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Genesis 1:1 - Part 7

By david psalms, 02 May 2015 · 1,239 views

HE is the Beginning and the End

The opening verse of the BIBLE introduces us to GOD. The last verse of the BIBLE also closes with the return of GOD to this earth. In between is everything, all of us and all things related to us. As stated in the BIBLE GOD is the beginning and GOD is the end. Without GOD there is no beginning and there is no end. We do not have our existence. In the beginning, only GOD is there and nothing else. Everything came into existence through HIM only. The BIBLE kept GOD before everything in its beginning

In similar fashion we should keep GOD before anything we do or before everything in life. Then the most powerful and loving GOD makes our life as beautiful as this universe. None of us have the problems in our lives as complex as maintaining this universe. In front of this all our problems are tiny and negligible. A GOD who can maintain such complex system with ZERO problems over the centuries can surely solve the problems in our life, to which we attribute words like impossible, difficult, cannot be done, no one can do anything and irrevocable.

Always remember that nothing is impossible to the GOD our FATHER who has created this heaven and the earth with the word of HIS mouth. HE can turn things upside down. Can create things out of nothing. Look into the most powerful and strongest creator in this verse and live a tension free life.

HE is a GOD who never rejects any one coming to HIM with faith in HIM. There is no distance too far for the hand of GOD to reach in this universe.

HIS power is available

According to the BIBLE all the creation was done by the words that came from the mouth of GOD. HE spoke all things into existence. Such is the power of the WORD spoken by the almighty GOD. Now the most loving GOD made HIS word available to us in our hands in a language each one of us can understand. By using these words speaking them with faith we can tear down all the problems of our life. GOD has not given this BIBLE as a mere religious book. But as a weapon to transform lives as a weapon to create righteous things in your lives and as a weapon to destroy the works of the enemy.

The power of GOD’s word is available in our hand and this first verse in the BIBLE is the perfect example of how much it can accomplish. So never neglect BIBLE and get the most out of it by reading meditating on it.

The BIBLE also says it is by the integrity of HIS word, GOD holds the universe together. If any of the words of GOD losses integrity, the universe will self-destruct. So the entire creation made by GOD obeys perfectly the will of GOD.

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