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APsit190's Theological Rants

What is the Point?

By APsit190, in Doctrine, Theology 27 January 2015 - - - - - - · 2,558 views
Theology, Biblical Studies
I've been meaning to write on this question for some time, but have put it off because I've been unable to get my head around to formulate what I needed to write. I guess one can call this writer's block. There have been events in my life and things that I've witnessed, and also on books that I've read which triggered me into asking a question like this....

Predestination - What is it Suppose to be About?

By APsit190, in Doctrine, Theology 21 July 2014 - - - - - - · 4,419 views
Predestination. Its a word that is in the New Testament, and its a word that gets bandied about quite a bit, and who and what gets or doesn't get predestined is argued until the cows come home, and then even argued until after the cows have left the next day. The one thing which every theologian seems to agree about, is that it (seems) to have a lot to do...

The Blessing - How Important is It?

By APsit190, in Christian Life, Doctrine, Theology 23 March 2014 - - - - - - · 2,012 views

Currently my pastor is doing a series in Genesis, and has recently completed three messages on Jacob, and revolved around him being (for a lack of a better way of describing it) a con artist in duping his older brother to give him his inheritance, and duping his father by pretending to be Esau, and taking his blessing.

As he shared with us these things,...

Being Church, Being a Body

By APsit190, in Doctrine, Christian Life, Discipleship 29 December 2013 - - - - - - · 1,642 views
Pauls Letters, Theology and 2 more...
If you go through the studies series in Ephesians I've posted, the one main theme you will notice is that its all about how god purposed us to be church, to be a body. This being a body   is something that is to be taken in four ways:
It is to be taken literally , in that as an actual body, as in a torso
It is to be taken spiritually , in that it's not a...

Being Church Part 9, Ephesians 5:21-33

By APsit190, in Discipleship, Christian Life, Doctrine, Theology 09 December 2013 - - - - - - · 2,687 views
Pauls Letters, Theology and 2 more...
We are now at the end of Ephesian Chapter 5, and one in which I had a great deal of difficulty with simply because it dealt with, what I like to call, the dicky issue of submission. However, I got through it mainly because I avoided the old age saying "women have to submit to men," or "women have to submit to their husbands.

The way I decided to deal wit...

Law, Faith, Grace. Which way to go?!

By APsit190, in Theology, Doctrine 06 October 2013 - * * * * * · 1,478 views
Old Testament, New Testament and 2 more...
Dear old Clint, aka, cbb1962   has been going on going on a fair bit about adhering to the law and etc. His posts have been somewhat quite disturbing because the emphasis he places on the law has made me wonder where faith and grace fits in all of this, or does faith and grace fit in what Clint says, or is it left right out?

Clint goes on about the Law o...

The Dark Side of Calvinism by George Bryson - A review

By APsit190, in Theology, Doctrine 20 September 2013 - - - - - - · 5,442 views
Theology, Calvinism
Before I begin this review, I need to make some disclaimers in order that one knows where I stand and what I am both theologically and as a Christian. I guess this shows what my biases are and are not.

Firstly, before e-Sword, I didn't really know what my theological bents were. I am Pentecostal, but whether I was Calvinist, Arminianist, or whatever, I...

Bible Doctrines, Are they Really Relevant?

By APsit190, in Theology, Doctrine, Christian Life 16 March 2012 - * * * * * · 2,122 views

One of the things I like doing is asking thought provoking questions because I like my thinking  challenged. When theology is mentioned, there are a number of responses that come out, and some are positive, and others are . . . well . . ., "Boring!"  So, it sort of comes down to this, Is theology an academic jaunt in the park, or should it be...

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