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  • Author: Charles Augustus Jenkins
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Charles Augustus Jenkins

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Baptist doctrine, C.A. Jenkins, Baptismal Regeneration, Infant Baptism,

In no spirit of controversy is this volume sent, forth. Its aim is not to kindle strife, but to impart truth. Every religious denomination, perhaps, that wields a very extensive influence among men, has a formulated creed. The Mohammedans have their Koran ; the Catholics, their long-established ritual ; the Episcopalians, their Book of Common Prayer; the Methodists, their Discipline ; the Presbyterians, their Confession of Faith; and the Baptists, the Gospel of their Lord. While. Baptists have no rule of faith other than the Scriptures, and while they point every inquirer after divine truth to the Word of God as the ground-of his belief, it has, nevertheless, been deemed expedient to give prominence to those great truths which separate them, more or less widely, from the rest of mankind.
To further this end, an endeavor has been made to secure talent and learning second to none in the denomination. How far the effort has met with success, let others judge.
As to the desirability of such a work, there can be but one opinion among those who love the coming of their Lord, and believe the Gospel of Christ to be the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth. The tendency to ignore doctrinal teaching is too sadly prevalent; and hence, the rich instruction contained in the doctrines is lost to many. It is hoped, however, that thousands of Baptists, by reading these pages, may be brought to rejoice in the faith once delivered to the saints, and to realize fully that their creed is from heaven.
All the articles, with the exception of two, have been obtained from the authors expressly for this Work. Spurgeon's Sermon on Baptismal Regeneration and Fuller's discourse on Predestination are taken by permission from their published Sermons.

If under the direction and blessing of the Great Head of the Church, this book shall prove the humble means of establishing those whose faith is Scriptural, and of bringing many who are in error to a knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus, the editor will not regret the anxiety it has caused him.

Franklinton, N. C., Jan. 1880.


Baptist Faith and Practice
The Inspiration of the Scriptures
Infant Baptism Unscriptural
Why The Baptists Do Not Baptize Infants
Baptismal Regeneration
Close Communion
Baptist Churches Apostolical
The Gospel Ministry
The Difference Between a Baptist Church and All Other Churches
The Multiplicity of Denominations an Evil
Missions, The Spirit of Christianity.
Baptists and Missions
The Permanence of the Divine Plan; Or, Special Providence
The Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity
The Divinity of Christ
The Atonement
The Personality of the Holy Spirit
Regeneration Essential to Salvation
Perseverance of the Saints
Future Punishment – Character Determines Doom
The Resurrection

Years ago I bought a copy of this book at a Baptist Pastors Conference. While it's not easy reading by todays standards, there's a lot in here that will be a blessing to those who read it. Even those who aren't of a Baptist background can find things in here that they can apply to their own ministries. I'm glad to see this work available for e-sword.

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