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Following GOD's Will

By david psalms, 08 November 2012 · 1,829 views

It is really exiciting for any child of GOD to do FATHER's Will. Most of us spend the days of our life in search of HIS Will, for our life to the specific point. The ones who found it will be having the aim to finish the race. To both of them one thing is important. It is not easy to follow the Will of GOD. At the same time if you trust GOD it will not be that difficult. It calls for committment and preparation both spiritually and mentally.

Those still searching for it
  • None of us are here by accident. As per the scripture GOD has chosen us before the foundation of the world (eph 1:4). Each one of us has a purpose and destiny.
  • It is GOD's desire for each one of us to know HIS will in our life and fullfill it(eph 5:17). one should not have any fear to follow GOD, as scripture declares the thoughts that GOD has towards us are thoughts of peace only (psa 40:5;139:17; Jer 29:11)
  • Each one of our call will be unique. Need not be always into full time gospel ministry. HE may call you for HIS Glory in any field(Business, Job, Service, Government.....). We should not ask for someone else kind of ministry. Scripture declares GOD counsels us by putting HIS eyes upon us(psa 32:8).
  • Many of us have fears of following GOD's will, thinking it calls for lot of troubles, compromises and sacrifices. sometimes it may even cost your life. For some it is fear of stepping out of comfort zone. But let me tell you once you step out, you will find real joy, purpose and peace in your life.
  • Each one of us will serve GOD in the capacity the HOLY SPIRIT gives to us. Small or Big difference is only for the eyes of men but not for GOD. Each one of us are important to GOD inspite of our abilities/inabilities.
  • Know GOD and HIS Will through intimate personal relationship with HIM than theoritical knowledge.
  • There is no greater and honorable job in the World than working for GOD. The promotions, incentives and retirement benefits are unmatched with any package, the world is going to offer.
Those who already found it
  • Many of us try to fulfill the will of GOD with our talent, intelligence and in our capacity. Always remember HIS thoughts are not our thoughts and HIS plans are not like our plans. Even though you know what is the will of GOD in your life, seek and follow HIS guidance on day to day basis.
  • When GOD called people in the BIBLE it is always way above their strength, what they accomplished in HIM.
  • Do not be wise in your eyes, seek HIS counsel. It is HIS strength that accomplishes things, not ours.
  • Do not be in a hurry to complete it. As Paul said we need to have patience to fulfill and finish the race.
  • You can not be a super anointed minister by next day after GOD called you to fulfill HIS will. It took nearly 10years for great men of GOD in the BIBLE to walk into the center of HIS will. For Moses it took 40 years of training in bush & desert University.
  • Trust HIS promises and WORD for all your needs. There will not be a single day to disappoint for your faith on HIM. Remember JESUS was sound sleep in the boat when it is tossed by the waves of the storm, because HE put HIS life in the hands of the FATHER.
  • In front of the Glory and honor to be received, all the present problems and riches are nothing.
  • It is the level of your submission to GOD and HIS counsel, that defines the size of your ministry.
  • Be loyal and walk in Integrity as an ambassador of GOD in whatever you do
It is not easy to follow GOD's will as walking on red carpet. You will certainly have storms and testing times that push you beyond your limit. But in my experience i can say that in the midst of all those you will have HIS peace and Guidance. You just have to rely on HIM and Trust HIM 100%.

This is so true David! Getting into specifics, I believe that we are all here for one reason, to give glory to God in ALL that we do. This includeds first and foremost spreading the gospel. Actually this is primarily the only reason why we are here. God doesn't really want us here He wants us to come home to be with Him but, there are so many people who are lost and need to be saved!

Though God created this world for us, it is no longer ours because of the sin of Adam and Eve. They surrendered their right to be in perfect fellowship with God our creator, and gave this world to Satan.

2Co 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

The will of God for us in part, is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as we can!

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