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Genesis 1:1 - Part 8

By david psalms, 06 May 2015 · 1,463 views

There is no place to hide

This verse tell us that everything we see was created by GOD in this universe. Wherever we go we see the footprint, hand work of GOD in this universe. There is no single place where we cannot see HIS presence. Being the creator GOD knows and can see everything going on in HIS creation. The heaven was created only for the people who believe HIM and put faith in HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. If we do not acknowledge GOD or refuse HIS salvation plan we do not have a place to stand in this salvation plan. We do not have a place to stand in HIS universe without the permission of the creator. Nothing can survive in creation. There is no place we can run to and stay in this universe by rejecting GOD. Wherever we go as psalmist David said, HE is there. We have to survive only upon HIS territory or province. We do not have existence or life by rejecting this creator GOD.

HE gave us the Best

As we are HIS children GOD gave us the best from HIS creation. Being the creator HE knows what things are best in this universe for us. HE provided all of them in this planet earth for us. It is heights of foolishness from the side of mankind to look out for other planets for better living conditions. If at all any such things exists GOD should have told us about it in HIS book. The only other better place to live for us in this universe other than planet earth is Heaven. No other planet can be substituted for this as replacement. So this verse conveys us that those who reject GOD’s provision and refuses to be obedient, refuses to acknowledge HIM has no place to stay. Hence they were all thrown into the bottomless pit by GOD.

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