I saw them. This is not the entire Bible, it is simply the first four Gospels in a timeline with corresponding scriptures placed together. Some opinions have been added in italics, remember Acts 17:11-12.

Table of Contents

The Deity of Jesus Christ
The True LIGHT
The Word Made Flesh
The Genealogy of Jesus the Messiah through Joseph
Genealogy of Jesus through Mary
John The Baptist Would Come To Testify Of The LIGHT
Gabriel announces John’s Birth
Gabriel Sent To Mary
Mary Visits Elizabeth, John the Baptists Mother
The Magnificat
John The Baptist Is Born & His Father Zacharia Gives A Prophecy
Zacharias filled with the Holy Spirit Prophesies
Angel Visits Joseph In A Dream
Shepherds Visit Jesus
Jesus Circumcised
Jesus Presented at the Temple, Simeon and Anna Speak
Magi Bring Gifts
Joseph’s Family Flees to Egypt
Herod Slaughters Babies
Joseph’s Family Comes To Region of Galilee to Nazareth Instead of Jerusalem
Childhood Of Jesus
Ministry of John the Baptist
John Baptizes Jesus
John Answers Priest, Levites, and Pharisees; Also Gives Testimony about Jesus
The Next Day
Satan Tempts Jesus In The Wilderness
The First Disciples
The Fisher (of)men Called to Be Disciples And Lots of Fish
Jesus’ First Converts (Joh_1:43-51)
The First Miracle-Turning Water into Wine at Cana
First Passover-The First Temple Cleansing
The New Birth-Nicodemus Meets Jesus at Night
Disciples baptize Many in Judea
John the Baptists Last Testimony
Herod Imprisons John the Baptist
Jesus departs Judea
Samaritan Woman at Jacob’s Well
Disciples Question Jesus
The Samaritans of Sychar Follow the Woman From the Well to Hear Jesus And Many Believed in Him
Arrival in Cana of Galilee
The 2nd Miracle of Cana-The Official’s Son Healed
Jesus Comes to Capernaum in Galilee
Demoniac in Capernaum Synagogue
Simon’s (Peter’s) Mother-In-Law Healed in Capernaum
Many People Are Healed at Sunset in Capernaum
Going Out To Surrounding Towns Throughout All Galilee Preaching the Kingdom of God
Jesus Preaches in the Synagogues In Galilee
Jesus Heals A Leper
Jesus Heals A Paralytic In Capernaum
Matthew (Levi’s Call) To Be A Disciple, Gives Jesus A Party, Jesus Gives A Parable
Jesus Goes Into Jerusalem For a Feast And Heals Man at Pool of Bethesda
Jesus Then Is Challenged For Healing The Man At The Pool On the Sabbath
Witness of John
Witness of Works Greater than testimony of John
Witness of the Scripture
Jesus Questioned About Picking Grain On The Sabbath, And He Answers
On Another Sabbath Jesus Heals A Man’s Hand
Jesus Withdraws To The Sea
Jesus Goes Upon A Mountain And Prays, Comes Down And Picks The Twelve
Jesus Comes Down, Multitudes Come, Jesus Heals All
Sermon On The Mount Starting With Beatitudes
The Woes At The End Of The Beatitudes
Disciples and the World; Salt, light
Jesus Did Not Come To Abolish The Law But To Fulfill It
Personal Relationships
Giving to the Poor
Instruction On Prayer
Fasting; The True Treasure; Wealth (Mammon)
The Cure for Anxiety
Judging Others
Your Treasure And Pearls
Ask, Seek, Knock
The Narrow and Wide Gates
A Tree and Its Fruit
Builders and Foundations
Jesus Heals A Centurion’s Servant
Widow Of Nain’s Son Is Raise During Funeral Procession
John The Baptist Asks If Jesus Is The Expected One
Jesus Commends John The Baptist
Jesus Dines With Simon The Pharisee, Woman Brings An Alabaster Vial Of Perfume
The Generous Women
Jesus Heals A Demonized Man
Pharisees Rebuked, House Divided, Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit
Words Reveal Character
The Sign Of Jonah
Woman Blesses Mary, Jesus’s Mother, Jesus Corrects Her And Gives Another Teaching On Receiving A Blessing
Family Seeks Jesus
Parable Of The Sower
Why Do YOU Speak To Them In Parables?
The Sower Parable Explained To Them
The Light Of A Lamp
Soil Producing Crops By Itself
Parable Of The Mustard Seed
Parable Of The Leaven
Tares Among The Wheat
Tares Parable Explained
The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like A Treasure Hidden, A Costly Pearl, A Dragnet
Jesus Concludes The Lesson About the Kingdom Of Heaven and Responsibilities Of Those Understanding
Jesus Spoke In Parables But Would Then Explain Only To Them
Jesus Calms The Storm
Legion Cast Out Of The Gerasene Demonized Man
Jesus Sails Again To Capernaum
Jairus Asks Jesus To Heal His Daughter
Woman Healed By Touching The Fringe Of Jesus’s Shawl
Jairus’s Daughter’s Death Reported To Them
Jesus Raises Jairus’s Daughter To Life
Jairus Asks Jesus for His Daughter to be Healed (Part A)
Woman Suffering for 12 Years Healed
The Report of the Death of Jairus’s Daughter Reaches them, Jairus shows his faith in 9:18b, Jesus Brings back her spirit (Part B)
Jesus Heals Two Blind Men
Jesus Heals A Mute Demoniac
Second Rejection In Nazareth
The Twelve Sent Out To Preach, To Heal, Have Authority Over Unclean Spirits, And Instructions
Jesus Sending Them Out As Sheep To Wolves, And Prophecies About Their and Other’s Persecution
The Meaning of Discipleship
The Reward of Service
Death Of John The Baptist
King Herod Wonders If Jesus Is John The Baptist Risen And Recalls The Events Leading Up To His Beheading
The Twelve Return, Then Jesus And They Leave For Bethsaida
A Multitude Gets Ahead Of Jesus And The Twelve, Passover Is Near
Jesus and The 5,000
Jesus Prays Alone
Jesus Walking On Water
Peter Joins Jesus On The Water, Takes His Eyes Off Jesus
Ministry In Gennesaret
The Crowd Becomes Small Navy To Follow Jesus
Jesus Explains He Is The Bread Of Life
Jesus Answers Those That Grumble At His Words “I Am The Bread Of Life.”
In The Capernaum Synagogue Many Falter, Stumble At What Jesus Has Been Teaching
Peter Says Jesus Is The Holy One Of God And Jesus Has Words That Bring Eternal Life
A Parable: Neglecting The Commandments Of God, Holding To The Traditions Of Men; What Really Defiles?
Every Plant Father Yah Did Not Plant Uprooted, Blind Leading The Blind Fall Into Pits
Parable Of Defilement Explained In Private
Region of Tyre: The Faith Of The Gentile Syrophoenician Woman As She Answers Jesus With Wisdom And Jesus Commends Her Great Faith
Jesus Leaves Tyre And Goes Sea Of Galilee Of The Region Of Decapolis Healing A Deaf Man
Jesus Healing People While On A Mountain By The Sea Of Galilee
Jesus And The 4,000, Then Leaves For Region OF Magadan, District Of Dalmanutha
Pharisees Seek A Sign
Disciples Worried About Only Having One Loaf Of Bread, And Jesus Uses It To Talk About The Leaven Of The Pharisees And Sadducees
Blind Man Cured In Bethsaida
Peter Confesses That Jesus Is The Christ
Jesus Changes Simon Barjona’s name to Peter And Tells The Disciples Upon The Rock, Himself, The Church Would Be Built
Jesus Gives The Disciples The Keys Of The Kingdom Of Heaven And Explains About Binding And Loosening
Peter Rebuked
Jesus Teaches About What It Takes To Follow Him
Jesus States The Son Of Man Comes Into His Kingdom Before Some Standing There Will Die
The Transfiguration
Jesus Explains to Peter, James, And John That “Elijah” Had Already Come, And They Figure Out It Was John The Baptist
Jesus Rebukes A Demon Out Of A Boy
Disciples Ask About Why They Couldn’t Cast Out The Demon
Jesus Discusses His Death
Jesus Pays The Temple Tax
On Way to Capernaum Disciples Argue About Rank In The Kingdom, Then At Capernaum Jesus Teaches Them
John’s Zeal Without Understanding
Warning About Stumbling Blocks
Everyone Will Be Salted With Fire
Parable About The Lost Sheep, The One Out OF The Hundred
Instructions On Church Discipline
Jesus Speaks If Two Of You Agree, Two Or Three Are Gathered, And Again About Binding And Loosening—See Mat_16:19
Peter’s Question About Forgiveness, Jesus Answers About The Kingdom Of Heaven Using Parable Of Merciful King And Unmerciful Debtor
Feast Of Booths At Hand, Jesus’s Brothers Advise Jesus To Go To Judea
Jesus Goes To The Feast Of Booths Anyway
The Jews Ask Where Jesus Has Learned Scripture
Jesus Cries Out In The Temple Over Their Ignorance
The Last Day Of The Feast Of Booths, Jesus Is Living Water
Division of People over Jesus
Nicodemus Tries To Defend Jesus
Jesus Sets To Go To Jerusalem, James And John Rebuked
A Scribe Asks To Follow Jesus But Asks If He Can Bury His Father First
The Adulterous Woman
Jesus Teaches Them About Why He Is To Die And Who He Is
Jesus Is The Truth And He Will Make You Free
God The Father Verses Abraham
Your Are Of Your Father The Devil
The Jews Call Jesus And HIS Ministry As Coming From The Enemy
Jesus Declares His Father As YHVH
Jesus Declares Before Abraham Was Born, I Am
Healing the Man Born Blind
Controversy Over The Former Blind Man
Jesus Finds And Talks To The Former Blind Man
The Good Shepherd
Seventy Sent Out
Jesus Rebukes Three Cities
Come to Me
The Seventy Return And Jesus Rejoices
Blessed Are Those That See And Hear
Jesus Answers A Lawyer About Eternal Life
Jesus Answers The Lawyer’s Question Of Who Is My Neighbor? With The Parable Of The Good Samaritan
Martha Distracted But Mary Listens At Jesus’s Feet
Pharisee Questions Jesus On Cleanliness And Jesus Says “Did not He who made the outside make the inside also?”
Jesus Pronounces Woes On The Pharisees
Lawyer Claims Insult And Jesus Pronounces Woes Upon Them
Pharisees Hope To Catch Jesus By What He Says
There Will Be Nothing Hidden That Will Not Be Known
Life Does Not Consist Of Having Possessions
Parable About Storing Riches Of This Life
Parable Telling All To Be Ready For When The Master Returns
Jesus Explains The Parable That All Should Be Ready But Especially Those Who Were Given Much, Much Will Be Required
Belief In Jesus Will Cause Divisions
Weather Forecasted And Yet They Do Not See This Present Time
Why Can’t You Judge What Is Right?
All Sin And All Must Repent
Parable Of The Barren Fig Tree
Jesus Asserts His Deity At The Feast Of Dedication
Everything John The Baptist Said About You Is True
How Many Are Saved?
Jesus Warned That Herod Wants To Kill Him
Jesus Heals In The House Of A Leading Pharisee On The Sabbath
Parable of the Guests
Parable of the Dinner
Discipleship Tested
The Tax Collectors
The Unrighteous Steward
God Knows Our Hearts
The Law, The Prophets, The Gospel Of The Kingdom Of God
Jesus Teaches On Divorce
We Have Done What We Ought To Have Done
Jesus Hears Lazarus Of Bethany Is Sick And Prophesies His Death And Goes To Wake Him
Lazarus In Abraham’s Bosom Waiting On Jesus, Abraham And Rich Man Have A Discussion Across The Chasm
Lazarus’s Body In The Tomb Four Days When Jesus Arrives
Conspiracy to Kill Jesus, High Priest Caiaphas Fulfills Prophecy
Jesus Goes To City Of Ephraim
Ten Lepers Cleansed, One Of Them Being A Samaritan Comes Back To Worship God
Jesus Tells The Pharisees The Kingdom Of God Is In Their Midst
Parables on Prayer
Parable Of The Pharisee and the Publican
Concerning Divorce
Disciples Now Ask About What Jesus Said About Divorce
Jesus Blesses Little Children
The Rich Young Ruler
The Disciples’ Reward
Parable “So the last shall be first, and the first last.”
Death, Resurrection Foretold
Preferment Asked For Sons Of Zebedee
The Greatest Will Be A Servant, Shall Be Your Slave, But To Serve
Blindness Healed
Zaccheus Converted
Bartimaeus’ Blindness Healed
Two More Blind Men Have Blindness Healed As Jesus Is Leaving
Passover Is Now Near
Jesus Goes To Simon The Leper’s House In Bethany
Mary Anoints Jesus
Lazarus Plotted Against
Two Days Before 3rd Passover Jesus Again Tells Them Of His Coming Crucifixion And The Plot to Kill Jesus
Parable Of The Nobleman Leaving And Returning
Palms Laid Down
Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem
Pharisees Complain To Each Other, Then To Jesus
Jesus Leaves And Goes Back to Bethany
The Barren Fig Tree
The 2nd Temple Cleansing
Jesus Heals Many In The Temple
Seeking To Destroy Jesus
Jesus Leaves Jerusalem For Bethany
Passing By The Fig Tree Peter Remembers What Jesus Said The Day Before
Authority Challenged In The Temple
Parable Of The Two Sons
Parable of The Vineyard Owner And The Vine Growers
Chief Priests And Pharisees Get Offended By The Parables
The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who gave a wedding feast for his son
Jesus says to render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s
Sadducees Question Jesus About The Resurrection
Which Is The Great Commandment In The Law?
Jesus Asks, “How Is The Christ David’s son?”
Jesus Teaches About Appearance Verses Substance
The Widow’s Mite
Jesus Laments Over Jerusalem
The Temple Torn Down
Jesus Finishes Answering About The End Of The Age
The Return Of Christ
Parable Of The Fig Tree
My Words Will Not Pass Away
The Day And Hour No One Knows
Warnings To Be Alert
Who Then Is The Faithful And Sensible Slave
Jesus Also Teaches In the Evenings
The Kingdom Of Heaven: Parable Of The Ten Virgins
The Kingdom Of Heaven: Parable Of The Talents
Warnings About Judgment To Come
Greeks Seek Jesus, The Hour Has Come
Voice Of The Father Heard Out Of Heaven
Many Believed But Were Afraid To Confess Him Because Of The Pharisees Prophesized By Isaiah
Jesus Speaks As The Father Has Told Him To
Judas Bargains To Betray Jesus
Jesus knowing His Hour Had Come
Peter & John Sent To Prepare For Passover
The Lord’s Supper
Paul Writes Of A Revelation Given Him From Jesus About The Lord’s Supper, Some Ate It As If It Was A Meal, Coming Hungry
Jesus Washes The Disciples Feet
Jesus Says He Will Be Betrayed
Judas Leaves To Betray Jesus
Jesus Tells Them Men Will Know They Are His Disciples If They Love One Another
Who Is Greatest
Jesus Predicts The Disciples Will Scatter But When Raised He Will Go Ahead Of Them To Galilee
Jesus Tells Simon He Prayed For Him
Jesus Prophesies Peter’s Denials Of Him
Jesus Says To Them Be Prepared, It Must Be Fulfilled, ‘And He Was Numbered With Transgressors’
Jesus Comforts His Disciples
Jesus The Way, The Truth, And The Life
Oneness with the Father
Role of the Spirit
For Those Who love Him Jesus Will Disclose Himself To Them
Judas Asks Why Us And Not The World?
Time Is Running Out, Rejoice
They All Sing A Hymn Then Go To The Mount Of Olives
Jesus Is the Vine—Followers Are Branches
Disciples’ Relation to the World
The Helper Will come To Testify Of Jesus And The Disciples Will Also
Jesus’ Warning’s To The Disciples
The Holy Spirit To Guide Them And Glorify Jesus
Jesus’ Tells Them He Will Be Gone A Little While And Their Grief Will Turn To Joy
‘Ask The Father In My Name’, Jesus Says
Jesus Tells Them So They Will Have Peace In Him, For He Has Overcome The World
Jesus Lifts His Eyes And Prays First For The Disciples Then For All Believers
Going Into The Garden Of Gethsemane In The Ravine Of The Kidron
Jesus Prays In The Garden Of Gethsemane
Mob Comes To Arrest Jesus
Judas Betrays With A Kiss
Jesus Answers, ‘I AM’
Simon Peter Severs The Ear Of The Slave Malchus And Jesus Admonishes Peter And Heals Malchus’s Ear
Jesus Tells Them At This Hour The Power And Darkness Is Theirs
The Disciples Flee
(*Probably) Mark Awoken By The Arrest Now Flees
Simon Peter And Another Disciple Follows Behind
The Slave Girl Keeping The Door
Simon Peter And Another Disciple Follow Jesus Into The Court Of The High Priest
Peter’s First Denial Of Jesus
High Priest Questions Jesus
Peter’s 2nd and 3rd Denial Of Jesus Who Turns And Looks At Him
Guards Beat Jesus
Trying To Falsely Accuse Jesus Before The Sanhedrin
High Priest Tears His Clothes
Jesus To Be Bound Over To Pilate
Judas Iscariot Kills Himself
Pilate Goes Out To Meet Those Bringing Jesus To Him So That The Word Jesus Spoke Of His Death Would Be Fulfilled
Pilate Questions Jesus
Pilate Comes Out And Speaks To Those That Brought Jesus Then Goes Back In And Questions Jesus Again Then Sends Him To Herod
Jesus Now Sent Before Herod
The Scourging From Pilate That Finds No fault
Pilate Says He Has Authority Over Jesus, And Jesus Speaks And Corrects Him
The Tradition Of A Prisoner Release
Pilate’s Wife Sends Message Of A Dream
Pilate Makes Efforts To Release Jesus But Jews Accuses Him Of Being No Friend To Caesar
Pilate Asks If The Crowd Wants Jesus Released
Pilate Washes His Hands And Pronounces Judgment
Jesus Led To Crucifixion, Simon The Cyrene Bears His Cross, Jesus Prophesies, First Mention Of The Two Criminals
Crucifixion As Each Book Tells Of It
Requests That Theirs Legs Be Broken
Jesus’s Legs Did Not Get Broken, Prophecy Fulfilled
The Historian and Richman
Josephus & Nicodemus Prepares Jesus’s Body
New Garden Tomb
Two Mary’s Watch To See Where He Is Lain And Prepare Spices
Roman Soldiers Requested From Pilate To Guard The Tomb
An Angel Of The Lord Rolls The Stone Away Stunning The Roman Guards
The Mary’s And Others Will Be Anointing Jesus’s Body With Spices, Mary Magdalene Will Get There First
Mary Magdalene To The Tomb First, Runs To Tell The Disciples That Jesus’s Body Is Gone
Others Find The Stone Rolled Away
Angel Sitting On The Stone Is The First To Tell The Women About Jesus Being Risen
Entering The Tomb A Young Man Speaks To Them
Two Men In Dazzling Clothes Speak To Them In The Tomb
The Women Leave The Tomb, Did Not Speak To Anyone As The Hurried To The Disciples
All these Reports Appear As Nonsense
Only Peter And John Go And See For Themselves
Jesus Appears To Mary Magdalene After Peter & John Leave
Jesus Appears To The Women As They Are Leaving
Guards Report About What Happened And Are Bribed To Keep Quiet
Peter With Companion On The Road To Emmaus, Jesus Is Not Recognized, Then Is, They Go Back To Jerusalem To Report
While Peter Speaks To All Present, Thomas Not Being There, Jesus Appears
Disciples Report To Thomas Who Says He Must See For Himself, And Jesus Appears
Jesus Appears To Seven By The Sea
Jesus Questions Peter Three Times
Our Times Are in His Hand
Paul Gives Report Of Jesus Having Met Peter When He Was On His Way To Emmaus, Jesus Appearing To 500 Brethren, And To Jacob
Jesus Commissions The Apostles
Jesus Ascends To Heaven
John’s Testimony
Luke summarizes The 40 Day Appearance
The Ascension

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