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Genesis 1:1 - Part 9

By david psalms, 10 May 2015 · 1,585 views

Teaches us Obedience

There is a lot we can learn about obedience from this verse GOD made countless number of galaxies, planets and stars in the universe at the time of creation. All of them were mind blowing masses hanging in the vacuum or air in the space and moving at speeds we cannot even imagine. Every planet and star has got its own trajectory which we call orbits. From the date of their birth each one of them are operating in the path defined by GOD for them. Not even single one of them rebelled against GOD. Due to this obedience by them the universe is working in perfect harmony without any disasters.

When compared to number of planets and stars in this universe our human count is very less. But we are the ones in creation who rebel against GOD and leave the path HE has set before us in life. Due to this our lives end up in disasters and we tend to lose the harmony placed by GOD in our lives. There is so much we need to learn from lifeless planets, stars world in terms of obedience.

The laws given by GOD in HIS book BIBLE are our trajectories. As long as we move in that orbit our lives goes smoothly and without any problems. The moment any planet goes out of its orbit, it loses control, dragged by gravity, collides with something and explodes into pieces, burns down to ash. Same thing happens in our lives when we leave the safe orbit given to us by GOD. We collide into problems, pits of life and burn down our beautiful life into ashes. So the laws given by GOD are to protect us, safe guard us from disasters. But not to oppress us or control us. GOD is love. HE does not try to control anybody. HE always tries to discipline us in our lives. Without discipline we tend to lose control of our lives and it becomes unpredictable taking turns on which we have zero control.

We must move around GOD

In the planetary system small planet circle around bigger planets by the force of gravity. The bigger planet keeps these smaller ones in control by their orbits around them. The smaller planet cannot escape from the bigger planet unless until they increase their speed on their own and breaks away from the force of gravity that makes it stick in the orbit. After breaking of its path it becomes unstable and has possibility of being landing into black holes in the universe that sucks the planet into its centre and make it disappear.

In similar fashion all our lives designed to rotate around GOD by HIS love and goodness. As long as we are in the orbit and moves around GOD bonded by HIS goodness we are safe and in control. GOD is the bigger planet for all of us in all respects. In terms of love. If we try break off from GOD by our choice, our life also becomes unpredictable and we land in the big black hole in the world waiting always in ready position to suck our lives and make our life disappear. Its name is evil.

So it is always advisable to be controlled by GOD rather than to be controlled by us. The one which is superior is always better than that is inferior and knows a great volume of things in life.

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