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Genesis 1:1 - Part 10

By david psalms , 11 May 2015 · 1,683 views

HE is the great Artist

This verse also unveils the great artist and a creator who has got un-matching creativity. By looking at the pictures of the nature and universe there is no single person who cannot awe at their appearance. Such is the beauty of the things GOD created. Every painter or artist, painted their great master pieces by looking at this creation of GOD. Every great poet describes beauty and wrote master pieces of his literature by looking at the beauty of this universe. All of them compared the entities in their stories with that of the items created by GOD. There is no artist or a poet so far in this world who are able to create a painting that do not resemble creation or a poem that does not have the items created by GOD.

Similarly if we trust GOD and put our faith in HIM, with HIS artistic skills HE will paint a master piece out of your life which can or even our parents, neighbours, even our enemies cannot imagine. There is not even a single element of work in this universe that looks ugly or not desirable except the ones spoiled by mankind. So if we hand over our life to GOD. HE will make it a work which is desirable by all.

HE has BIG Thoughts

By looking at the masses HE has created in the universe we can understand the size of GOD’s creativity. As said in BIBLE such high are HIS thoughts about our life. We with our peanut little brains always seeks the things which are totally shameful to ask to be done by such strong, able, powerful GOD. We can never attain such level of thoughts in our lives. So it is better to leave it to HIM than giving suggestion on what to do in our life.

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