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Genesis 1:1 - Part 5

By david psalms, 20 April 2015 · 965 views

HE is our Protector

Being the creator GOD is in control of everything in this universe. The maker of an item knows perfectly how to fine tune and operate the item he has created. Many times we hear the news that something is coming towards this earth that is going to destroy this world. But we need not be afraid. Because the one who runs the entire show in this universe is GOD, who is our FATHER. There is no need to say no father in this world plans harm to his children. Nothing is going to happen to this earth from anything in this universe. Nothing in this creation can dare to touch GOD’s children. The only force that can destroy this earth is the wrath of GOD.

Being the creator the person also knows how the item can malfunction and how to repair it. If at all something goes out of the way GOD know how to fix it. Because HE never sleeps nor slumbers HE keep his children safe.

In the BIBLE from genesis to revelation we see GOD as the one who does good who always love and who never plots evil against any person or any animal that is HIS nature. So we need not be afraid about GOD and about HIS creation. The person who knows good will always create good things only. He never intents any harm towards HIS. We can rest in peace and can have a sound sleep every night without any worry.

The good GOD as part of HIS creation has given us only good things. The heaven and earth are created for us and not for GOD. So all that HE gives us, plans for us is always good there is no evil in it.

He is triune GOD

In this first verse itself GOD revealed about HIMSELF. The word used to denote GOD in the original Hebrew language was “ELOHIM” which means GODS’. A singular entity with plural appearance. Throughout the BIBLE we see GOD as triune GOD and we call HIM as trinity, existing in the form of the FATHER, THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT. Throughout the BIBLE we see them as equal and working in perfect harmony with each other. This word “ELOHIM” did not create any distinction between the plural of GOD’s. All of them are equal and same. The creation was done by all THREE together. If anyone of them miss, then we miss something in creation and it cannot be whole. So we cannot separate THREE of them and distinguish their powers. We cannot attribute higher power to someone and less power to another.

In this world we have example for everything. We can compare dareness to the lion, hunting capability to cheetah or leopard, strength to elephant, innocence or love to a dove. But we do not have an example to show this triune GOD, who is same, appearing in three forms. That’s why many of us have hard time in understanding trinity. There is no other thing in creation that has this capability. That is why when GOD introduced HIMSELF to Moses on mount Zion HE could not compare HIMSELF to anything and said I AM that I AM. HE is unique.

Rather than discrediting something which we cannot grasp with our minds. It is better to ask GOD to help us or make us understand about HIMSELF. Only then we can see the mysteries of GOD hidden in HIM alone.

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