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Genesis 1:1 - Part 4

By david psalms, 14 April 2015 · 862 views

Foundation for our faith

This first verse in the BIBLE is also the foundation verse for our faith in GOD. When this world was created GOD created it out of nothing. It was mentioned in Wycliffe translation, that GOD created Heaven and earth out of nothing. The Hebrew word Bara that is used in this context also means the same. This word will be used when something was created for the first time without prior existence and usually out of nothing.

Normally in Hebrew this word was attributed to only the works of GOD and never used for the works done by men (from Jewish encyclopaedia).
Yes our GOD has the capability to create a new thing that does not exist earlier. Anyone coming to GOD should believe that HE can create anything in their life that seems to never exist. Human beings are controlled by circumstances and limited by resources or availability of material in making things. But GOD is above all these limits and circumstances. HE is never limited by anything. HE does not lack any resource to do something. HE can do anything, nothing is impossible for HIM.

So if it is healing, peace or change of attitude, deliverance from addiction, and change of circumstances whatever it is, GOD can create anything in your life that seems to be impossible for you. HE proved HIS ability through the creation. Can you prove yourself by trusting HIM that HE can change your life and make it more beautiful and desirable to live in this world.

Enough is the time wasted. Atleast now Put your faith in GOD.

GOD has complete rights on us

In this world it is well known that the person who created an item holds all the copyright and intellectual rights on the item. He can transfer these rights to someone else at his will. Being the creator GOD holds all the IP and copyright of this universe. No one can claim rights on the creation HE has done, unless HE transfers it. Similarly as we are created by GOD we belong to HIM. HE is the one who has got all the rights over us. Instead of treating us as slaves GOD gave us the ability to be HIS sons and daughters and gave rights to us upon this earth. HE is the one, who made us as gods over this earth out of HIS love.

We in our rebellion gave this authority to satan and became his slaves. But instead leaving us to our fate GOD came to this world as human being, died on the cross for us and recaptured the rights from satan. HE redeemed us from this worldly judgement and sin. Now by keeping our faith in HIM we can regain the original authority upon this earth. From JESUS all of us got our IP and copyrights back upon this earth. Once again we have become the property of GOD.

GOD is the one who is in control of us if we put faith in HIS SON JESUS. Else we will be under the control of this world ruler. As we are in control of GOD nothing can ****** us from the hand of GOD and nothing can separate us from HIS love for us. So don’t be afraid, satan has no control over the men who put their faith in JESUS.

Being the property of GOD HE has sole rights over you. Nothing can come and touch you in this universe.

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