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Accept Responsibility, Dont Blame Others

By david psalms, 31 December 2012 · 2,971 views

This message was in the context of Genesis 3 where Adam and Eve were hidden from facing GOD in the garden of eden after eating the forbidden fruit. When they were questioned by GOD, both of them complianed on other person rather than accepting responsibility for their sin. If we observ the sequence of activities here
  • GOD asked adam first in verses 9-12. Adam did not even acknowledge Eve as his wife, but said the woman thou gavest me....
  • GOD asked Eve in verse 13. Eve replied she was deceived by serpent.
  • GOD did not ask serpent why have u done this as HE asked adam and eve.
HE right away spoke the curse over the serpent. and then to eve and then to adam. While asking the reasons it started with adam and then eve. When the curse was spoken it started with serpent and ended with Adam. Getting into the matter of why adam first or sepent first will be out of the scope of this topic. I will try to deal with it in another post.

GOD is almighty and knew all things. It is my observation that GOD gave a chance to adam and eve to accept responsibility for their sin. But they have not utilized the opportunity and has to face the consequences.

Even we see many people today, rather than accepting responsibility to their mistakes, they come with excuses or blame others for the situation they are into. Instead of doing it if one accepts responsibility and agree infront of GOD that it is their inability/weakness of will that caused it, GOD will me gracious and delivers us from those consequences. Sin gives inroad to satan into our lives and creates chaos.

Remember GOD never hates you. HE only hates the sin nature in you.

GOD Bless you

Ok, All this is tongue in cheek.


Now, I reckon blaming others and refusing to accept responsibility is the best way to go. Why?! Well because its much more fun. Mostly because its to see at the end who doesn't have a leg to stand on.


Now, its true that Adam blamed Eve, And then Eve blamed the snake (the serpent). So, where did that leave the snake? Well I can tell you this much, it left him totally legless. The poor sod in the end just didn't have a leg to stand on.


So, what does this teach me. Well tempting others isn't a very healthy occupation. Fact is its something that comes right back at ya and bites you right on the thingy. See, what Satan didn't see, was that because having taught man to lie by not accepting responsibility, end the end all the blame fell on him, and he had his feet cut out from under him, "On your belly you shall go, and you shall eat dust all the days of your life" (Gen 3:14b NKJV). Not a pretty thing to happen, is it!


Like I said, this is all tongue in cheek. The reality is, I actually believe in taking responsibility, and the main reason I believe that, is because it cuts out a lot of the hurts, and allows forgiveness and reconciliation to flow so that healing between one another can flow.




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