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Genesis 1:1 - Part 6

By david psalms, 24 April 2015 · 1,154 views

We are special to HIM

GOD made a specific mention of the planet earth in HIS creation. Rest of the creation HE just summed it up in one single word heavens. When compared to the huge celestial planets, stars made by GOD the size of the earth is nothing. But throughout the BIBLE we see GOD taking special care of our planet. This is only the planet in this universe that was beautifully decorated and habitable naturally for human beings. The atmosphere was completely fine-tuned by GOD for us. Clear cut distinction of earth like this from rest of the creation clearly shows the amount of love and attention GOD has for this planet and for us.

After decorating the whole earth HE gave it to us as dwelling place. The amount of work done by GOD in six days to fill it and provide all the resources required for the human beings is not comprehendible for human brains. Even after research of thousands of years we still have much more left out in the planet to explore.

How many of us do such hard work and give to others as gift with complete rights on it? The amount of work done by GOD for this planet cannot be completed by human beings coming together as a team and working for centuries. God has given us something which we cannot create on our own. This should speak the amount of love GOD has for us as HIS children and the way HE is going to take care of us.

Instead of spoiling the gift given by GOD let us all be thankful to HIM and leave the reckless thinking of all things came by chance.

Unique Creator

This one single verse speaks to us about the quality of work done by GOD. Anything created by GOD is self-sustainable and does not require any regular maintenance unlike the things created by human beings. The things created by GOD do not decay over a period of time. They stand still for eternity. Contrast to this the things created by humans decay over a period of time and one fine day has to be replaced by a new item. The items created by GOD always maintain their quality in terms of their working. It is the human being who spoiled precious nature given by GOD for their selfish reasons. The mess what we are going through today entirely created by us and we are the solely responsible for it. GOD forgive us in handling your gift to us in this manner.

The things created by GOD does not have side effects or impacts some other thing. They always work as complementary to each other and with perfect harmony. Contrast to this things created by human have side effect on other things in nature. Example pollution emitted by cars, green gases produced by factories, pesticides having impact on fertility of the earth etc.

We do not know how to create things which can pro create them which stands for eternity without any maintenance. That knowledge is exclusive to GOD HIMSELF Rather than wasting years of time in exploring things which we cannot sustain over a period of time, let us join our hands with GOD and seek/learn this exclusive knowledge of manufacturing from HIM. Our world is surely something far better and different than it is today.

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